Shaheed Bhai Pargat Singh Tank


Bhai Pargat Singh alias Pagga Tank was born in the year 1970, to the blessed womb of his mother, Mata Prasin Kaur and father, Jathedar Sardar Teja Singh, in the village of Valtoha, Patti, district Tarn Taran. He was one of nine children with three brothers and five sisters. Bhai Pargat Singh worked for Punjab police as a homeguard. At this point in time, the armed struggle and the continued fight for Khalistan was at its peak. Many Sikh youth from this village had already joined the dedicated Jhujaru Singhs in this fight for freedom.


Bhai Pargat Singh was witness to the notorious Thanedar Suba Singh Sarhand, tortured and abused Sikh women of this village. Bhai Pargat Singh was no longer able to turn a blind eye, he was unable to bear it. One day, along with two of his Punjab police colleagues (Bhai Jaswinder Singh Kala Tauriyan and Bhai Roop Singh both from Valtoha) raided the police station at the village of Amarkot and took all the SRL firearms. They did not ever return home, instead they dedicated themselves to fight in the armed struggle and became a part of the movement. His family had to bear the wrath of this, as the police continued to harass them and raid their home.


Bhai Pargat Singh remained steadfast in his mission and continued to serve justice to the perpetrators by showing them the door to hell. One such perpetrator was police officer Ajit Sandhu and Suba Singh Sarhand. But despite many attempts both managed to escape death. Still the Punjab police feared Bhai Pargat Singh and he contributed in many Jhujaru actions.


It was in the year 1991-92 that Bhai Pargat Singh Tank attained martyrdom and became a Shaheed, during a fierce firing with the police. Thousands attended his funeral and praised his contribution.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Pargat Singh Tank