Shaheed Bhai Amarjit Singh Amba Valtoha


There were many young Sikh males from the village of Valtoha who wholeheartedly fought for the freedom of Khalistan and supported the armed struggle in the fight against oppression. One such soul was Bhai Amarjit Singh Amba who was merely a young boy at the age of thirteen years and he joined the armed struggle. He left his home, put his school books down and picked up his very own AK47 assault rifle, dedicating himself to the Khalistan movement.


Bhai Amarjit Singh Amba was born on 9th January 1975 to the blessed womb of mother, Mata Charan Kaur and father Jathedar Sardar Buta Singh in the village of Valtoha, Patti, district Tarn Taran. He was one of seven children, two brothers and three sisters. – Bhai Sarabjit Singh, Bibi Darshan Kaur, Bibi Sukhwinder Kaur, Bibi Jaswinder Kaur, Bhai Amarjit Singh Amba (himself) and Bhai Baljit Singh. His father earned a living by working in agriculture and cultivating their family-owned land. The entire family was very religious and deeply devoted to their Sikh faith.


Bhai Amarjit Singh’s cousin Bhai Satnam Singh Satta (son of Sardar Sewa Singh, village Valtoha) was also serving in the armed struggle and would regularly bring Jhujaru Singhs to the home of Bhai Amarjit Singh for food and respite. From observing how valiant and pure these souls were who dedicated every breathe for the freedom of Khalistan, Bhai Amarjit Singh knew he too had to join them. He looked up to the Jhujaru Singhs as his role models. But being of such a young age, the Jhujaru Singhs were not in a position to recruit him in their armed group. Bhai Amarjit Singh was so upset that one day when he went to school, he never returned home and went straight to the Jhujaru group. His family were unable to find him and remained unaware of his whereabouts until the day they heard he had attained Shaheedi (martyrdom).


Bhai Amarjit Singh Amba had only been away from home for fifteen days and was with eight Jhujaru Singhs resting at the village of Beharwal. They were touted out to the Punjab police and became suddenly surrounded. The Jhujaru Singhs battled with the police for up to fourteen hours (6am-8pm). There were thousands of CRPF soldiers but they were unable to take down nine warriors including Bhai Amarjit Singh Amba. On 11th August 1989, as the battle ensued, the Jhujaru Singhs attained Shaheedi (martyrdom) one by one. Bhai Amarjit Singh was one of the few Jhujaru Singhs fighting. A police officer came up close behind and shot him. Shaheed Bhai Amarjit Singh Amba’s body was shown to his family identification but were not permitted to take him. The police hurriedly took away the body without the care of the family and carried out the cremation.


It was Bhai Kulwinder Singh Deol (Valtoha) and Bhai Dilbagh Singh Chanchak who took revenge of Shaheed Bhai Amarjit Singh Amba’s killing and eliminated the senior police officers and informants who instigated the sudden siege on these nine Jhujaru Singhs.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Amarjit Singh Amba Valtoha