Shaheed Bibi Davinder Kaur Bholi

Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan

Bibi Davinder Kaur Bholi was born in the house of Sardar Mohinder Singh and from the womb of Mata Veer Kaur in the village of Bhilowal, district Amritsar. Bibi Bholi was the second eldest of 4 children, Shaheed Bhai Baldev Singh (26th February 1990, disappeared by the police), Bibi Sukhwinder Kaur and Bhai Sarabjit Singh. Bibi Bholi had studied up to 5th class at the local village school, after which she helped her mother in the household duties. Bibi Bholi took Amrit from the Panj Pyare during the years of 1982-83 along with her sister and brothers. The Amrit Sanchar was done at Sri Darbar Sahib by the Jatha of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale.

In 1990, the Jhujaru Singhs were fully active in the Amritsar area. Bibi Bholi’s older brother, Bhai Baldev Singh was secretly helping the Jhujaru Singhs while staying at home. Bhai Baldev Singh joined Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan, under the command of Bhai Hardev Singh Kallian Kadrabad. It was during this time Bibi Bholi also started doing sewa with the Jhujaru Singhs of Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan. Bibi Bholi would make langar for the Jhujaru Singhs, transport their weapons and also deliver their messages by hand as she was less suspicious. On many occasions Bibi Bholi’s house had been raided by the CRPF soldiers because of the activities of her older brother, but she always held her ground against the brutal and disrespectful soldiers of India. Bibi Bholi never allowed anyone to man held her.

On 26th February 1990, Indian security forces arrested Bhai Baldev Singh from Amritsar and that was the last time the family knew of his whereabouts. After many attempts to find her brother, Bibi Bholi declared her brother a martyr of Khalistan and Punjab police had put his name amongst the thousand Sikh youths of Punjab missing. Even after this, Bibi Bholi continued to do sewa of her Jhujaru brothers. All the Jhujaru Singhs respected the courage and bravery of Bibi Bholi and always referred to her as their younger sister.

In August 1990, Bibi Bholi was part of a team that had kidnapped the son of a rich Hindu business man. Bibi Bholi was in charge of the custody of the kidnapped person, for example feeding him and making sure that he does not escape. Bhai Jagjit Singh Jaggi, who was also a member of this team had come under the radar of the Punjab police and was arrested from the Bhilowal village. Bhai Jaggi was brutally tortured and the police attained the information that the kidnapped person was in the custody of Bibi Bholi. This information travelled to Bibi Bholi and from here on she left home and joined her Jhujaru brothers of the battlefield. The kidnapped person was returned to his family, but the Punjab police were still hunting Bibi Bholi.

On 13th August 1990, Bibi Bholi was tracked down as she was visiting home by a police black cat known by the name of Lakha Maruti. Within minutes the house of Bibi Bholi was surrounded by Indian security forces. Upon finding out about being surrounded, Bibi Bholi decided to give shaheedi as she knew that if she fought back the Indian security forces will kill some family members of hers too. Another reason why Bibi Bholi decided to take her life was that if she got arrested alive than she would have been ill-treated by the Punjab police. Bibi Bholi swallowed a capsule of Sy-Nyde at the very young age of 19 years and attained shaheedi, she added her name in the very long list of the panthic martyrs. The life and martyrdom of Shaheed Bibi Davinder Kaur Bholi is a great example to the future generations that women also have a part to play the guerrilla warfare of Khalistan.

Information given by the family of Shaheed Bibi Davinder Kaur Bholi