Shaheed Bhai Sukhpal Singh Pala

Babbar Khalsa

Bhai Sukhpal Singh Pala was born on 17th August 1963 to Mata Malkeet Kaur and Sardar Bhag Singh, in the village of Jagha Ram Tirath. His whole family were firm believers of their faith and so his father, Sardar Bhag Singh participated with full vigour in many religious protests. The whole family were Gurmukhs and so Bhai Sukhpal Singh also proved to be a Sikh warrior.

The incidents in 1984 when the Darbar sahib was attacked made a great impact on his life. For some time he calmly did sewa, but in 1987 he started serving in Bhai Balvinder Singh Ganga’s Babbar Khalsa group. Bhai Sukhpal Singh’s enemies were so afraid of his actions that even the police would avoid him. Many times, challenges were made to the police to meet and fight him but the police never had the guts to fight.

Ultimately on the evening of 8th August 1992 this diamond from the fighter movement was surrounded by the enemy. At the confrontation in Gahigach, the fighter fought till his last breath and ultimately obtained shaheedi.

Bhai Daljeet singh ji, the president of Shiromani Khalsa, honoured this great fighter’s good deeds by offering a ticket to his mother, Mata Malkeet Kaur, so that she may run for election to be in the Shiromani committee of Halka Morh, but the dogriyan (a caste) did not accept her victory. The religious people of Halke, despite her defeat in the election, still have great respect for her. Bhai Sukhpal Singh Pala’s shaheedi day on August 8th is celebrated in his village, Jagha Ram Tirath (Talwandi Sabo).

Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Sukhpal Singh Pala