Shaheed Bhai Ratan Singh Ashrafpur

Khalistan Commando Force


Bhai Ratan Singh was born in the year of 1957, in the house of Sardar Kehar Singh and from the blessed womb of Mata Swaran Kaur in the village of Ashrafpur, near Dasuya, district Hoshiarpur. Bhai Sahib was the third eldest of 5 children, eldest being Bibi Labh Kaur, Bhai Gurbachan Singh, (Shaheed) Bhai Ratan Singh himself, Bibi Bachan Kaur and the youngest, Bhai Mohan Singh. Bhai Sahib was married to Bibi Surinder Kaur and had 4 children from their marriage. Bhai Ratan Singh’s actual village was Vijola (near Randhawa village), district Kapurthala. Bhai Sahib’s family had sold their land in Vijola and moved to the village of Ashrafpur to start a new life. Here Sardar Kaur Singh bought land and started providing for his family via farming. Bhai Sahib had a greeting personality and was well respected person in his village.


Many Jhujaru Singhs who gave their lives for the Sikh struggle were from the village of Ashrafpur and neighbouring villages, especially Dasuya. It was here, Bhai Sahib came in contact with Bhai Lembhar Singh, Bhai Daljit Singh Bhikhi and Bhai Harwinder Singh Topi (Usman Shaheed village). It was with these Jhujaru Singhs, Bhai Sahib started doing Jhujaru actions in secret under the high command of Khalistan Commando Force. Bhai Sahib had also been the president of All India Student Federation branch in his area before he joined the Jhujaru Singhs to fight for Khalistan in the battlefield. Bhai Sahib had punished many anti-Sikh elements and reformed many criminals in his area towards honest living.


On 19th November 1987, Bhai Ratan Singh was arrested by Punjab police from village Lakhan Ke Padda. Bhai Sahib was brutally tortured for 4 days continuously by Izhar Alam, who had a reputation of torturing and killing many Sikhs. Bhai Sahib’s body was beyond broken and bloodied. After 4 days of inhumane torture, on 22nd November 1987, Bhai Ratan Singh was taken to the village of Kot Mehtab, near Beas police station and killed in staged encounter by the Punjab police. Shaheed Bhai Ratan Singh Ashrafpur’s body was not given to his family for final rites.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Ratan Singh Ashrafpur