Shaheed Bhai Sarvan Singh Jahaj

Khalistan Commando Force


Jhujaru Singh of the Khalistan Commando Force, Shaheed Bhai Sarvan Singh Jahaj was born in year 1972, in the house of father, Sardar Narinder Singh and from the blessed womb of mother, Mata Jasbir Kaur in the village of Sorian, near Ajnala district Amritsar. Bhai Sahib had an older brother Bhai Jasbir Singh and had an elder sister also named Rajbir Kaur. Sardar Narinder Singh provided for his family by working at his farm, Bhai Sahib had not obtained any worldly education, and started helping his father in the farms as he entered his teenage.


Since Childhood, Bhai Sahib had a very spiritual nature, he was always seen doing Simran and selfless service at the local village Gurdwara. Bhai Sahib used to do Sewa with the Jatha of Baba Hajara Singh (Guru Ke Bhag Wale), as Takht Sri Damdama Sahib. Bhai Sahib would go house to house in the village to bring milk and food to the gurdwara, and from there serve it as langar. It was during these days that Bhai Sahib started to meet up with the Jhujaru Singhs anonymously. When Bhai Sahib’s family had found out about the connections between Bhai Sahib and the Jhujaru Singhs, they sent Bhai Sahib to Patiala to stay with his Massi (Mata Jasbir Kaur’s sister). However, Bhai Sahib returned after one week and started to connect and associate with the Jhujaru Singhs again.


Bhai Sahib, alongside his relative Bhai Hardeep Singh (Tareen village, near Ajnala) and Bhai Paramjit Singh (Sensra village, near Raja Sansi) did Jhujaru actions under the banner of Khalistan Commando Force. The mother of Bhai Hardeep Singh of Tareen village was blind, and Bhai Sahib would constantly tell him to stay at his house to look after his mother, and to do Jhujaru actions in secret. In 1987, Bhai Sahib decided to leave his home and completely dedicate his remaining life to the Sikh struggle for Khalistan. In his Jhujaru life, Bhai Sahib had gone to Pakistan twice to bring over weapons for his Jhujaru group.


One day, at roughly 6 o’clock in the evening Bhai Sahib along with his Jhujaru brothers were returning from the village of Dharamkot. Bhai Sahib was near the village of his in-laws, near Gurdwara Nanaksar Sahib, the teams of Punjab police had surrounded this group of Jhujaru Singhs and a fierce encounter started which lasted till 4am the following morning. Bhai Sahib gave cover fire to his Jhujaru brothers helping them in their escape. Bhai Sahib’s ammunition soon finished, and he decided to give his martyrdom by swallowing a capsule of Cyanide rather than being caught alive by the cruel Indian security forces that would torture him for information. In the end, Bhai Sahib had obtained martyrdom on the morning of 19th May, 1992.


After the encounter at 5am, the Punjab police went to Shaheed Bhai Sarvan Singh Jahaj’s house. Mata Jasbir Kaur was leaving her house to go to the village Gurdwara to do darshan, but the police took both parents with them to identify the bodies of Shaheed Bhai Sarvan Singh Jahaj. After identifying the body, both parents of Bhai Sahib were taken to the Durgiana Mandir of Amritsar where the cremation of Bhai Sahib’s body was done. That day, one of the police officers had said Sardar Narinder Singh, “Your son was as brave as a lion. He fought very courageously.”


The family had said that when Bhai Sahib was fighting in the Sikh struggle, the Punjab police had brutally tortured their family members, including the father, mother, brother and sister-in law. Bhai Sahib’s brother in-law was also tortured in jail for 2 months continuous, in Amritsar. In search of Bhai Sahib, the Punjab police would usually come to Bhai Sahib’s sister in-law’s village. The farms that belonged to the family were also destroyed by the police.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Sarvan Singh Jahaj