Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh alias Pali Pandit

Sikh Student Federation

Shaheed Jaspal Singh alias Pali Pandit was a true friend of friends and regularly used to say, “Gangu Brahman had Mata Gujri Ji and young shahibzaday arrested, this gave the Brahmin the black dot on their reputation. It’s unfortunate that I was born in a Brahmin family, I hope Guru Gobind Singh Ji can give me a place near his feet and Gangu’s cowardly actions have no effect on my relation with Guru Ji.” And truly Bhai Sahib was blessed by Guru, Bhai Sahib took amrit and killed this Brahmin within him and became a son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

While studying at Nehru College, Mansa Bhai Sahib stood up for the rights of the students. At this point Bhai Sahib was peacefully tolerating the injustice served by the government of India, but the water of Punjab that has made millions of warriors was mixing in within his blood. Soon Bhai Sahib started physically fighting for the rights of students, Bhai Sahib had many scars on his body from fights.

When Daljit Bittu became the main man in Sikh Student Federation, under the command of Bhai Surinderpal Singh Tharuan, Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur and Bhai Sewak Singh took in charge of many Sikh Student Federation units at different colleges. Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur and Bhai Sewak Singh also went to Mansa’s Nehru College where they met Bhai Sahib for the first time. Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur says, “We asked Bhai Sahib to get few main students to have a meeting with us, but Bhai Sahib got the whole college and put them in front of us and told us to do our lecture. We were shocked to see his bravery because out of all the Sikh Student Federation induction lectures at colleges, this was the biggest, with every student attending the lecture with the help of Bhai Sahib. The Sikh Student Federation union was established in the first meeting.

The days of college Bhai Sahib was a drug addict and did basic village drugs as well as the strong city drugs. Bhai Sahib told the Sikh Student Federation that he wanted to kill this addiction of drugs as Bhai Sahib’s family and household were finically struggling. Bhai Sahib could finish his graduation. While Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur was studying at the Punjabi University of Patiala, Bhai Sahib stayed in Patiala for many months with them, helping the Sikh Student Federation. Bhai Sahib was searching for the love and guidance of Guru Ji and for this reason Bhai Sahib stayed amongst Sikh friends. Bhai Sahib was slowly moving away from drugs but the evil addiction was not leaving Bhai Sahib alone. When Bhai Sahib was in Patiala with the singhs of Sikh Student Federation, Bhai Sahib kept himself busy in many things to stop the craving of drugs. Once Bhai Sahib washed all the clothes of fellow singhs, when Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur returned home and saw all the clothes hanging on the washing line he told Bhai Sahib, “I didn’t want you to wash my dirt, brother.” But Bhai Sahib replied, “Baba Ji, I was thinking about drugs, so to put my mind someplace else I washed everybody’s clothes.” Then to laugh it all off Bhai Sahib said, “The newspapers have a lot of dirt in them, Should I wash them to before we read them.” All the singhs laughed. Bhai Sahib’s laughter was so memorable that the singhs till today hear Bhai Sahib laughing.

In 2007, after the local state elections, Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur went to Hoshiarpur to do his final year in law studies and Bhai Sahib joined Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu and continued doing sewa. Being with Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu, Bhai Sahib took amrit and from Jaspal Chand, he became Jaspal Singh. All the singhs were so happy for Bhai Sahib. Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur says, “I met him many times after Bhai Sahib had taken amrit. He was 6 foot tall with turban greatly tied. Some people use mistaken him for 18th century Sikh warrior.” In March 2008, Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur came to Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu in Ludhiana and Bhai Sahib was also there. Then Bhai Sahib went to the villages of Mansa in June July to make the locals aware of Ram Rahim and his cult. The condition of Bhai Sahib’s home was really bad, Bhai Sahib promised Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur that he will come back but Bhai Sahib never came back. Bhai Sahib had started doing sewa with Khalsa Action Committee.

Bhai Sahib had great handwriting, whenever the singhs released a press note or a letter they would get him to write. Even the computers don’t have anything better than his handwriting. Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur, Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu, Bhai Palwinder Singh Shatrana and Bhai Gurdeep Singh Raju were in custody of police at CIA Ludhiana, when the news of his suicide came out. But it’s a lie that Bhai Sahib committed suicide. How can a guy who stopped doing drugs to devote his life to Guru Ji even think about suicide? It’s impossible. Punjab police played a part in this death of Bhai Sahib, they killed him before they hung him up with a rope.

Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur says, “Bhai Sahib’s memory will always stay with our singhs and for the Sikh youth Bhai Sahib will always remain a role model. Even in the hard times Bhai Sahib gave up drugs, when the whole of Punjab had been drowned in drugs by the Delhi Government.”

Bhai Jaspal Singh Mojpur from Ludhiana Jail