Shaheed Bhai Jasmer Singh Lalli

Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan

Bhai Jasmer Singh Lalli was born on 3rd March 1969, in the house of Sardar Jagir and from the womb of Mata Kuldeep Kaur in the village of Khant, district Ropar. Bhai Sahib did his primary studies from the public school of Khant. Bhai Sahib then did his higher studies at Baba Ajit Singh Jhujar Singh Memorial College. Bhai Sahib regularly took part in sports. Whilst studying at the college, Bhai Sahib made relations with Bhai Ram Singh, Bhai Balwinder Singh Jattana and other brave Singhs. Bhai Sahib started doing sewa with these Singhs in secret.

Seeing the immense and brave sewa of Bhai Sahib, he earned a special place in Bhindranwale Tigers Force of Khalistan under Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Sangha. Bhai Sahib punished many anti-Sikh elements and did countless fearless actions. Bhai Sahib also did actions with the Jhujaru Singhs of Babbar Khalsa. In Chandigarh an assassination attempt was made on Sumedh Saini’s life with a bomb explosion, many of his bodyguards were killed and he himself was seriously wounded. Even when Khalistan Liberation Force had taken the full responsibility of this action, the mental Punjab Police raided the house of Malwa Zone’s Babbar Khalsa Jathedar, Bhai Balwinder Singh Jattana. The Punjab Police killed all the family members, all the cows and buffaloes of Bhai Jattana and after burnt his house. This evil deed of the police was condemned by all. The Jhujaru Singhs of the Sikh freedom movement now took the challenge and if they didn’t answer the Indian security forces then it won’t be long before another Jhujaru Singh’s family gets wiped off by the Indian security forces. Bhai Sahib took on the mission to teach the Indian security forces a lesson and stop them from committing such evil massacres.

Bhai Sahib chose Ropar’s cruel officer of CIA staff, Balkar Sio. Because few days before Balkar Sio had arrested and killed four unarmed Sikh youths on Morinda/Chamkaur Sahib Road of the Kajla village and he had made Shaheed many more Sikhs. Bhai Sahib along with fellow Jhujaru Singhs went to Balkar Sio’s family house in the village of Parthala, Samrala and killed his family. This action of Bhai Sahib installed fear in the hearts of Ropar police and for a month after no Sikhs were tortured in the CIA staff Headquarters, no family of any Jhujaru Singh was massacred again by the Ropar police. Bhai Sahib had made it clear that he was forced to do this action by looking at the Punjab police cruel deeds upon the families of Jhujaru Singhs. This action of Bhai Sahib’s shook the Ropar and Chandigarh police forces, to the point that they were blaming each other via newspapers on who killed Bhai Jattana’s family. Like this the public got to know how coward the Punjab police was, they were being awarded for their cowardly acts of killing innocent families.

Ropar’s SP Joginder Khera daily raided Bhai Sahib’s village and was known for making many Singhs Shaheed. Bhai Sahib planned to punish this enemy, because he harassed every Gursikh. One day in the evening Bhai Sahib along with Jhujaru Singhs of Babbar Khalsa set up positions in the village of Khant. Bhai Sahib was joined by Bhai Baldev Singh Hawara Kalan and Bhai Didar Singh Amargarh of Babbar Khalsa. Soon as the gipsy of SP Joginder Khera came close, the Jhujaru Singhs opened fire and SP Joginder Khera and 9 commandos were sent to hell and as Bhai Sahib left he took all the weapons of the enemy too. Bhai Sahib’s action bought peace upon the public that were daily harassed by the evil SP Khera.

Once Bhai Sahib and his fellow Jhujaru Singhs were waiting for a vehicle to leave Punjab, they stopped a car on Ludhiana/Chandigarh Road on the outskirts of village Khant. Upon seeing the car approaching them, the Jhujaru Singhs saw that it had a police sign on it. The Jhujaru Singhs stopped the car and saw that all the police officers on board were drunk and had whiskey bottles in the car. At this moment Bhai Sahib pointed his assault rifle at the drunkards and killed the 2 ASI officers and 7 constables. After the Jhujaru Singhs found out that this police team were from Sanhewal’s CIA staff and were responsible for killing many Jhujaru Singhs in false encounters and harassed innocent Singhs.

Bhai Raminderjit Singh Trainee was jailed in Chandigarh’s Burail Jail and the police wanted to kill him at any cost. Bhai Raminderjit Singh Trainee of Babbar Khalsa got this news also. Bhai Sahib was contacted by Bhai Trainee and they discussed/planned on getting Bhai Trainee out of jail safely. After this, Bhai Sahib and Bhai Ranjit Singh Happy of Sisoli village planned on this action together. Following the plan Bhai Trainee acted ill and was taken to PGI hospital in Chandigarh. Soon as Bhai Trainee entered the hospital with armed police, Bhai Sahib and his fellow Jhujaru Singhs opened fire killing the Thanedar and a constable and wounded other police officers. Bhai Sahib took Bhai Trainee into a Maruti van and made their escape with the weapons of the enemy, all the Jathebandis and Jhujaru Singhs praised this action of Bhai Sahib.

It was due to Bhai Sahib’s bravery that the Punjab Police failed in their plan to kill Bhai Trainee, and it was due to this action that once again Bhai Trainee was able to continue with his sewa within the Sikh freedom movement. Bhai Sahib’s brother-in-law, Bhai Gurcharan Singh was killed in a fake encounter by SHO Jaspal Sio of Morinda police and after his body was thrown into the Phakhara River. Bhai Sahib’s other family members were also tortured but even then Bhai Sahib remained in high spirits and continued to do sewa.

Bhai Sahib was made the lieutenant General of Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan. Bhai Sahib was highly respected amongst all the Jhujaru Singhs. Bhai Sahib was close to Bhai Ranjit Singh Happy, Bhai Davinder Singh Poat, Bhai Ranjit Singh Magrorh and Bhai Karnail Singh Keli, Bhai Sahib and these Singhs did many actions together. In the end Bhai Sahib became very ill and as Bhai Sahib rested at Sanhewal Dhaba. Due to an informant Bhai Sahib was arrested by the Terrorist Police Unit. Bhai Sahib was blindly tortured but he gave no information to the police, even during the cruel torture Bhai Sahib remained in high spirits. Finally the Terrorist Police Unit made Bhai Sahib Shaheed in a false encounter in the village of Kanech, near Sanhewal in the year 1990.

Jadojahid – November/December 1994