Shaheed Bhai Gurjeet Singh Chhajjalwadi

Khalistan Armed Force


Bhai Gurjeet Singh was born in year 1973, in the house of Sardar Harbhajan Singh and from the womb of Mata Sukhwant Kaur in the village of Chhajjalwadi, near Tangra. Bhai Sahib had 3 elder brothers, Bhai Surjit Singh, Bhai Satbir Singh, Bhai Pargat Singh, one younger brother Bhai Harwinder Singh, and 2 younger sisters, Bibi Baljit Kaur and Bibi Nirmaljit Kaur. Bhai Gurjeet Singh belonged to a family of farmers whose livelihood depended entirely on agriculture. Bhai Sahib studied until 10th class at his local village school in Chhajjalwadi, after which he then went on to study ITI at Baba Bakala Sahib in 1989.


Bhai Gurjeet Singh took Amrit from Panj Pyare at the age of 17/18 years. Bhai Sahib was very disciplined and his Nitnem was always on schedule. Bhai Sahib was now also at an age where he began to take responsibility in cultivating his family land and business. During his time at college, Bhai Sahib studying the ITI course, many of his close friends had joined the Sikh freedom movement as Jhujaru Singhs. The police and other security forces had on many occasions, intimidated and harassed Bhai Gurjeet Singh solely because he was a Amritdhari Singh and from an area where many Sikh youth took up weapons to defend themselves and their religion. This led Bhai Sahib to join the Jhujaru movement and made a decision to fight for righteousness, justice and freedom. Bhai Sahib joined his fellow friend, Bhai Rajwinder Singh Raju who had become Jhujaru Singh under the command of Bhai Chanchal Singh Udhoke (Khalistan Armed Force).


On 18th January 1992, Bhai Gurjeet Singh had gone to village Chogawan, Kathunangal to meet one of his relatives. Bhai Sahib was unarmed at the time and an informant passed this information on to the local police. The local police arrived to the house and arrested Bhai Gurjeet Singh. Upon night fall, the police began to heavily and brutally interrogate him. Bhai Sahib was mercilessly tortured, which resulted in his martyrdom, he did not utter a word that would damage the Sikh struggle or its Jhujaru Singhs. The following day, the police took his body to a bridge near Kathunangal and shot Bhai Sahib’s body claiming he was killed during a fierce police encounter. This was a fake, staged encounter by the Punjab police. The police did not even inform Bhai Sahib’s family nor give the body to the family. They took it straight to the cremation grounds of the Durgiana Mandir in Amritsar, where he was cremated. The ashes were then delivered to his family by the police.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Gurjeet Singh Chhajjalwadi