Shaheed Bhai Jagat Singh Jagga

Khalistan Commando Force

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale raised his voice against injustice, the Sikhs heard Sant Ji’s voice and participated in the struggle and sacrificed their lives.

Shaheed Bhai Jagat Singh Jagga was born on the 26th June 1972 in a village called Hiyat. Bhai Sahib’s father was Sardar Santokh Singh and mother was Mata Amrik Kaur. Bhai Sahib was the brother to 4 Sisters, Bibi Balvinder Kaur, Bibi Kuldip Kaur, Bibi Harjinder Kaur and Bibi Rajwant Kaur and 1 brother Bhai Ranjit Singh. Bhai Sahib was younger to his sister Bibi Balvinder Kaur. From the start Bhai Sahibs parents were religious, they had gotten all their children to take Amrit. Bhai Sahib completed his primary education at the local school in his village and for his 6th class Bhai Sahib enrolled in a school in the village nearby called Dheriwala. Bhai Sahib was only in 7th class when the evil witch Indira Gandhi had issued the attack on Sri Akal Takhat Sahib. Bhai Sahib asked his mother why the Indian Government attacked Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, Bhai Sahib’s mother replied that son grow up quickly and take revenge from the Indian Government. Once Bhai Sahib passed his 10th class, Bhai Sahib then started to learn to become a doctor at surgery in Mattewal. One day Bhai Sahib got the opportunity to meet Bhai Gurnam Singh Pehlwan Sultanwind, after this meeting Bhai Sahib joined the Khalistan Commando Force and done undercover missions. In 1988 Bhai Sahib got admission for Lyallpur Khalsa College in Jalandhar. Bhai Sahib was a very good kabaddi player. Once when Bhai Sahib was playing in a Kabaddi match in Dehriwala where Bhai Sahib broke his leg, but Bhai Sahib never even complained even while being in pain. It was Bhagel Singh Dehriwala alias Shaheed Bhai Balkar Singh Jaboval who took Bhai Sahib to hospital and after that, they both were like brothers. After Bhai Sahib’s leg recovered, Bhai Sahib didn’t go back to studying instead jumped in the battlefield. One day due to a police informer Bhai Sahib and another 7 Singh’s were confronted by the police at Dehriwala village. There was a fierce battle between the Singh’s and the police, which lasted a long 8hours and Bhai Balkar Singh Jaboval got injured. Bhai used his intelligence and managed to get Bhai Balkar Singh Jaboval out of the battle, but the other 5 Singh’s that were with Bhai Sahib attained Shaheedi. After the battle everyone in the area found out that it was Bhai Jagat Singh Jugga who had managed to escape from the battlefield, the police started to harass Bhai Sahibs family but Bhai Sahib didn’t care and contributed as much Sewa as Bhai Sahib could in the Sikh struggle, during this time Bhai Sahib eliminated many Anti Sikh elements.

One day Bhai Sahib was resting at his aunts (dad’s sister) house in Machal on the 11th November 1990 when the police surrounded the house and arrested Bhai Sahib. After arresting Bhai Sahib the police tortured him in, inhuman ways. On the 20th December 1990 Bhai Sahib had 16 cases filed against him for which Bhai Sahib was sent to Amritsar jail. While Bhai Sahib was in jail Bhai Sahib met many Khadku Singhs and due to Bhai Sahibs good nature, Bhai Sahib was dearly loved. Two of Bhai Sahibs sisters were getting married, so Bhai sahib’s parents filed an appeal to the judge so that Bhai Sahib could attend the weddings but the judge rejected the appeal, which angered Bhai Sahib even more.

One day Bhai Hardev Singh Kaliya Dadarbad arranged for one of his main men to meet Bhai Sahib and also gave him some spending money, by this time it had been around 20 months since Bhai Sahib had been behind bars. Bhai Sahib used that money to get himself bailed out of jail, and rather than going home Bhai Sahib went straight to the Khadku Singhs. Bhai Sahib enrolled in the Bhindranwale Tiger Force from the Khalistan Commando Force. Then one day Bhai Sahib went home to meet his family, where his mother said, ‘son we have a wish, we would like to drop you to Bhai Hardev Singh Kaliya with our own hands’. Bhai Sahib decided to stop at his house and informed the Singh’s to tell Baba Kaliya that I’ll see you tomorrow. Bhai Sahibs parents met Bhai Hardev Singh Kaliya at a secret location and said, ‘here is our son, we are giving him to you’. Bhai Hardev Singh Kaliya went around telling everyone that, ‘I’ve seen people donate many things but today is the first time I’ve seen parents donate their son’. Bhai Sahib and Bhai Hardev Singh Kaliya became tight. On 26th April 1992, Bhai Sahib was resting at the house of Dholanshah. The police surrounded Bhai Sahib. There was a fierce battle in which the D.S.P got injured. The police accepted defeat and then called the Army in, on one side there was 5000 soldiers and on the other side there was 3 saints soldiers. In the end the three diamonds of the Panth attained Shaheedi, Shaheed Giyan Singh Shahzada, Shaheed Hardev Singh Kaliya and Shaheed Jagtar Singh Jagga.

Khalistan Diyan Goozan Vol 1 – Issue 8