Shaheed Bhai Gurmail Singh Jammu

In the Sikh Freedom Movement started from 1984, the Sikh Youth of Jammu Kashmir also played an important part by giving shahadats. At one point the Sikhs of Jammu Kashmir gave the dying Sikh Freedom Movement in Punjab a new life. It is said, that Sikhs form outside India who felt for the movement did not support the Singhs of Jammu Kashmir and that’s why the Sikh Freedom Movement completely died down earlier than expected. The reason no help of support reached the Singhs could be due to caste issues, this caste system has always damaged Sikhi and not allowed Sikhs to be united.

The Singh’s of Jammu brought expensive weapons from Kashmir and kept the Sikh Freedom Movement alive. The Singh’s proved to the world that a true Khalsa does not forget the enemy that disrespects Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and that a Khalsa would always punish the anti-Sikh elements. No matter where the Sikh lives, may it be Uttar Pardesh, Jammu Kashmir, Bombay, Delhi, Rajasthan or Punjab. The disrespect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji makes a true Sikh become a Jhujaru Singh. All the above has been proven with the martyrdom of Bhai Gurmail Singh Jammu, who like Bhai Taru Singh Ji, had his scalp removed by the tyrants of his time, the Indian government.

Bhai Gurmail Singh Jammu was born on 11th February 1973. As well as studying Bhai Sahib did his Giani course and at the same time got involved in doing sewa for the panth. Bhai Sahib along with his friends would hold Shaheedi Smagams in memory of Shaheeds. Bhai Sahib would gather the local youth and read articles from Sant Sipahi Magazine and Ajit newspaper related to the Sikh Freedom Movement and would keep everyone informed about what has happening in the Sikh Freedom Movement.

Bhai Sahib and his family went to do darshan of Sri Darbar Sahib when a bus arranged to take Sikhs of Jammu Kashmir. Bhai Sahib’s family was looking around the museum of Sri Darbar Sahib when all of a sudden Bhai Sahib stood still in front of Bhai Taru Singh Ji’s photo and said to his mother, “Wow what a great Sikh, if I get a chance to give shaheedi like that then I would.” At that time people forgot what Bhai sahib had said, but Guru Maharaj had similar plans for Bhai Sahib. While at Sri Darbar Sahib, Bhai Sahib and his family did Darshan of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale. Upon meeting Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale, Bhai Sahib Said “Baba Ji I also want to do sewa for the Khalsa Panth.” Sant Ji answered, “Bhujangia, your willingness tells me that Guru Maharaj is going to give you sewa, but I can’t tell you when.”

Soon after this meeting with Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale, the government of India attacked Sri Darbar Sahib. The whole nation of Sikhs worldwide were crying the tears of blood and cursing the Indian government. The armed struggle had taken birth. An empty and old house near Bhai Sahib’s residence in Jammu was where Jhujaru Singh’s from Punjab would come and rest. Bhai Sahib met Bhai Dharambir Singh Kamoke and Bhai Ranjit Singh Netta at this house which belonged to one of Bhai Sahib’s friends but no one had lived there for years.

Bhai Sahib was given sewa which was to be done in secret. For some time Bhai Sahib did the sewa of langar, gathering information of informants and arranging places for Singhs to stay and rest. One day Bhai Sahib gave the information of an informant who made himself to be a helper of the Sikhs. Once enough proof was given against the informant, Bhai Bhupinder Singh Ghuggi, Bhai Mintu, Bhai Khalsa took Bhai Sahib and confronted the informant. After punishing the informant, the police started suspecting Bhai Sahib but the Indian security forces couldn’t manage to catch Bhai Sahib. Bhai Sahib did another action soon after and this time Bhai Sahib left home and started living like the other Jhujaru Singhs.

Bhai Sahib’s father worked in the CID field, for this reason fellow Singh’s told Bhai Sahib “You should change your path and go back, if we need you then we’ll call you. Don’t come into the eyes of the Indian security forces.” But Bhai Sahib did not listen to the request of the fellow Singh’s and said, “I will fight till my last breath” and finished the conversation. In the end, the time came for which Bhai Sahib had been anxiously waiting for.

Top Khadku Singhs of the Jathebandi were called for a meeting at the house in Godhigohr village of Jammu. It was the early hours of 17th November 1993, the Singh’s had just finished there Nitnem. Like the rest of the Singh’s Bhai Sahib also had a Kesi Ishnan and had put a turban on his wet hair. Due to many police curfews the Singhs had not eaten for two days, Bhai Sahib had only eaten boiled chick peas. The meeting had only started, when all of a sudden the police and Indian army surrounded the village after an informant had made the Indian security forces aware of the Singhs presence in the village. Singh’s decided to attract the attention of the police towards them so that the Chief and Commander of the Jathebandi could escape. This decision to attain Shaheedi was made by Bhai Sahib and Bhai Bhupinder Singh Ghuggi. As there was no other way of saving the other Singhs, Bhai Sahib and Bhai Bhupinder Singh Ghuggi went in different directions to challenge the forces. To capture the Singhs, the Indian security forces caught up to Bhai Bhupinder Singh Ghuggi at this point Bhai Bhupinder Singh Ghuggi swallowed a capsule of Sy-Nyde and attained Shaheedi.

Meanwhile Bhai Sahib had managed to get away from the Indian security forces, Bhai Sahib was wounded and had difficulty running, at this time Bhai Sahib had the ‘Sukha Jinda Jail Chittian’ book and a pencil bomb, which could easily be used to give his shaheedi, like Shaheed Bhai Dhanna Singh Babbar of Akaal Movement, but the pencil bomb did not work. Eventually Bhai Sahib Could not run and the security forces arrested Bhai Sahib in a wounded condition.

In those days the locals supported the Sikh Freedom Movement but to break this support, the Indian security forces decided to torture Bhai Sahib in front of the public. Bhai Sahib was taken to the edge of the farms of village Indra Nagar and blindly tortured Bhai Sahib in front of the onlookers. Police officer said to Bhai Sahib, “If you join us then we will let you live, or else we will give you a horrible death.”

Himmat Jo Hai To Sheen Lo Dast-E-Jaffan Se Tegh.

Aahel-E-Sitam Se Reham Ka Sawal Hi Kia.

The police were yet to identify Bhai Sahib. The Indian security forces mercilessly smashed the butts of their assault rifles into Bhai sahib, breaking his arms and legs, but Bhai Sahib kept on reciting Waheguru Waheguru. Then the soldiers burnt Bhai Sahib with their lit cigarettes and electrocuted then wounds with a car battery. But the Indian security forces still could not get Bhai Sahib to give the information. Then a Sikh officer stopped his senior officer and took permission to speak to Bhai Sahib. (Note: The Sikh officer is now retired and shared this info with us.) The Sikh officer said, “Brother, I cannot see you like this, please tell them your name and address.” Listening to the words of a Gursikh brother, Bhai Sahib gave his name and address by saying this, “My name Gurmail Singh, my father is Guru Gobind Singh Ji, my mother is Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, my brothers and sisters are all those who are fighting in the Sikh Freedom Movement and who have attained shaheedi.” Before anyone could question Bhai Sahib any further, Bhai Sahib gathered all his strength in his body and continuously Shouted war cries of Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akaal.

The Indian security forces did not like this and started hitting Bhai Sahib in the head with the butts of their riffles, but Bhai Sahib continued to shout Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akaal. This made the Indian security forces even more angry, the Indian security forces did not stop hitting Bhai Sahib in the head until Bhai Sahib’s actual Brain came out. Even then the police was not satisfied and shot Bhai Sahib 11 times which split Bhai Sahib’s head. Bhai Sahib had kept the tradition of Martyrdom alive by giving shaheedi like Bhai Taru Singh Ji.

Bhai Sahib was made shaheed in broad daylight and in front of the public by the Indian security forces, who had no care in the world about the human rights. Even the family went to the court but the judge did not take the matters further.

Teri Kis-Kis Gal Nu Bhul Java?

Teri Kis-Kis Gal Nu Yaad Kara?

Eh Sees Mere Te Karja Hai,

Mere Mitra Das Kis Tha Dharaan?

Khalsa Fatehnama – July 2007