Shaheed Bhai Baldev Singh Gaadar

Babbar Khalsa

In the Sikh Freedom Movement, the village of Sakheera has played a strong part, with martyrs like Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sakheera, but another Jhujaru Singh from the village also made Sakheera, a village of the warriors, his name is Shaheed Bhai Baldev Singh Gaadar, he is the nephew of Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sakheera.

Bhai Baldev Singh Gaadar was born in 1970, in the house of Sardar Nirvail Singh and Mata Charan Kaur. Bhai Sahib had two brothers. Bhai Sahib studied up to 8th class at the local village school of Sakhira. Sardar Nirvail Singh passed away when Bhai Sahib was only 1 year old. Bhai Sahib study and do work in his farms after school. After the passing of Sardar Nirvail Singh, the family saw great poverty. Mata Charan Kaur worked herself and provided all her children. After finishing his studies, Bhai Sahib looked after his family’s agriculture business. Bhai Sahib’s Anand Karaj was done with Bibi Harbhajan Kaur on 2nd February 1989, and they had one daughter, Bibi Rajbir Kaur born 9th January 1990.

Bhai Sahib had taken Amrit at a very young age. Bhai Sahib would regularly go Sri Tarn Taran Sahib to do Sewa. Bhai Sahib would take money out of his earnings and give it for the Sewa of Gurdwara Mai Das Ji in his village. Bhai Sahib would also work as a driver too. During this time Bhai Sahib had a dispute with his neighbor over some land. The neighbor reported Bhai Sahib with false accusations of being in touch with local Jhujaru Singhs. After this Bhai Sahib was continuously harassed by the Punjab police. Bhai Sahib was arrested and tortured regularly. Numerous times Bhai Sahib was released after the family paid bribes to the corrupt police officers. When the police did not catch Bhai Sahib, they would arrest Mata Charan Kaur and interrogate her.

Due to never ending harassment of the Punjab police, Bhai Sahib joined the local Jhujaru Singhs. Bhai Sahib did actions under the command of Bhai Sukhdev Singh Chabba of Babbar Khalsa. During his life in the Sikh struggle Bhai Sahib remained in high spirits. Bhai Sahib was known for his bravery and to do the righteous thing. Bhai Sahib made it clear that the only enemies of the Sikhs are the Indian government and its security forces. Bhai Sahib had many upfront battles with the Punjab police but managed to escape unharmed. There was big cash reward on Bhai Sahib’s capture, may it be dead or alive.

On 8th May 1992, Bhai Sahib along with another Jhujaru Singh by the name of Bhai Iqbal Singh of Niki Manochahal village were resting at someone’s house in Mughal Chak village. Bhai Sahib was planning an action for Babbar Khalsa. Both of these Jhujaru Singhs weren’t heavily armed and only had a pistol each. Someone who knew where Bhai Sahib was, had reported these Jhujaru Singhs to the police and within minutes the Punjab police had surrounded Bhai Sahib. Soon as Bhai Sahib realized they had been surrounded, they knew that this was the time for martyrdom as an escape was impossible. Both Jhujaru Singhs fought with bravery and in the end attained martyrdom fighting the enemy.

Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Baldev Singh Gaadar

Khalsa Fatehnama – May 2006