Shaheed Bhai Taranjeet Singh Shatrana

Khalistan Commando Force


Bhai Taranjeet Singh was born to the blessed womb of mother, Mata Pyar Kaur and father, Sardar Dalip Singh in the village of Shatrana, district Patiala. Bhai Taranjeet Singh was one of seven children, four brothers and three sisters; Bhai Santokh Singh, Bhai Sewa Singh, Bhai Tarunjit Singh, Bibi Balbir Kaur, Bhai Gurmej Singh, Bibi Lakhwinder Kaur and Bibi Harjinder Kaur. Bhai Taranjeet Singh studied up to tenth grade at his local village school. He went on to join his family in farming and cultivating their land; selling crops to earn a living.


Bhai Taranjeet Singh’s brother, Bhai Sewa Singh was already a part of and had dedicated his life for the cause and the fight for Khalistan. He was a well-known Jhujaru Singh who participated in the armed struggle. Later Bhai Taranjeet Singh went on to join his brother in this fight for freedom from the wretched Indian government and the shackles of injustice inflicted on the Sikhs. Bhai Taranjeet Singh then met Bhai Jarnail Singh Shatrana, Bapu Malkeet Singh Rajasthani, Bhai Gurjant Singh Rajasthani and Bhai Karaj Singh Thande of Khalistan Commando Force.


The Punjab police were hell bound to catch both these brothers. Their family home was regularly raided and family members harassed. The harassment and raids became so unbearable that the local village collectively called for Bhai Taranjeet Singh’s surrender to the police for the sake of his family. Bhai Tarunjit Singh presented himself to the police on 3rd November 1992. The police kept Bhai Sahib for 15 days and mercilessly beat and battered him. After which the police obtained a remand and kept him in jail. Then on 24th November 1992, the police took Bhai Taranjeet Singh to the border of Punjab and Haryana and killed him in a fake encounter, where he then attained Shaheedi (martyrdom). The police lied and claimed fellow Jhujaru Singhs had come to execute his escape and was met with his death by an encounter. These false claims were used on thousand of innocent youth of Punjab in a bit to eradicate their sense of pride and demoralise them.


Two other Jhujaru Singhs who were arrested the same time, were also killed on the same day attaining martyrdom – Bhai Amrik Singh Shatrana and Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Shatrana. The other three Singhs were released.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Taranjeet Singh Shatrana