Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha Sursingh

Khalistan Liberation Force


Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha was born in October 1966, from the womb of Mata Surjit Kaur and in the house of Sardar Sardool Singh in the Sursingh village. Bhai Sahib was the only child, and his both parents were Amritdhari and lived a life based on Gursikh principles. The family had very little land which was their only source of income to fund their livelihood. Bhai Sahib studied up to 5th grade at his local state school in the village of Sursingh.


However, at a mere young age of 1 year, Bhai Sahib’s father, Sardar Sardool Singh passed away. Bhai Sahib and his mother struggled financially and lived a very poverty stricken existence. Having been brought up with Gursikh values, Bhai Sahib and his mother would regularly visit Sri Harmandir Sahib. Whilst there, Bhai Sahib would listen very intently to Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. This inspired Bhai Sahib to take Amrit at a very young age.


After the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib complex in June 1984, Bhai Sahib felt sad and distraught. This had a huge impact on him. Bhai Sahib decided he wanted to serve the Sikh nation in some way. Bhai Sahib tried many times to join any freedom fighting groups. However, because of his poor background and being the only son to his mother, Bhai Sahib was told he could not join and told to go back to his village. But he was still determined to serve in any way he could. Bhai Sahib would serve Jhujaru Singhs Langar for when they were secretly passing through certain villages and areas. Bhai Sahib would also work as an undercover messenger between Jhujaru groups. Through this, Bhai Sahib had built very good acquaintances with many Jhujaru Singhs, especially with Khalistan Liberation Force’s Bhai Nishan Singh Makhu and his group.


On 8th February 1988, Bhai Sahib had his Anand Karaj with Bibi Rajwant Kaur (from Kalsiyan Khurd). They were blessed with two children – Bhai Satinder Singh (in 1989) and Bhai Waryam Singh (in 1992). Bhai Sahib continued to balance his family life along with his service to the Sikh freedom movement with the Jhujaru Singhs. On many occasions Bhai Sahib was picked up by Punjab police and would eventually be released. His home was also raided many times, but the police were never able to find anything.


On the 1st November 1992, like any other day, Bhai Sahib went out to attend to his fields. But he did not return back home that evening and his family became worried. They began to ask around and came to know that Bhai Sahib had been picked up by the Punjab police early morning that day, when he first arrived at his fields. Bhai Sahib’s family then went to all known police stations, but he was no-where to be found.


On 3rd November 1992, the newspaper reported how Bhai Sahib and another innocent Sikh man had been killed in a staged encounter near the village of Khare by the police team of Sarhali police station on the night of 2nd November 1992. When the family went to pursue the retrieval of Bhai Sahib’s body, they were told it had already been cremated and that to as an unidentified person.


Following Bhai Sahib’s martyrdom, his wife began a fight for justice against the fake and fabricated police encounter. An FIR was lodged against the officers and the case was taken to the CBI. The case which was lodged against SHO Surinderpal Singh, ASI Avtar Singh, ASI Chainchal Singh and ASI Amrik Singh was pended by the CBI and continues to do so. Twenty-two years on, this case is still being fought with the CBI. Today, the plight of this family is very sad and they continue to struggle on a daily basis both financially and emotionally.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Sukhdev Singh Sukha Sursingh