Shaheed Bhai Sahib Singh Chandi


In the Sikh freedom movement, there have been many Jhujaru Singh who lived their Jhujaru lives underground but were loved by many that even after their martyrdom their memories lived on through the love of the people. Bhai Sahib Singh Chandi is amongst these Jhujaru Singhs who during his Jhujaru life continued to do Sri Akhand Paath Sahib Rauls and sing praises of Jhujaru Singh at Nagar Kirtans in his area. Bhai Chandi continued to spread awareness of the struggle for Khalistan, the Sikh homeland.


Bhai Sahib Singh Chandi was born 26th August 1966, from the womb of Mata Harbans Kaur and in the house of Giani Gurdyal Singh in Kashipur (Calcutta). Bhai Chandi’s whole family were Gursikhs and followed the concept of sacrifice to defeat evil. Bhai Chandi’s grandfather, Sardar Chanan Singh attained martyrdom during the Guru Ka Baagh movement. The memory of Sardar Chanan Singh’s martyrdom has been passed down the generation, how he had the marks of batons and horse hoofs on his back due to which Sardar Chanan Singh attained martyrdom. Bhai Chandi’s father, Giani Gurdyal Singh also played a role in the Akali movement. Giani Gurdyal Singh had joined Sant Fateh Singh on 16th August 1966 in a hunger strike, as a protest against the government’s decision to leave out some Punjabi speaking areas out of Punjab.


The whole family of Bhai Chandi faced inhumane torture and harassment of Indian security forces including Punjab police for their support for the Jhujaru Singhs of Khalistan. Bhai Chandi’s brother, Bhai Balwinder Singh was framed in a false case and jailed in Nabha jail and Giani Gurdyal Singh was also harassed by the Punjab police during his illness, which led to his death. Then Bhai Sahib’s Chacha, Sardar Prem Singh along with his family were killed by mobs during the Sikh genocide in November 1984.


Bhai Chandi was very religious and followed the Sikh principles, which earned him the respect and love of the people. Fighting against injustice and for righteousness, Bhai Chandi would frequently sing the following words, “Maro Tau Har Ke Duar” meaning ‘let me die at the Lord’s Door’. Bhai Chandi’s martyrdom happened at the Gurdwara, that to in a battle with the enemy. On 28th January 1990, Bhai Sahib Singh Chandi was at Gurdwara Boparai (district Ludhiana) when he attained martyrdom fighting in fierce battle against the Indian security forces. The locals from Raikot and Jagraon were extremely saddened with news of Bhai Chandi’s martyrdom.


Sikh Shahadat – January 2005