Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Fauji

Shaheed Bhai Balbir Singh Fauji

Khalistan Commando Force

Their eagle eyes defended India from the neighbouring country of Pakistan. Their hands were also on the trigger of their guns, in case someone tried to attack India, but little did they know the India will attack them from behind. India had challenged their religion and attacked their Sikh throne with tanks and cannons. Not only that, the Indian government tried to wipe out the Sikhs and started killing the youth and raping the women. This was that time when they recongnised the real enemy (or the bigger enemy), at this time their guns turned towards the opposite direction and their lives had completely changed. Turning against the country they once faught for and jumping in the battlefield to save their religion against the army they once worked with, two brothers Bhai Sukhdev Singh Fauji and Bhai Balbir Singh Fauji attained shaheedi and added their names to the shaheeds of the freedom movement.

Sardar Dalip Singh and wife Bibi Savinder Kaur lived in the village of Lakhuwal, district Ajnala. Sardar Dalip Singh had 8 children, Bhai Rashpal Singh, Bhai Sukhdev Singh, Bhai Balbir Singh, Bibi Paramjit Kaur, Bhai Ranjit Singh, Bhai Surjit Singh, Bhai Baljit Singh and Bibi Harjit Kaur. The second son of this family, Bhai Sukhdev Singh studied up till 8th class at a school in a nearby village. After passing eighth class, Bhai Sukhdev Singh did some farming with his father and in 1975 joined the Indian army. Bhai Sukhdev Singh was put in the 17th Sikh battalion and after training he was sent to Shamb Jorian army base. Bhai Sukhdev Singh was married in 1981 to Bibi Charanjit Kaur from the village of Aadhian, district Gurdaspur. Working as the soldier of the Indian army, Bhai Sukhdev Singh fulfilled his responsibility as a soldier and also of his family.

The younger brother of Bhai Sukhdev Singh, Bhai Balbir Singh also joined the Indian army after passing his 1th class. Bhai Balbir Singh was assigned to the 21st Sikh battalion and was given the duty of head constable. Bhai Balbir Singh was married in December 1982 to Bibi Harwinder Kaur from the village of Amb, district Ajnala.

June 1984

These two sons of the farmer, Sardar Dalip Singh were fulfilling their duties on the border, when the Indian army attacked Sri Harimandir Sahib. While the Sikh soldiers of the Indian army were sent as far as possible from Sri Harmandir Sahib, the non-Sikh soldiers killed the Sikh children, women and elders on the holy land of Amritsar.

The attack of Sri Harimandir Sahib in June 1984, left the Sikhs around the world in vein. After the attack, the Indian army had surrounded the whole complex, Bhai Sukhdev Singh and brother, Bhai Balbir Singh were allowed to pass as they soldiers of the Indian army. Both singhs wet to the destroyed Sri Harimandir Sahib with their families. Upon seeing the state of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib both singhs flawed tears of blood.

When Bhai Balbir Singh got some Jal from the holy Sarovar, the Jal was red with the blood. When the eyes of both brothers met, the blood shot eyes had made their mind up on the future. As both brothers were going back to duty, they each footstep was heavy as it has ever been. But these two brothers weren’t going back on duty, they were going to their bases to get weapons and jump into the battlefield of Sikh Freedom Movement.


According to the plan made by the brothers, Bhai Sukhdev Singh picked up weapons from Shamb Jorian and Bhai Balbir Singh from his unit in Chandigarh and went underground. Another singh went underground with Bhai Balbir Singh. Straight after the attack on Sri Harimandir Sahib, the Sikh soldiers of Ganga Nagar and Ramgarh had rebelled against India for attacking the Sikh throne. Short time after going underground, Bhai Sukhdev Singh was arrested by Indian security forces in Jammu. Even the Dharmi Singh who had gone underground with Bhai Balbir Singh had been arrested, but Bhai Balbir Singh himself managed to fool the police and the army to remain Chardikala.

Bhai Balbir Singh had gone underground after taking a Carbine and SLR from his army base in Chandigarh. After Bhai Balbir Singh’s friend was arrested by the forces, he himself hid in the jungles of Chandi Mandar, district Chandigarh. It is said that Bhai Balbir Singh received information that General Kuldeep Brar, who commanded the army to attack Sri Harimandir Sahib was coming to the army base in Chandi Mandar. Bhai Balbir Singh had made his mind up to kill General Kuldeep Brar, no matter what happened. But General Kuldeep Brar never came, for this reason Bhai Balbir Singh came out of those jungles.

After brutally torturing the Dharmi Singh, the police managed to find out that Bhai Balbir Singh will be visiting home before carrying on with the armed struggle. Upon getting this information, the police had planted many undercover police officers near the family house and around the area. The police had used all their tactics to remain undercover and wait for Bhai Balbir Singh to turn up, so they could surround him and arrest him.

On the other side the son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Bhai Balbir Singh was on his way to meet his family before he became a part of the Sikh armed struggle. Bhai Balbir Singh knew exactly what the Indian security forces were capable of and was ready to escape the laid trap. Bhai Balbir Singh put all his weapons in a sack and rode towards his village on a cycle looking like average villager. Instead of going straight to his house, Bhai Balbir Singh went to the in-laws of his brother and got the brother of Bhai Sukhdev Singh’s wife, Bhai Joga Singh to come with him. Both singhs made a scheme, Bhai Balbir Singh sat down at water tubal just outside his village, here Bhai Balbir Singh was able to keep a watch for distance and if need be, he would be able escape. Bhai Joga Singh reached the family house. As Bhai Joga Singh went inside the house, he went to Bhai Balbir Singh’s father, Sardar Dalip Singh and quietly said, “If you want to meet Bhai Balbir Singh then come with me.”  Slowly slowly this message reached every family member and all the family wanted to meet Bhai Balbir Singh. Everyone was cautious that this news did not reach the ears of the undercover police positioned in the area, a plan was made that the family members would leave the house in turns. The family agreed to send Bhai Balbir Singh’s wife, Bibi Harwinder Kaur first. As rest of the family started making food to send for Bhai Balbir Singh, at this point the commandoes of BSF entered the village with many jeeps. Bibi Harwinder Kaur had left the house with her daughter and food to meet her husband, Bhai Balbir Singh.

Soon as Bhai Joga Singh saw the Indian security forces, he knew something was wrong and managed to escape from the house through the fields. The jeeps of BSF entered the house and like an actions the BSF officers took up positions within the house. Some commandoes came to Bhai Balbir Singh’s father, Sardar Dalip Singh and started questioning him, “Where is Balbir Singh?” Sardar Dali Singh was shocked and answered, “How would we know where Balbir Singh is?” The Indian security forces searched the house and the farms of the family and then asked the family, “Where is his (Bhai Balbir Singh) family?” Here the problems arose for the family, as Bibi Harwinder Kaur had left the house to meet her husband with their daughter. Mother of Bhai Balbir Singh, Mata Savinder Kaur looked at the inpatient commandoes and said, “Son, relax take a seat and have some water. My daughter-in-law (Bibi Harwinder Kaur) has gone to get medicine for her daughter, as her daughter is not very well.

The commandoes then saw the freshly prepared food, that the family had made for Bhai Balbir Singh, Mata Savinder Kaur had made Bhai Balbir Singh’s favourite dish. The commandoes now asked, “Why is this food tied up?” The family at this point said that Sardar Dalip Singh was going to take this food with him to the farms. But the commandoes were still suspicious that something was not right. The commandoes stayed at the family house and as the time passed the suspicion of the commandoes also got higher and higher. Then the commandoes asked the question, “Why hasn’t the wife of Balbir Singh returned?” Mata Savinder Kaur replied, “My sister lives in the village where she (Bibi Harwinder Kaur) has gone to get the medicine from. She probably has gone there after getting the medicine. She’ll come.” The commandoes then decided to take Sardar Dalip Singh with them to the relative’s house, to see if Bibi Harwinder Kaur really was there. The remaining commandoes had surrounded the house, now the family of Bhai Balbir Singh could not meet him and also could not send a message also. The commandoes had their eyes on every move that the family made.

Bhai Balbir Singh meeting his Singhni

Bibi Harwinder Kaur met her husband, Bhai Balbir Singh at the given location. This meeting amongst a husband and wife held an important relations as no e knew that this would be the last meeting of the couple. The Khadku Singhs faced death at every moment of their lives. The relative of the family, Bhai Joga Singh managed to get to Bhai Balbir Singh and inform him that the army has surrounded his house and village. Bhai Balbir Singh understood that it wasn’t right staying here longer. Bhai Sahib said his goodbye to his wife and his daughter.

All the police stations had a photo of Bhai Balbir Singh, but that photo was of Bhai Balbir Singh in an army uniform and now Bhai Balbir Singh was in the disguise of a villager. This enabled Bhai Balbir Singh to get through checkpoints on his cycle and the sack full of weapons.

The Bhai Balbir Singh’s father and the commandoes reached the house of the relatives where Bibi Harwinder Kaur might have gone. The commandoes asked if Bibi Harwinder Kaur had come here. The relatives did not know what was going on, for this reason they said that she had not come here. Then Sardar Dalip Singh said that Bibi Harwinder Kaur may have gone to her parent’s home in the nearby village of Anb Kotli.

Now the commandoes mounted on to their vechil to go to the village of Anb Kotli, but Bibi Harwinder Kaur was not going to meet the commandoes here. As Bibi Harwinder Kaur did not meet the commandoes, the army arrested Sardar Dalip Singh and Bibi Harwinder Kaur’s father, Sardar Kulwant Singh and took them to BSF headquarters in the village of Kamaalpur. Now Bibi Harwinder Kaur returned home and made the commandoes look stupid, they did not ask Bibi Harwinder Kaur a single question and vacated the area. Sometime later, the panchayat of the village managed to free Sardar Dalip Singh and Sardar Kulwant Singh.

Jumping into the battlefield

In the battlefield, Bhai Balbir Singh joined the Khalistan Commando Force through Bhai Rashpal Singh Fauji. The Jhujaru Singhs became fully active within the battlefield. The real encounters and bomb blasts in the boundary of Punjab, clearly gave the message to the world that the Sikhs are fighting the oppressing Indian government for the Sikh homeland. Bhai Balbir Singh did many big actions with his fellow singhs of Khalistan Commando Force.

In 1985, Bhai Sukhdev Singh was given bail also and was out of jail. For some days Bhai Sukhdev Singh stayed at home with family, but soon managed to get in touch with Bhai Balbir Singh and then Bhai Sukhdev Singh said his farewell to his family and picked up weapons. Now both brothers were striking the Indian security forces like lightening and taught the attackers of Sri Harimandir Sahib a lesson they would never forget.

Shaheedi of one brother

In March 1986, the racist CRP stopped a bus of the Dam Dami Taksal Chownk Mehta and discriminated the Panj Pyare. The singhs of Khalistan Commando Force took this as direct challenge to the Sikhs and the singhs agreed on attacking the CRP base near Kathunangal. The singhs selected to attack the CRP base involved the two brothers also. Bhai Rashpal Singh Fauji, Bhai Harbhajan Singh Mand, Bhai Gurdev Singh Usmanwala and some more singhs alike.

When the singhs of Khalistan Commando Force attacked the CRP base, in the first exchange of fire many CRP officers fell to the ground. Soon the CRP managed to call for more back up via the wireless sets. Instead of causing some damage and escaping, the singhs of Guru Gobind Singh Ji stayed and continued to fight with the Indian security forces. Later the group of singhs was surrounded from all over. Even then the singhs bravely faught and killed many CRP officers, but as the singhs were surrounded they also faced casualties. Bhai Sukhdev Singh attained shaheedi in this battle and Bhai Balbir Singh was seriously wounded. Bhai Harbhajan Singh also attained shaheedi in this fierce battle. Then the remaining singhs managed to escape from the enemy’s territory. Bhai Rashpal Singh Fauji picked the wounded Bhai Balbir Singh on his shoulders and escaped.

Meeting with Mata Savinder Kaur

The news was very sad, but the families of Jhujaru Singh are always ready to hear the news of the shaheedi. The parents of these brothers were given the news that one of their son (Bhai Sukhdev Singh Fauji) had attained shaheedi and the other son (Bhai Balbir Singh Fauji) was extremely wounded. Bhai Balbir Singh was treated for his wounds secretly in the hospital of Amritsar by the Gursikh doctor.

In this hospital the singhs of Khalistan Commando Force bought the family of Bhai Balbir Singh to meet him. The wounded Bhai Balbir Singh was lying on the bed resting, when he saw his mother come he straight away said, “Mother, if you are here to cry then you may as well not come and see me. Remain in Chardikala.” Mata Savinder Kaur did not shed a single tear and the whole family members spoke to Bhai Balbir Singh in chardikala. Bhai Balbir Singh was treated for his wounds in this hospital for two months and after being fully treated, he once again jumped into the battlefield. Now even his wife, Bibi Harwinder Kaur also started staying with Bhai Balbir Singh.

When Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and General Labh Singh robbed a bank of Ludhiana they had carefully selected singhs for this mission, this is why this bank robbery was one of the biggest in the world. In this team, Bhai Balbir Singh Fauji was also selected. The singhs had looted 5 crore 70 lakh rupees from Ludhiana’s Punjab National Bank and shook the Indian government.

The arrest

After the successfully robbing the bank, the Ludhiana police managed to arrest Bhai Balbir Singh some days after the robbery. Bhai Balbir Singh was taken to different police stations and brutally tortured, but Bhai Balbir Singh never gave in information on his group. In the end Bhai Sahib was sent to jail after being charged for the bank robbery along with many more cases.

First Bhai Balbir Singh was sent to Amritsar jail first and then in Sangrur, Nabha and Ferozpur jail. After five years in various jails Bhai Balbir Singh was bailed. By now the close fellow singhs of Bhai Balbir Singh had either attained shaheedi or had been arrested. After being released, Bhai Balbir Singh did not go home and instead went Dam Dami Taksal Chownk Mehta and started staying with Baba Thakur Singh.


Even though Bhai Balbir Singh wasn’t living an underground life, in February 1992 the Delhi government gave the power of Punjab to Butcher Beanta but under his power anybody who were connected to the Sikh Freedom Movement were either thrown into jail or killed in fake encounters. The eyes of the evil police were also on Bhai Balbir Singh Fauji but as he lived at Mehta Chownk the police could not get their hands of him.

On 27th July 1992, Sri Akhand Paath Sahib was held by Bhai Balbir Singh’s relatives who had all taken Amrit from Panj Pyare and Bhai Balbir Singh attended this Sri Akhand Paath Sahib Bhog to congratulate the family, the Sri Akhand Paath Sahib was held in the village of Khokhar, district Gurdaspur. The Bhog had only happened and the Punjab police surrounded the house. The police searched the whole house and all the relatives of Bhai Balbir Singh were questioned. As the police questioned the relatives, Thanedar Swarn swore at Bhai Balbir Singh. Upon hearing this Bhai Balbir Singh slapped the Thanedar and a scuffle broke out.

The police force now pointed their guns at Bhai Balbir Singh. Bhai Balbir Singh Fauji had no guns and instead pulled his sword out and challenged the police. Bhai Balbir Singh sliced the arm of the Thanedar and chopped the arms of other police officers. Then the police rained bullets from their guns onto Bhai Balbir Singh Fauji. Like this swinging the sword, the son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji attained shaheedi at the feet of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

This is how the two brothers gave shaheediyan contributing to the Sikh Freedom Movement. Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Fauji has three daughters Bibi Kuljeet Kaur, Bibi Kanwaljit Kaur and Bibi Sukhjot Kaur, all three daughters have been married. Shaheed Bhai Balbir Singh Fauji has four children Bibi Amandeep Kaur, Bibi Rajbir Kaur, Bhai Sukha Singh and Bibi Amritpal Kaur. The eldest daughter of Shaheed Bhai Balbir Singh Fauji, Bibi Amandeep Kaur was married into a Sikh family in Canada.

Vangaar – September 2012 – Baljit Singh Khalsa