Shaheed Bhai Ranjit Singh Kaleke

Sahibzada Commando Force

In the armed struggle for Khalistan thousands of Sikhs fought and gave their lives to the cause. Amongst these tens of thousands of martyrs are 7 martyrs from the village of Kaleke, near Bagha Purana (Moga, Faridkot) and amongst these 7 is a martyr by the name of Bhai Ranjit Singh Kaleke. Bhai Sahib was born on the day of Wednesday, 20th September 1963, from the womb of Mata Surjit Kaur and in the house of Sardar Lachman Singh Gill. When Bhai Sahib was born, his grandfather Bapu Santa Singh said that this his grandson will grow up to lead Jhujaru Singhs to freedom like Maharaj Ranjit Singh, he also said that he might not be alive to see the brave deeds of his grandson but the world will remember the bravery of Bhai Sahib. From a young age, Bhai Sahib was nicknamed Jeeta. Bhai Sahib was the second eldest of 6 brothers Bhai Gurnek Singh, Bhai Gurchand Singh, Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Shinda, Bhai Jaswinder Singh, Bhai Gurdeep Singh and 3 sisters Bibi Gurpal Kaur, Bibi Balwinder Kaur, Bibi Rajinder Kaur. Sardar Lachman Singh Gill served in the army and was later diagnosed with a serious illness while Bhai Sahib was still in his childhood, due to this Bhai Sahib left his studies in 8th class to take on the responsibility of the household along with his elder brother, Bhai Gurnek Singh. Both of these brothers would work together on their farms. Due to being a hard worker, Bhai Sahib also rented another farm and started working in them too. Bhai Sahib had the hobby of horse riding, and later bought a horse on which he would ride to keep an eye on his farms in the morning and night.

After Indira Gandhi sent in her army to attack Sri Harimandir Sahib and kill thousands of innocent Sikhs, like other Sikh youth, Bhai Sahib’s mind and heart also changed. Bhai Sahib had lost all interest in household duties and only wanted to do something for the Sikh Panth. In the year of 1985, when Baba Joginder Singh, the father Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale started the Amrit Sanchar Movement, Bhai Sahib also took Amrit from the Panj Pyare at Bagha Purana. Sometime later, Bhai Sahib went to Baba Joginder Singh permanently and became the bodyguard of Baba Joginder Singh. It was during this time that Bhai Sahib came in the eyes of Punjab police and slowly the Indian security forces could not stand the sight of Bhai Sahib.

One day as Bhai Sahib was going home to see his family, the Kotakpura police arrested him. Bhai Sahib was taken to the local police station and tortured for roughly a week and later was sent to jail on false cases. Sometime later, Bhai Sahib was given bail and he returned home to his family. By now Bhai Sahib had increased his meditation and sometimes he would meditate all day without any food or drink. One day Bhai Sahib and a friend and also a martyr, Bhai Kuldeep Singh Kaleke was travelling to Rode village to attend a wedding. The police once again arrested both Singhs from Bagha Purana as they travelled on a 3 wheeler. The Panchayat of Kaleke and surrounding areas managed to have both Singhs released.

During these days the injustices upon Sikhs was ever growing and to counter that peacefully the Sikhs surrounded the Assembly House of Chandigarh. To break this gathering, the Indian security forces attacked protestors with batons, released tear gas jot the Sikh crowd and if that wasn’t enough, the Indian security forces fired live rounds to the crowd. Many Sikhs were killed and many more wounded. Bhai Sahib witnessed this atrocity, and rubbed the blood of the martyrs on his head and pledged to every Sikh that was present there, that he will avenge the martyrdom of the these Sikhs.

After this, Bhai Sahib established Sahibzada Commando Force and started doing actions to progress towards Khalistan. Here are some of Bhai Sahib’s actions:

  • One of Bhai Sahib’s first actions was the assassination of a Homeguard soldier in Smalsar, for which his group took responsibility.
  • After this action, Bhai Sahib assassinated a CPI leader in the village of Chugawan.
  • A Sikh traitor from the village of Kaur Singh Wala, who was the gunmen for Gagandeep Barnala during Operation Black Thunder, was also killed by Bhai Sahib.
  • A fascist Hindu of Pandori village, who had come from Bombay and was trying to build a Mandir inside a Gurudwara, Bhai Sahib shot him and wounded him.
  • Bhai Sahib also killed a RSS president from Kamla Medical in Sanewal (Ludhiana) and 2 RSS members in the village of Wadhi Golyian.
  • Also 2 doctors from Ludhiana who had given false statements against Jhujaru Singhs were killed at Bhagru railway tracks by Bhai Sahib as well.
  • Bhai Sahib also killed a Shiv Sena worker in the village of Thulewala.
  • Then one day Bhai Sahib along with Bhai Jagroop Singh sent many CRPF soldiers to hell in Moga.

Now the Punjab police had started targeting Bhai Sahib’s family members and relatives to capture him. Bhai Sahib’s mother and sisters were also kept at police stations for lengthy periods of time. Bhai Sahib’s house was demolished and burnt by the Punjab police. The whole family became homeless, but Bhai Sahib kept on punishing the anti-Sikh elements.

One time Bhai Sahib along with his Jhujaru brother was travelling on a scooter beside the river of village of Shoti Golyian. These Jhujaru brothers were stopped by the Punjab police who were travelling on the same road in a jeep. Bhai Sahib got off his scooter and slapped the Thanedar in front of his police team and then the Jhujaru Singhs drew their assault rifles at the police. Bhai Sahib demanded the police to hand over their weapons and after made their escape. Then like this, Bhai Sahib was involved in a fierce battle with Indian security forces in the village of Fullewal in which the Indian soldiers dropped their weapons and fled the battlefield, from here also Bhai Sahib and fellow Jhujaru Singhs escaped unharmed. Bhai Sahib also had an encounter with Punjab police in the village of Smaadh Bhai, after a fierce exchange of fire, the Indian security forces allowed Bhai Sahib and his group to escape and too many Indian soldiers had already been killed.

This fearless and brave warrior who had installed fear into the hearts of Indian security forces, one day became a victim of betrayal. In August 1987, Bhai Sahib was staying at a house in the village of Golyian Khurd and was given a drug from which he fell unconscious and the Punjab police arrested him. After this Bhai Sahib was taken to Moga CIA Staff and Faridkot CIA Staff where he was interrogated and blindly tortured for information. Bhai Sahib’s forehead was burnt with candles, nails from his hands and feet were pulled out with pliers, Bhai Sahib’s legs were pierced with red hot rods but Bhai Sahib did not give any information to the enemy. Bhai Sahib was told to give information on Bhai Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala’s location and his life would be spared. Bhai Sahib showed the police officer his fist and replied, “The location of Bhai Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala and many more Jhujaru Singhs is held in my fist, your promotion is also in my fist. If you really want this information then try your best to open my fist.” The police used all their strength to open Bhai Sahib’s fist but failed. Then on 24th August 987, Thanedar Meetu and Gobind Ram took Bhai Sahib to the outskirts of Chuherchak village, near Faridkot and made him a martyr of Khalistan in a false encounter. On 25th August 1987, the Ajit newspaper reported that Bhai Ranjit Singh Kaleke, who was wanted for 40 murders and had 5,000 Rupees reward on his head, was killed in a fierce battle with the Punjab police. Bhai Lakhwinder Singh Lakha and Bhai Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala avenged the martyrdom of Shaheed Bhai Ranjit Singh Kaleke by assassinating Thanedar Meetu in Bagha Purana.

Khalsa Fatehnama – May 2016