Shaheed Bhai Piara Singh Aaloarakh

Sikh Student Federation/ Khalistan Commando Force

In the history of the Khalsa the significance of martyrdom is immense. Within Gurbani it is stated ‘the Gurmukhs are celebrated in life and in death’. Out of great respect the name of Bhai Piara Singh and his religious wife Bharpur Kaur are listed amongst thousands of Sikh warriors that gave their lives for the cause of freedom. Sardar Bhagwan Singh and Mata Pal kaur (mother and father of Piara singh) lived a life of great discipline and in line with the Sikh Rehit Maryada, their names will live forever within the Sikh Panth. A Sri Akhand Paath Sahib is held at their home village of Aaloarakh in the Sangrur district to mark the martyrdom of this Jhujaru couple each year on 29th August. Bhai Sahib had 2 older brothers and 4 sisters.

After passing the 10th class in a school of Bhawanigarh, Bhai Piara Singh enrolled in ITI Sunam and from there he joined the Punjab Student Union. However, from this roll Bhai Sahib did not fulfil his mind’s intentions and shortly then enrolled with the All India Sikh Student Federation under Bhai Daljeet Singh Bittu and got together with the valiant warriors to carry out service to the Sikh nation. Bhai Sahib soon became the Sikh Student Federation President for the Sangrur district.

During these days the police incharge of Bhawanigarh police station was Thanedar Rajinderpal Sodha who was known for his terror upon innocent victims and was later killed by Jhujaru Singhs near Ludhiana. He tried his upmost best to terrorize Bhai Sahib, but Bhai Sahib became even more stronger upon the path for freedom. Bhai Sahib spent some time in Bathinda jail and then in Sangrur jail and even this could not break Bhai Sahib’s fighting spirit. A mass shooting took place at Sangrur jail in which many Jhujaru Singhs were made martyrs and Bhai Sahib was amongst the wounded. Sometime later Bhai Sahib was released and after coming from jail and until his martyrdom, roughly 3 years he did actions under Khalistan Commando Force (Panjwar) and was made the commander of Haryana area.

Bhai Sahib would travel to villages where he would find that particular households had received threatening letters from thugs, he would then intercept to stop the such thuggery taking place by punishing the culprits. Bhai Sahib was totally against such criminal activities and always carried an AK47 on his shoulders, ready to hand out punishment.

Wherever and whoever Bhai Sahib stayed with, Bhai Sahib earned the love and respect of those people. Bhai Sahib, 6 feet tall would carry his assault rifle and always take the blessings of his elders. Bhai Sahib was very humble and clever as well as very brave. Bhai Sahib took on the responsibility of safety for many Hindu families who felt threatened.

When the family asked Bhai Sahib to get married, he would say no straight away. Knowing his father Sardar Bhagwan Singh and his brother Bhai Gurdit Singh were regularly tortured by the Punjab police and by marrying into another family Bhai Sahib did not want them also to suffer the same brutalities. Before joining the movement, Bhai Sahib had been engaged to Bibi Bharpur Kaur the daughter of Sardar Pritam Singh. This daughter of Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj had vowed to be loyal to Bhai Sahib from that moment and looking at her courage Bhai Sahib finally agreed to marry her.

On 29th August 1992, Bhai Sahib and his wife Bibi Bharpur Kaur were travelling together when they were surrounded by the Indian security forces in the Bathinda area. The vow Bibi Bharpur Kaur had taken infront her husband was fulfilled without any second thoughts. Both decided not to come into the hands of the enemy alive and swallowed cyanide capsule and attained martyrdom together.

Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Piara Singh Aaloarakh