Shaheed Bhai Pargat Singh Mini Bullet

Khalistan Commando Force


Bhai Pargat Singh Mini Bullet was born in the year of 1973, in the house of Sardar Gurbaksh Singh and from the womb of Mata Gurdeep Kaur in the village of Mahna Malian, near Sursingh. Bhai Sahib was the youngest of 5 children, eldest being Bhai Kulwant Singh, Bibi Simarjit Kaur, Bhai Bhagwant Singh, Bhai Jaswant Singh and Bhai Gursewak Singh. Bhai Sahib’s father was a Lambardar of his village and had previously served as a Sarpanch too. Bhai Pargat Singh studied up to 5th grade at his local village, Mahna Malian and completed 6th grade at a government school of Narli. Bhai Sahib’s mother passed away when he was only a young age of one year.


Bhai Sahib was just completing his 7th Grade study at the age of 18, when his eldest brother Bhagwant Singh became a martyr of the Sikh freedom movement. Bhai Sahib clearly understood the circumstances under which his brother became a martyr and this had a huge impact on him.

Bhai Pargat Singh then joined the Khalistan movement with a wish to serve the Sikh nation even if this meant becoming a martyr.


Bhai Sahib joined the Jhujaru Singhs of Khalistan Commando Force (Bhai Wassan Singh Zaffarwal) under the command of Bhai Jassa Singh Ghuk. Bhai Sahib really took to learning from Bhai Jassa Singh Ghuk and pursued to do some great Jhujaru actions. Bhai Pargat Singh spearheaded a number of missions for which he publicly claimed responsibility for. Many times, he had encounters with the police during such missions but was always able to serve justice to the target at hand and flee unharmed. Following the martyrdom of Bhai Jassa Singh Ghuk, Bhai Pargat Singh became the next in command of Sursingh region. Bhai Sahib’s name quickly became popular and especially amongst the district police, who made regular attempts to capture him. The police also began harassing Bhai Sahib’s family.


By November 1992, the Khalistan Commando Force under the command of Bhai Wassan Singh Zaffarwal was on its last breath as majority of the Jhujaru Singhs had become martyrs or either arrested by the police. Bhai Sahib was taking refuge at a house in Village Gharinda, Attari, district Amritsar. At this time, Bhai Sahib was very poorly and not in good health. It so happened, an elderly lady convinced and took Bhai Sahib to Guru Nanak Hospital for treatment. Little did Bhai Sahib know that she would cause the biggest betrayal by telling the police of his whereabouts. The SHO Baldev Singh from the nearest police station (Raja Sansi) came and arrested Bhai Sahib away from the hospital on 4th November 1992. Bhai Sahib was taken to the village Chainpur, Balaggan. Here the Punjab police made Bhai Pargat Singh Mini Bullet a martyr in a fake police encounter. The police did not return the body to the family, rather they concluded his last rites by Hindu traditions. They took Bhai Sahib’s body to the Durgiana Mandir in Amritsar and cremated him there.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Pargat Singh Mini Bullet