Shaheed Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal

Khalistan Liberation Force

To maintain the honour, bani and bani of the Sikh faith many Khadku Singh contributed with their lives. One of these Khadku Singhs is Shaheed Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal. Bhai Sahib was born in 1957 in the house of Sardar Bachan Singh and from the womb of Mata Surjit Kaur in the village of Muchal, district Amritsar. Bhai Sahib had 1 brother, Bhai Sukhwinder Singh. Bhai Sahib studied till 5th class at a local government school of Muchal, then passed his 8th class at a government school in a nearby village of Chajhalvadi. Bhai Sahib had a warm and a cheerful personality.

Bhai Sahib from a young age remained ill, having fits and losing consciousness. Father of Bhai Sahib, Sardar Bachan Singh tried all the top doctors and worldly cures but nothing made Bhai Sahib better. Sardar Bachan Singh was close to Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale, of Dam Dami Taksal Mehta and always went to do Darshan of Sant Ji, or sometimes Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale stayed at Sardar Bachan Singh’s home in Muchal. On one of the visits to Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale, Sardar Bachan Singh asked Sant Ji to do ardas for his Bhujangi Kuldeep Singh. Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale told Sardar Bachan Singh to put his Bhujangi Singh in the school of Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Damdami Taksal and eventually Guru Gobind Singh Ji will cure the Bhujangi Singh himself. Sardar Bachan Singh returned home to the village of Muchal, after this blessed meeting with Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale. These days Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale was doing the sewa of building Gurudwara Gurdarshan Parkash in memory of Sachkhand Vasi Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Bindranwale. Once the weather made it possible for the sangat to travel to do sewa of Gurudwara Gurdarshan Parkash, Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale ordered the singhs to get ready and took the whole Jatha to the village of Muchal, to Sardar Bachan Singh’s house. The whole family of Sardar Bachan Singh served Langar to Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale and Jatha. There Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale did ardas for the wellbeing of Bhujangi Kuldeep Singh and to serve the Sikh nation. Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale took Bhai Sahib with him to Mehta and kept Bhai Sahib at Damdami Taksal. Bhai Sahib got on with Bhai Gurmukh Singh, Garvai of Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale, Bhai Gurmukh Singh was also young and that’s why Bhai Sahib got on well with him. Both of the singhs did great sewa in making of Gurudwara Gurdarshan Parkash. As Bhai Sahib was from Muchal and only 14 years old, all the singhs of Damdami Taksal called him Bhai Muchal or Baba Muchal. Bhai Sahib received the full santhaya of Gurbani and of Gurbani katha. Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale and Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bindranwale gave Bhai Sahib the sewa of travelling across Punjab and holding Gurbani Katha Smagams which were followed by Amrit Sanchars. After the passing away of Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bindranwale, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bindranwale was given the command of Damdami Taksal and all singhs of Damdami Taksal followed whatever Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bindranwale said.

13th April 1978, the Narakhdhari leader brutally killed 13 singhs of Damdami Taksal and Akhand Kirtani Jatha on the holy land of Amritsar, and wounded more the 150 singhs. In this massacre of Sikhs by the Narakhdhari cult, Bhai Sahib also suffered being injured with 4 bullet wounds. The singhs soon punished the Narakhdhari cult leader Gurbachan Singh along with his friend/bodyguard at his home in Delhi. In this action, police wanted Bhai Sahib for his involvement. Bhai Sahib stayed with Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bindranwale all the time as a bodyguard and also as a student of Damdami Taksal. When Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bindranwale started preaching against the Narakhdhari cult, many fake babas and cults were getting eliminated. The Punjab police tried arresting Bhai Sahib many times as they thought, Bhai Sahib was behind these murders but the police failed every time.

The police soon started to harass Bhai Sahib’s family in Muchal. Bhai Sahib said to his mother, Mata Surjit Kaur, “Mother, I have devoted my life to Sikh values, Gurbani and Bana. If I attain martyrdom, then please do not cry, instead feel proud. Meanwhile you, my mother will have to suffer the torture of the Punjab police because of your son, but I know you will not be broken by the torture of the cowards. When the police comes to arrest you, I don’t want you to hide in the homes of others instead face the Punjab police.” Mata Surjit Kaur stayed true to the bachans of Bhai Sahib. The Delhi police came to Muchal to arrest Bhai Sahib in connection the killing of Gurbachan Singh Narakhdhari. Bhai Sahib was not in Muchal at the time and the Delhi police arrested Bhai Sahib’s parents and brother, Bhai Sukhwinder Singh. The police illegally detained the family in Jandiala Police Station and tortured the whole family for information on Bhai Sahib. When the police tortured Mata Surjit Kaur, she did simran of Waheguru. Bhai Sukhwinder Singh framed into many cases and was jailed for 5 months in Amritsar Central Jail. Soon the whole family was quitted from all cases by the court.

June 1984, Sri Harimandir Sahib was attacked by the tanks and cannons of Indian army along with Sri Akaal Takht, 37 gurudwaras and mass murder of innocent Sikhs, from children as young as 6 months up to elderly Sikhs were all brutally killed on the shaheedi divas of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. At the time of the attack Bhai Sahib was in Jodhpur, Rajasthan to harvest the wheat of Damdami Taksal. This attack turned many warm and cheerful singhs into wanting justice including Bhai Sahib. Sikhs all over the world realised that they were slaves in India and Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bindranwale was right in all he said in his speeches. After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, Hindu mobs went around killing Sikh men by putting burning tyres around their necks and gang raping Sikh women in many cities in India. The mass killings of innocent Sikhs in June and November of 1984 changed the whole Sikh nation and left the Sikhs wanting freedom.

After the Sikh genocide of 1984, Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sakheera, Jathedar Durga Singh RFK, Bhai Manvir Singh Chaheru, Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal, Bhai Wassan Singh Zaffarwal, Bhai Mathra Singh, Bhai Dhanna Singh, Bhai Gurdev Singh Osmanwala, Giani Aroor Singh, Bhai Avtar Singh Bramha, Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal, Bhai Sukhdev Singh Dassuwal and Bhai Anokh Singh Subha Varingh re-ignited the fire of freedom after Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bindranwale. Bhai Sahib joined hands with Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sakheera and Bhai Avtar Singh Bramha, together the singhs did many actions. Jathedar Durga Singh RFK was strong and intelligent, the singhs under his command attacked many headquarters of CRP and shook the government of Delhi. The strength of Jathedar Durga Singh RFK, Bhai Avtar Singh Bramha and Bhai Sahib were spoken about all over India. The singhs formed Khalistan Liberation Force and became a major threat to Indian government and a reality to Sikh freedom. Bhai Sahib and Bhai Avtar Singh Bramha were close and went on missions together, both singhs loved top horses and top guns, they would transport weapons and ammunition on horses, riding through the fields and villages.

Bhai Sahib’s brother was to get married in the village of Rantoke, near Valtohe. Bhai Sahib went on his brother, Bhai Sukhwinder Singh’s bharaat, along with Bhai Sher Singh, Bhai Bohar Singh, Bhai Pipal Singh, Jathedar Durga Singh RFK and Bhai Gurdev Singh Osmanwala. The police knew that Bhai Sahib will attend the wedding of his only brother and would also bring his companions. As soon as the Anand Karaj ceremony started the Punjab police along with CRP had started to surround the whole area where the Anand Karaj was taking place. The singhs heard the helicopters of the Indian army searching for them. The singhs made a plan and got ready to take Guru Granth Sahib Ji back to Gurudwara, the CRP officers shouted at the crowd of the singhs who were taking Guru Granth Sahib Ji, to come to the CRP head and identify themselves but this order of the CRP was ignored by the singhs. With the blessings of Waheguru, the singhs made it to the gurudwara. At the gurudwara the singhs changed clothes with some of the locals and then hid within the village, while the locals went back to the CRP head and identified themselves. After an intense search of the village he CRP found the unarmed Bhai Sher Singh and killed him in the village. The CRP kept on searching the village, it was getting dark, the CRP gave up the search and got on to their jeeps, to go back their headquarters. In the night rest of the singhs made their escape and did ardas for Shaheed Bhai Sher Singh.

In 1986, Shiv Singh was the Thanedar of village Chola Sahib in the Tarn Taran area. Although he looked like a Sikh, Chhiboo was passionately opposed to the Sikh movement and the people became to call him Chhiboo Ram. Chhiboo was from a backward class and in his newfound position of authority, took special pleasure in intimidating others. He was known as the most foul-mouthed police officer in Punjab and did not care about anyone’s honour, age or position. If someone rang their bicycle’s bell or the horn of a truck or car in the village bazaar, Chhiboo would slap them and release a barrage of foul curses. Bhai Sahib and Bhai Avtar Singh had heard about Chhiboo but said that he should be allowed to enjoy his power for a while since he was after all from a socially low class. Chhiboo used to tell his men to be on the lookout for Bhai Avtar Singh and boasted that by killing such a wanted terrorist, he would be promoted to DSP by Rebeiro. One day, Thanedar Chhiboo Ram was sitting in a tea stall with other police officers when he began to abuse them. He said, “You bastards…you’re a bunch of donkeys. You can’t even get a clue about Brahma?” A policeman replied, “Sir, people are crazy about Brahma, no one gives any information about him.” Chhiboo replied, “You idiots, let the villagers make their own alcohol (an illegal act) and don’t interfere. Offer them bribes and tell them they can enjoy life if they have Brahma killed. Just watch how the locals hand in Brahe to us. You people harass the villagers and take their money, that’s why they like Brahma.”

Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke was also sitting in the tea stall at the same time, dressed in village clothing, a long kurta, chaadra and a messy dastar. Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke overheard the policemen talking and approached them with an offer. He said, “Sir, give this job to me. I’ll quickly arrange for you to meet Brahma. You can then capture him yourselves. I want you to remember me but keep my identity a secret. I want to collect the bounty on Brahma’s head for turning him in, so I don’t want to be cheated either. Thanedar Chhiboo Ram became excited and said, “Jatta, you let me meet Brahma and then your reward will be certain. The Police Chief will give you a letter of tribute and then you can go to any police station in Punjab and they will give you a seat of honour. The government will take care of your every need for the rest of your life.” The Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke got up from his seat and promised to arrange the meeting soon. As he left, Chhiboo Ram was dreaming of the stars that would appear on his arm if he was successful in killing Brahma. He would become nothing less than a DSP. Jathedar Durga Singh returned to the hideout where Bhai Avtar Singh, Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal and the other Singhs were staying and announced, “Today I promised to give Thanedar Shiv Singh Chhiboo the darshan of Jathedar Avtar Singh Brahma. Singho, get ready because Chhiboo is very anxious to meet Bhai Brahma.” Bhai Avtar Singh changed into a kurta pyjama and tied a regular dastar. He picked a team of Singhs to join him for his “meeting”. The Singhs that would come with him were Jathedar Bohar Singh, Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal, Bhai Pipal Singh, Bhai Gurdev Singh Osmanwala, Bhai Gurdeep Singh Vakeel and Bhai Jarnail Singh DC. The Singhs devised their plan and moved out. Bhai Surinder Singh Shinda went to the police station and asked to meet with Chhiboo Ram. He told the Thanedar that he had been sent by the person he had met at the tea stall. He said that Brahma Nihang was on the road to Sarhali and it seemed that he had no weapons on him and was high on shaheedi deh. Surinder Singh explained to Chhiboo Ram that the person he met at the tea-stall would meet him on the road and point Brahma out to him. Bhai Surinder Singh also explained that this was a great opportunity since it wouldn’t require many police officers to catch a defenceless Brahma. Chhiboo Ram was jumping with joy that finally he would get Brahma and that too empty handed. He along with four other policemen commandeered a jeep and drove to Sarhali. When they reached a bridge near Sarhali, they saw in front of them Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke blocking the way. Bhai Sahib and the other Singhs were all sitting in their positions. Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke motioned for the jeep to stop. He walked to the jeep and announced, “Thanedar Sahib, before you stands General Brahma. Take a good look. Do you like what you see?” Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke then immediately ran to the side and Bhai Sahib and rest of the Singhs, with shouts of Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akaal, opened fire on the jeep. Chhiboo Ram was riddled with bullets and the driver of the jeep was killed as well. The remaining police officers were all badly injured and the Singhs removed their arms and ammunition and made their getaway.

The next day, newspapers reported an encounter at the bridge in which the Chola Sahib head of police, Shiv Singh had been killed along with 2 others. Four police officials were injured. The security forces surrounded the area but were unable to capture anyone. The Singhs slipped back into the swamps of the Mand. The police wanted Bhai Avtar Singh Bramha, Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke and Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal in connection with killing of Chhiboo Ram.

Operation 5 Savan was carried out under the command of Julio Francis Rebeiro, head of Punjab police on 20-21st July 1986, in which 10,000s of security personnel from Punjab police, CRP and BSF were made to surround the area of Mand to search of the singhs of Bramha Group, even helicopters took to the skies o search for these true saint soldiers. Catching the Singhs under the command of Bhai Avtar Singh Bramha and Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke would not be walk in the park, the singhs shot at the helicopter and brought the helicopter down killing all on board. After this action once again thanks to Waheguru all of the singhs got out the Mand curfew in the dark nights. The police didn’t want to look stupid, they released a press statement stating that the helicopter got tangled up with high and strong winds and for that reason the helicopter crash landed, but Bhai Sahib and Bhai Avtar Singh Bramha had already taken the responsibility for this action. The police arrested innocent Sikhs of Mand area and told the press that they have caught some members of the Bramha group but still are looking for Bhai Sahib, Bhai Avtar Singh Bramha and Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke.

Bhai Sahib, Bhai Bittu Singh Manan and 2 more singhs were at the electric water tubal of Madh Singh in the village of Vharian, district Tarn Taran. The Sarpanch of Vharian had informed the police about the singhs. The police rushed down along with CRP officers to arrest the unarmed singhs. The Indian security forces arrested all the singhs including Bhai Sahib. Bhai Sahib remembered that once a good friend was a Sarpanch at the village of Khabe and the Sarpanch had saved Bhai Sahib before by recognising not as Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal. Bhai Sahib told the CRP that he is from the village of Khabe, thinking that the Sarpanch will the Bhai Sahib a favour once again, but this time both villages of Vharian and Khabe worked together to get Bhai Sahib arrested. The CRP took the Bhai Sahib and the singhs to Khabe, so they could identify all of the singhs. The CRP reached Khabe but the Sarpanch did not want to see the singhs left alone talk to them. The Sarpanch told the CRP everything about the singhs. Once a good friend of Bhai Sahib had now become a traitor of the panth for money.

The CRP took the 4 singhs to Tarn Taran Police Station and tortured them brutally to get information on other singhs, such as Bhai Avtar Singh Bramha and Jathedar Durga Singh Arifke. The brutal and blind torture of the CRP did not get singhs to give information. As all methods of torture had failed the police to Bhai Sahib and Bhai Bittu Singh Manan to the fields of a nearby village and killed both of the singhs in a fake encounter on 27th October 1987. Following day the newspaper printed false headlines of the bravery of the police.

28th October 1987 the headlines of newspapers stated, the police had killed deputy chief of Khalistan Liberation Force, Bhai Kuldeep Singh and Bhai Bittu Singh Manan in an intense encounter which lasted 2 hours. The CRP was doing random checks at the village of Jasmatpur, district Tarn Taran when all of sudden the CRP officers came under heavy fire, the CRP returned fire and killed 2 terrorists identified as singhs of Bramha group, Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal and Bhai Bittu Singh Manan. Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal was involved in the killing of Gurbachan Singh Narakhdhari and his bodyguard Partap in Delhi, Bhai Sahib was involved in many murders of the Narakhdhari cult followers all around India. Bhai Sahib was also involved in the murder of Thanedar Shiv Singh and many attacks on CRP headquarters. A doctor of Ahbohar was killed by Bhai Sahib when Bhai Sahib dressed as a police officer. Bhai Sahib was one of the 150 wounded in Amritsar, on 13th April 1978 when the Narakhdhari leader Gurbachan Singh killed 13 singhs of Damdami Taksal and Akhand Kirtani Jatha.

Shaheed Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal was cremated by the police in Tarn Taran, but Shaheed Bhai Bittu Singh Manan body was given to his family and cremated in his village of Manan. An Akhand Paath Sahib of Guru Granth Sahib Ji was held at the house of Bhai Sahib in Muchal. Sangat from all over Punjab attended in buses and trucks. Kirtanis from Damdami Taksal did kirtan along with Giani Puran Singh of Sri Harimandir Sahib, Bhai Manjit Singh, Baba Charan Singh Ji Bir Sahib Wale and Kavisher Joga Singh.

Baba Charan Singh Ji Bir Sahib Wale did Kar Sewa of a Gurudwara and a Nishan Sahib in memory of Shaheed Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal in the village of Muchal.

Khadku Yodhe – Maninder Singh Baja