Shaheed Bhai Jaswinder Singh Bhujangi

Khalistan Commando Force


Many fearless Sikh warriors have contributed with their lives to the Khalistan movement which was started by the Sikh nation. A large martyrdom at a young age of 12 years was attained by Shaheed Bhai Jaswinder Singh Bhujangi, from the village of Karirwali (near Kot Kapura). Bhai Bhujangi was a student of Damdami Taksal and had started living his life according to Sikh values. Bhai Bhujangi did not think twice about jumping into the Sikh freedom movement, not even of his family who were living in poverty.


Bhai Bhujangi was born from the womb of Mata Gurmeet Kaur, and in the house of Sardar Harbans Singh Taksali, who is still doing selfless service at Damdami Taksal. Bhai Bhujangi was the youngest of all siblings. The torment Bhai Bhujangi’s family suffered after he joined the Sikh freedom movement can’t be written by any pen, nor explained by any tongue. The first time Punjab police raided Bhai Bhujangi’s house, the whole village came out of their houses. A known rude police officer was using foul language against one of Bhai Bhujangi’s female relative that was present in the house during this raid. But the fearless Bhai Bhujangi had fearless sisters, who picked up a wooden truck and shouted at the police officer saying, “I am the sister of Bhujangi Khalsa, and I dare you to touch us!” Seeing this bravery of the women and the unity of the village, who were stood outside the house, the Punjab police got out of there really quick.


Due to high presence of Indian security forces in Punjab, many families were leaving the state to avoid being killed or harassed by the Punjab police. The Punjab police were like the hyenas who were preying on the weak. Bhai Bhujangi’s family also left the area for their safety. After the family had left, police took all furniture of the family house and the harvested crops too. Their cattle were left tied to their posts and eventually passed away; the family farms were burnt down by the police. The dishes and roofs were all vandalised with holes in them. Fortunately, Baba Thakur Singh arranged the Anand Karaj of Bhai Bhujangi’s sister with a Gursikh family.


In the end on 11th January 1991, a police informant gave the information to the police that Bhai Jaswinder Singh Bhujangi and Bhai Pritpal Singh Kuka Bishnandi will be travelling on bus unarmed via Kot Kapura (Faridkot). The police could not let this chance go, and made the arrests of these 2 Sikh lions at 6 o’clock in the evening. For 2 days both Jhujaru Singhs were mercilessly tortured. On the night of 13th January 1991, both wounded lions of Khalistan were taken to the outskirts of Sikhanwala village and made martyrs in a fake encounter.


Sikh Shahadat – January 2005