Shaheed Bhai Jarnail Singh Shatrana

Khalistan Commando Force


Bhai Jarnail Singh was born to the blessed womb of mother, Mata Labh Kaur and father, Sardar Kehar Singh in the village of Shatrana, district Patiala. Bhai Jarnail Singh was one of seven children and the eldest of his siblings. He had four sisters and two brothers, Bhai Avtar Singh (Shaheed), Bhai Gurbhajan Singh, Bibi Sukhwinder Kaur, Bibi Surjit Kaur, Bibi Jagdish Kaur and Bibi Paramjit Kaur. Bhai Jarnail Singh studied up to the 8th grade at his local village school. Later, Bhai Jarnail Singh’s family arranged his marriage with Bibi Gurmeet Kaur and were blessed with three children, Jaspal Singh, Inderjit Singh and Harwinder Singh.


Bhai Jarnail Singh was positively influenced by the sermons and teachings from Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. Bhai Jarnail Singh, himself participated and contributed hugely to the Dharam Yudh Morcha, adding his name amongst the highly respected Jhujaru Singhs of that time. Bhai Jarnail Singh’s grandfather, Jathedar Waryam Singh was himself a revolutionary and had spent much time jails across Punjab during the Akali movement, and now Bhai Sahib was also following the same footsteps of is elders.


The events leading up to and of June 1984, had a huge impact on Bhai Jarnail Singh and had grown much hate against the Indian government and perpetrators responsible for the genocidal crimes against the Sikhs. Bhai Jarnail Singh became connected with many Jhujaru Singhs from the armed movement. Many would come stay to catch respite at his home and he would serve them wholeheartedly. Some to name but a few were, Bhai Gurjant Singh Rajasthani, Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal and Sukhwinder Singh Laddu. Bhai Jarnail Singh’s village of Shatrana became popular, known as the political hub of Khalistan.


Bhai Jarnail Singh’s brother, Bhai Avtar Singh was brutally tortured and killed in a fake encounter, attainting martyrdom on 3rd November 1992. Bhai Jarnail Singh fought many confrontational battles with the Indian security forces. His skill was such that he would riddle them all with bullets and escape without capture. The police were so malicious they destroyed Bhai Jarnail Singh’s family home. His family got displaced but he did not lose faith. Bhai Jarnail Singh had his own army of Jhujaru Singhs who were there to look out for him and his family.


In the early 90’s (1992-1993) the armed movement witnessed a large number of the most prominent Jhujaru leaders as well as closest fellow Jhujaru Singhs attain Shaheedi (martyrdom). Bhai Jarnail Singh then made the decision to relocate to Uttar Pardesh and live anonymously until future plans for the Sikh Freedom Movement. Back in Punjab the armed struggle had by now come to an end, due to the loss of many great Jhujaru leaders and Jhujaru fighters. But the police still kept on the hunt for the Jhujaru Singhs who went underground, including Bhai Jarnail Singh Shatrana.


Then one day on 19th March 1998, the police had got to know of his whereabouts and surrounded his house. In a brutal firing battle, Bhai Jarnail Singh was killed by the police and attained Shaheedi (martyrdom). A young house maid who worked at his house got trapped in the altercation and was also killed by the police. By now, Bhai Jarnail Singh was probably the last few remaining Jhujaru leaders who were still free from the wrath of the police and Indian army, until this day 19th March 1998 where he went to join the rest of his immortal Jhujaru Singhs in the name of Guru and Khalsa Panth.


The local Singhs who had gotten to know Bhai Jarnail Singh Shatrana made arrangements and took care of his funeral and final rites. Bhai Jarnail Singh’s family continued to be harassed and endured much brutality at the hands of the police. But his legacy will not be forgotten and will forever be remembered to have led the most prominent militia movement in the area of Shatrana.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Jarnail Singh Shatrana



News Article: Nutan Kahani – May 1998

‘The Story of the battle with a rebel, who had 20 Lakhs reward on his head’


What KPS GILL failed to do, was done by the police of Uttar Pardesh


In charge of Operation Shatrana, was SP DL Ralam who had a blueprint to a house belonging to Dhillon Yadav and detailed description of passages into the house. DL Ralam showed this blueprint to his police team and said, “Our target is in this Dhillon Yadav’s house. We have to capture our target at all costs, DEAD or ALIVE. We will surround all of the village and after that separate police teams will surround the house of Dhillon Yadav.” The police team looked at the senior officer and asked, “Can we ask, who is our target?” DL Ralam replied, “Today our target is, a dangerous rebel Jarnail Singh Shatrana alias Karnail Singh.”


Jarnail Singh Shatrana was amongst the most wanted Khalistani militants, and the Indian government had put the reward of 20 Lakh Rupees on his head. Jarnail Singh Shatrana alias Karnail Singh was the Chief of Khalistan Commando Force. Police forces cross Indian knew of Jarnail Singh Shatrana, but no one knew he was hiding in the village of Raghunathpur, situated in the Bahraich area of Uttar Pardesh.


The plan was to surround the Raghunathpur village by 3.30pm. SP DL Ralam, SP Singh of Raghunathpur and SP Upadhia of Risia along with other police teams from surrounding areas discussed the Operation Shatrana again. The Indian security forces knew they couldn’t afford to mess this operation up, as they were going against a most wanted Khalistani militant, Jarnail Singh Shatrana. This was militant who couldn’t be caught by the likes of Super cop, KP Gill of Punjab.


It was on 19th March 1998, SP DL Ralam got the news of Jarnail Singh Shatrana being in the Bahraich area. This news was given to the police by an informant who had never gave wrong information to the police. After taking all of the information, SP DL Ralam sent the informant to the village of Raghunathpura and to report every move and doings of Jarnail Singh Shatrana. It was after this the planning of the battle with Shatrana was done.


From Nanpara, the village of Raghunathpura is 6 km away. The teams of PAC reached had reached Raghunathpur at 3.45pm and surrounded the village. After this, the police teams started moving towards the house of Dhillon Yadav, the house had been identified as Dhillon Yadav’s house beforehand. The Indian security forces came prepared to battle Jarnail Singh Shatrana, they were armed with AK47s, LMGs and SLRs weapons. They were also equipped with and prepared to use tear gas grenades. Now the house of Yadav Dhillon was surrounded from all angles.


The locals of Raghunathpur were confused into what the polices forces were doing, but everyone had their eyes on the house of Dhillon Yadav. Then SP DL Ralam grabbed the loudspeaker and said, “Jarnail Singh Shatrana, you are surrounded by police. Come out and surrender yourself.” But this had no effect of Jarnail Singh Shatrana. The voice of SP DL Ralam only did a trip in the air and came back to him, he tried to once again to get Jarnail Singh Shatrana to surrender but once again with no effect. Now the police made the villagers not to come out of their homes as they lives could be in danger.


The doors of Dhillon Yadav’s home remained closed and no sign of Jarnail Singh Shatrana surrendering. The information was that there were 2 people in this house, one was Jarnail Singh Shatrana and other the maid of the house, her name was Rajwanta alias Gummy. SP DL Ralam had ordered police teams to take positions for an assault on the house. Constable Ajay Kumar Tiwari was signalled to through a tear gas grenade in the house. The constable did this and the house of Dhillon Yadav was filled with smoke. But soon as the smoke appeared the door of Dhillon Yadav’s house opened, and the police teams saw a shadow of a strong Sikh man appear from the smoke. And with this a loud war cry was heard of ‘BOLE SO NIHAL SAT SRI AKAAL’ and the sounds of bullets started creaming throughout the skies.


Jarnail Singh Shatrana started shooting towards the Indian security forces with his AK47 assault rifle. Constable Ajay Kumar Tiwari tried to run to his position as he screamed for his life, but Jarnail Singh Shatrana had fired half a dozen bullets into him and killed him. The police teams also started firing towards Jarnail Singh Shatrana. The sounds of bullets were echoing throughout the surrounding villages, but Jarnail Singh Shatrana had suffered no damage. Shatrana was a dangerous militant and had great experience in such battles, he laid on the ground to take position and continued to fire at the police.


Seeing their constable being killed in front of them, the police were really angry. SP DL Ralam signalled police teams to slowly close in on Jarnail Singh Shatrana. Following this, the PAC team under the command of Suhrab Khan started moving towards the house of Dhillon Yadav and their aim was to kill Jarnail Singh Shatrana. But as the PAC team moved towards the house, Jarnail Singh Shatrana pointed his AK47 at the Suhrab Khan and drilled his body with multiple bullets killing him instantly. No one knew how much ammunition Jarnail Singh Shatrana had, as his bullets continued to be fired non stop. During this fire, Jarnail Singh Shatrana also wounded 2 constables, one of them was Jay Parkash.


The police then pulled back and started to move towards the house of Dhillon Yadav but from the right side this time. The firing continued. Now Jarnail Singh Shatrana also tried to change his position. But soon as Shatrana got up he was hit with multiple bullets of the Indian security forces. Wounded Shatrana continued to move and fire at the police and then eventually fell to the ground. Jarnail Singh Shatrana had his rifle in his hand, but no bullets were being fired from it.


The police teams thought that Shatrana was killed, but still no one was brave enough to take risk and go close to check. It could be the case, that Shatrana was wounded and may kill 2/3 more policemen if they went close to him. For 10 mins the police teams continued to watch Shatrana, then SP DL Ralam signalled to steadily move closer to Shatrana. As the police teams got closer, they had realised that Jarnail Singh Shatrana had taken his final breath.


The police then decided to search the house where they found dynamite sticks, but the informant had said that Rajwanta the house maid was also in the house but she was nowhere to be found. After a detailed look around the house, the intelligence of Jarnail Singh Shatrana was visible, there were bunkers set up all around the house. Also found in the house was 40,650 Rupees cash, 102 bullets, one 9mm pistol, one AK47 assault rifle with 3 filled magazines.


Brief History of Jarnail Singh Shatrana:

As Jarnail Singh was from the village of Shatrana, he started using this name as an alias. As growing up he came in contact with Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale and was inclined towards the Khalistan movement. During those times, the movement for Khalistan was at its peak and thousands of Sikh youths were joining Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. Looking at the bravery of Shatrana, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale made gave him the duty of bodyguard. As Shatrana knew how to drive a car, he also at times was driver to Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. After Operation Bluestar, it is said that Shatrana went into hiding in Kannada, Karnataka. After spending time there, he was known to be in Nepal also.


The first case against Shatrana was registered in the village of Assandh, near Karnal (Haryana). After this many cases were registered against him in states such as Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pardesh. People feared Shatrana so much, that they did not file cases against him. Punjab police had failed many times in capturing Shatrana, in the end, a reward of 20 Lakh Rupees was put on his head, DEAD or ALIVE. It is said that Shatrana did not do drugs. It is said that in 1996, Shatrana had bought farms in Raghunathpur village and also bought the house of Dhillon Yadav. Even in Raghunathpur village, Shatrana continued to recruit militants under the disguise of a farmer.


Punjab police were given information that Shatrana was hiding in the Bahraich area, this after they had tortured one of Shatrana’s family member. A police team under the command of a SSP from Punjab also came to Bahraich to search for Shatrana but they return with no luck. Shatrana had now found out the Punjab police was looking for him and had been to Bahraich also. Shatrana went underground for few months after this and when he returned, he orchestrated a kidnapping of the son of cinema hall and asked for 5 Lakh Rupee ransom which he received. It was after this kidnapping, Shatrana became know to SP DL Ralam.



SP DL Ralam of Bahraich

SP MP Singh of Raghunathpur

PAC Gaunda Police Team (Provincial Armed Constabulary)

PAC Commander Suhrab Khan (KILLED)

SP Upadhia of Risia

Laluram Dinkar of Nanpara Police Station

Sanjay Singh of Motipur Police Station

Shayam Lal Pandey of Rupaidiha Police Station

Lotu Singh of Mutrahia Kotwali Police Station

Constable Ajay Kumar Tiwari (KILLED)