Shaheed Bhai Kulwinder Singh Chardikala

Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan

Bhai Kulwinder Singh Chardikala was born in the house of Sardar Harbans Singh and from the womb of Mata Savinder Kaur in the village of Bath, district Ajnala. Sardar Harbans Singh was a farmer and also owned a milk diary. Bhai Sahib had passed 10th class at a government school of a nearby village, Dial Bharang. Bhai Sahib was very active and a fit Sikh youth. From a young age Bhai Sahib was a fan of wrestling and also played Kabaddi. At the local festivals, Bhai Sahib took part in wrestling and Kabaddi. After his studies, Bhai Sahib started helping his father in the milk diary. In the year of 1988, Bhai Sahib would travel to Fatehgarh Churian, to sell his milk bulk to the Verka factory.

The son of Sardar Harbans Singh’s older brother was active in the armed Sikh freedom movement under the name of Bhai Narinder Singh Toti, as well as him, another 3/4 Sikh youths from Bhai Sahib’s village were also active in the Khalistan movement. The Punjab police would regularly have a heavy presence in Bhai Sahib’s area. Bhai Sahib had great respect and love for Sikhi, and for this reason Bhai Sahib came in the sight of Punjab police. Whenever the police came to Bhai Sahib’s in search of Bhai Narinder Singh Toti, they would beat and harass the family members. Bhai Sahib was arrested and tortured under the case of aiding Jhujaru Singhs and financially supporting them. The son of Bhai Sahib’s Massi, Bhai Palwinder Singh Burst was doing Jhujaru actions under the command of Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan’s Bhai Major Singh Khatrai Kalan, with whom Bhai Sahib was great friends with. Due to the blind torture of Punjab police, Bhai Sahib left home and joined the Jhujaru group of Bhai Major Singh Khatrai Kalan, beside Bhai Palwinder Singh Burst. Bhai Sahib was dearly loved in his area for his honesty and humble personality. Bhai Sahib was famous in his area for his achievements in the sports of Kabaddi and wrestling. Picking heaviest of heavy weights was very easy for Bhai Sahib.

Bhai Sahib was very loved by his parents as he listened to everything they said or asked him to do. Sardar Harbans Singh and Mata Savinder Kaur were deeply attached to their son. Bhai Sahib had been engaged before her left home to join the Sikh struggle, but once he left home he didn’t even listen to his parents. Mata Savinder Kaur tried her best to stop Bhai Sahib from walking on the path of sacrifice, she even reminded Bhai Sahib of his family and worldly responsibilities, “You still to marry your sisters, your father is an alcoholic, don’t leave home.” Bhai Sahib would laugh and reply, “Mother, I’m not going to come back now, give my share of land and cows to my sisters and from today think of me as dead.”

During Bhai Sahib’s Jhujaru life, his family members, relatives and friends were not spared by the Indian security forces, they faced inhumane torture and lengthy jail sentences. Bhai Sahib’s Mama, brother, both parents and the sons of his Bhua, all saw the dark cells of jail. All were sent to jail and spent month or two in jail, for not being able to present Bhai Sahib in front of the Punjab police. The enemy pressured Bhai Sahib’s family to get Bhai Sahib to resent himself at the police station, but when Sardar Harbans Singh spoke about this with Bhai Sahib, his rely would always be that he will give martyrdom by swallowing a capsule of cyanide but he will not come into the hands of the enemy alive.

Bhai Sahib had the honour of doing Sewa amongst brave Jhujaru Singhs such as Bhai Major Singh Khatrai Kalan, Bhai Palwinder Singh Burst (Khatrai Kalan), Bhai Swaran Singh Jahaj (village Sorian, near Chogwan), Bhai Kabal Singh Nikku (village Dhandal, Ajnala), Bhai Paramjit Singh Fauji (village Sesra, Ajnala), Bhai Kabal Singh (village Bhindi Aulakh, Chogwan) and many more.

On 7th June 1991, Bhai Palwinder Singh Burst attained martyrdom in Ropar. Bhai Sahib along with his Jhujaru brothers of Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan planned to avenge the martyrdom of Bhai Palwinder Singh Burst. On 26th June 1991, Bhai Sahib along with Bhai Kabal Singh (village Bhindi Aulakh) and Bhai Swaran Singh Jahaj were waiting at the roadside in the village of Malla Kiri. The Jhujaru Singhs were waiting for the jeep of DSP to pass, so they could attack and assassinate him. The DSP knew his life was in danger and was travelling with a convoy. When the enemy’s convoy approached the Jhujaru Singhs, they were faced with heavy fire from the assault rifle of the 3 Jhujaru Singhs. Amongst the Punjab police convoy, they had jeeps equipped with LMGs (light machine gun) which returned fire. Bhai Sahib was shot many times and attained martyrdom, meanwhile rest of the Jhujaru Singhs managed to kill some police officers and escaped after causing the enemy heavy damage.

The Punjab police cremated Bhai Sahib’s body as an orphan body at the Seetala Mandir. After a large protest from Bhai Sahib’s family and locals, the ashes of Bhai Sahib were given to the family. After the ashes of Bhai Sahib and Bhai Palwinder Singh Burst were taken to Sri Kiratpur Sahib by thousands of people from all over Punjab, where they were laid to flow in the water.

Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Kulwinder Singh Chardikala