Shaheed Bhai Dalvinder Singh alias Baba Chup

Khalistan Liberation Force

Out of all the enemies of the Sikh Kaum one of them is well known, Rebeiro (Julian Francis Rebeiro) who was said to be a Christian by faith. Akali Surjit Singh Barnala’s Government was walking over the bodies of the Shaheeds and leashing tyranny on Punjab. The central Indian Government Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and home minister Boota Singh appointed J.F.Ribeiro as Punjab Police’s D.G.P, he was known to merciless kill Mizahida and as soon as he took command over Punjab Police he implemented his policy – bullet for bullet. Any Khadku Singh that was seen should be shot dead. There is no need for Khadku Singh’s to be presented in court. Rebeiro put rewards on the heads of 36 Khadku Singh’s and said that there is only a handful of Khadku Singh’s. The Singh’s who were arrested during Rebeiro’s police rule, they weren’t taken to court, they were killed in fake encounters and fake stories were published in the newspapers. The Singh’s who were locked behind bars were said to have “ran away” but in reality he would kill them. The head of Khalistan Commando Force – Bhai Manbir Singh Chaheru, Bhai Kulwinder Singh Kid Mohali, Bhai Manjit Singh Bhindi, Bhai Roshan Lal Beraagi, Bhai Tarsem Singh Kuhar, and Bhai Sukhdev Singh Kot Maulvi all were killed behind bars.

Rebeiro’s police rule became more of a jungle rule. Anyone who would try and use civilised means to try and talk would be put behind bars under the N.M Tada law. Rebeiro’s police rule bet the injustices that were done in the 18th century. Bhai Anokh Singh Virang Subha Singh’s scalp was removed, his eyes were taken out and his tongue was cut. There was reports and article printed in magazines and newspapers about Panthic Committee member Bhai Gurdev Singh Osmanwala was cut limb by limb and was made Shaheed. During the time that Rebeiro took his responsibility he put a reward on the heads of 36 Khadku Singh’s, but in those days so many Singh’s were killed in police encounters, the newspapers used to be filled with images of the bodies of the Shaheed Singh’s. It was said the encounters were two sided but in reality it was one sided the police officers didn’t even have a scratch on them. Everyone knew about these fake encounters and knew that if they were real then they all would have seen it. The Singh’s that were killed in the dark in fake encounters, their families were never given their bodies. When angered families would fight and take the bodies of their loved ones the marks and bruises on their bodies told the true story behind what actually happened.

It is said that when Bhai Anokh Singh’s scalp was removed and when Bhai Gurdev Singh Osmanwala Panthic committee member were tortured Rebeiro was present there and wanted to find out information about all the top Khadku Singh’s. It was Rebeiro who issued the orders of removed Bhai Anokh Singh’s scalp. This truth was leaked by some Sikh police officers. Rebeiro was repeating history, he was repeating the same injustices that Zakhriya Khan done back in the 18th century. Rebeiro considered himself Ajit. One thing Rebeiro didn’t know was that Jhujaroo Khalsa was born in the edge of a sword. A Jhujaroo Khalsa General Labh Singh got in touch with some religious police officers who were protecting Jalandhar’s P.A.P headquarters. General Labh Singh used to be a police officer and had a friend Dalvinder Singh Ugarewal who was a worker in P.A.P, they both used to go to Sri Darbar Sahib to do Darshan and also to listen to Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s views. General Labh Singh, Dalvinder Singh Sipahi, Baba Ajit Singh Sipahi, Sardool Singh Sipahi (Rahl Chahl), Balwinder Singh Sipahi all joined forces and started to plan Rebeiro’s death.

Khadku Yodhe – Maninder Singh Baja