Shaheed Bhai Amarpreet Singh Kila Raipur

Khalistan Liberation Force


Brave warrior Bhai Amarpreet Singh was born on 13th June 1972 in the house of Sardar Jangbir Singh and from the womb of Mata Sarabjit Kaur. Sardar Jangbir Singh did service for the government sector. Bhai sahib was the only brother to his sister. As Bhai Sahib’s father was working for the government, Bhai Sahib studied at the central school. At the time of Sikh genocide November 1984, Bhai Sahib was in Delhi and had witnessed the mass killings and rapes of Sikhs with his own eyes, which never let go of Bhai Sahib. At that time Bhai Sahib was around about 11 years old and after the genocide the family decided to move to Punjab.

On arriving in Punjab, the family started living in Kila Raipur and Bhai Sahib passed his 10th class at the local high school. Bhai sahib loved to play hockey, he played for his school hockey team and won many prizes and trophies. Bhai Sahib was very intelligent and had a great interest in studying, due to this reason Bhai Sahib passed 10th class with high numbers. After Bhai Sahib’s admission was accepted at ITI College in Ludhiana. When the Sikh Freedom Movement was in full swing, every Sikh youth was willing to sacrifice their lives for the Sikh panth. Upon joining the ITI College, Bhai Sahib started interacting with Amritdhari students, who studied in different colleges in Ludhiana. Guru Nanak Engineering College and Agricultural University were known as the base of young Khadku Singhs. To do sewa for the panth Bhai Sahib soon met Bhai Amarjit Singh Bittu form the village of Hans Kalan, who also use to stay at his Massi’s house in Kila Raipur. Both singhs took amrit from the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and started attending gurmat programmes.

While studying in college, Bhai Sahib met a Gursikh brother who would get visits from the singhs of Babbar Khalsa such as Bhai Harbhajan Singh Deliyanwali and Bhai Harbhajan Singh Mand Felori. These singh were controlling the Malwa area. The friendship of these singhs grew into brotherhood and soon Bhai Sahib and Bhai Amarjit Singh Bittu asked to do sewa within the Sikh Freedom Movement, but the singhs of Babbar Khalsa told Bhai Sahib and Bhai Amarjit Singh Bittu that it’s better to stay at home and create awareness amongst the public instead of going underground.

During this time, an incident happened at the government college of Ludhiana. A student of this college by the name of Deol was the son of a police officer and he had made a gang to harass other students of the collage. A student, who was being harassed by this gang of Deol told Bhai Sahib and Bhai Amarjit Singh Bittu the whole situation. Bhai Sahib gathered 2-3 singhs and went to the college, here the student who was being harassed, pointed Deol out to the singhs. Bhai Sahib grabbed Deol from his throat, Bhai Sahib and fellow singhs were all unarmed. It was a scene to be seen. Bhai Sahib and fellow sighs started beating up Deol and his gang ran off from the singhs. The principle came to the singhs and made a humble request to maintain peace in the college, which the singhs happily accepted and told everyone that anyone who harasses or oppresses others will face the same fate.

Bhai Sahib had taken Amrit in a young age. Bhai sahib form childhood was a follower of Sikh values and Bhai Sahib started fighting against the gangsters of the area who harassed the weak. It was from ITI College of Ludhiana from where Bhai Sahib’s Khadku lifestyle started. Bhai Sahib strictly followed the Sikh code of conduct and never cut corners. Bhai sahib would wake up at Amritvela and after doing Kesi Ishnan he would recite the full Nitnem including Sri Sukhmani Sahib. Bhai Sahib strictly condemned the use of drugs.

Bhai Sahib and Bhai Amarjit Singh Bittu were like brothers and carried out actions together. After the shaheedi of Bhai Amarjit Singh Bittu, Bhai Sahib started doing sewa in secret with Khadku Singhs. Keeping things secret was Bhai Sahib’s speciality, a 3rd person could never guess that Bhai Sahib was secretly doing sewa within the Sikh Freedom Movement.  Soon Bhai Sahib came in contact with Khalistan Liberation Force’s Bhai Kuldeep Singh Sheikhapura from here onwards Bhai Sahib started doing in secret under Bhai Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala’s Khalistan Liberation Force. Before Bhai Amarjit Singh Bittu’s shaheedi, he was arrested by the police in Jagraon. The police tried to get information of Bhai Sahib from Bhai Amarjit Singh Bittu, but he did not give any information to the police. On 3rd march 1992, the Punjab police raided Bhai Sahib’s house, but Bhai Sahib was not at home and avoided being arrested. After this Bhai Sahib went underground.

After that Bhai Sahib’s father had an accident due to which he could not get out of the bed, Sardar Jangbir Singh knew nothing about Bhai Sahib’s involvement in the Sikh Freedom Movement. Mata Sarabjit Kaur tired many times to meet him but Bhai Sahib never met his mother after he went underground. Later on the 26th April 1992, the Ajit daily newspaper printed an article confirming that Bhai Sahib had attained shaheedi in a police encounter on 29th March 1992 and a Sri Akhand Paath Sahib was held at a secret location by the singhs of Khalistan Liberation Force. Upon reading this both parents rushed to the police station of Dhelo village to find out exactly what had happened. The police gave the parents the clothes of Bhai Sahib and a photo of his shaheedi saroop. We wish that each house household has sons like Shaheed Bhai Amarpreet Singh Kila Raipur and continue to do sewa of the panth.

Khalsa Fatehnama – March 2008