Manakpur Encounter

Battles of the Khalistan Movement

Bhai Avtar Singh was a big Khalistani freedom fighter and was surrounded on many occasions. One of Bhai Brahma’s most famous encounters occurred in village Manakpur. Bhai Avtar Singh and his fellow Singhs were in the area when the CRPF were tipped off. A total of 20,000 CRPF men flooded the Patti area and began closing in on Manakpur. The Singhs were surrounded and decided the only way out was through the ranks of the CRPF. The battle began and so many bullets were cutting through the air that it looked and sounded like a strong rain was falling. A bullet cut through Bhai Avtar Singh’s right hand and severed his right finger. Bhai Brahma was a Singh of the Bhai Bidhi Chand Dal and he called upon Guru Hargobind Sahib to save him like had once saved Bhai Bidhi Chand. It was as though Guru Sahib was himself protecting his Singh. Bhai Avtar Singh’s clothes and dastar were marked by many bullet holes but his body was not being touched. Although some of the Singhs with him were martyred, Bhai Avtar Singh managed to break the cordon and escaped into the dark of the night.

Bhai Avtar Singh would show people his dastar and clothes from that night and point out the countless bullet marks. People would be amazed and remark that Guru Sahib keeps his Singh today, just like he did in the past. Bhai Avtar Singh was convinced that he had escaped this time only so that he could continue his sewa of fighting for Sikh liberation.