Interrogation of Sarabjit Ropar

“Speak, speak! Who had General Hari Singh and Lieutenant General Tarsem Singh Kohar arrested? Don’t think you can get away with it by being quiet, even stones start throwing sparks in front of General Labh Singh.” General Labh Singh demanded answers, the lines of anger could clearly be seen on his face.

“I don’t know anything, I can’t breathe. Please give me some water.” Sarabjit Ropar, the convener of Sikh Student Federation was begging for mercy. He was hanged upside down and surrounded by armed Khadku Singhs of Khalistan Commando Force. An interrogation was on going. Sarabjit Ropar, Hardeep Sahota and Hans Raj Ghuman were all in the custody of Commando Force.

After the arrest of General Hari Singh and Lieutenant General Tarsem Kohar, the whole command of Khalistan Commando Force was given to General Labh Singh alias Sukha Sipahi. “Even I know that you know everything, but you’ll only tell the truth once you get some slaps.” said General Labh Singh.


“No, I really don’t know anything.” Sarabjit Ropar was fully sticking to his story. His heartbeat was beating loud. He was breathing very fast and had dry lips.

“So, you don’t know anything?”


“Think about it.”

“No, I am telling you the whole truth.”

“So, who had them arrested? No one other than you knew of General Hari Singh and Lieutenant General Tarsem Singh Kohar’s program.” General Labh Singh demanded the answer for his question.

Sarabjit Ropar remained quiet.

“Why are you quiet? We haven’t cut your tongue off. You can still speak at the moment.”

“Okay, don’t speak. Balvir, cut his tongue and after shooting him dead throw him in the river.” General Labh Singh ordered one of the fellow singhs, “The remains of such traitor, should not be allowed to reside in Punjab.”

“Okay.” Said Balvir.

Listening to the orders of General Labh Singh, Sarabjit Ropar started screaming for his life. He started seeing death in front of him. “No, don’t kill me. I will tell you everything. Give me water and unhang me please.” Sarabjit Ropar started begging. All the bad thoughts had left Sarabjit’s mind and his heart was clean as glass, but the deed he had committed has a permanent mark on him and could not be forgiven. Death was the only punishment.

“Now you have come on the right track, if you had opened your mouth in the beginning then we wouldn’t had to climb so many steps.” General Labh Singh took a long breath. The singhs put Sarabjit Ropar on the floor.

“Okay, so tell me who had Tarsem Singh and Hari Singh arrested?”

“I had them arrested.”

“What did you get out of it?”

“2 lakh.”

“Who arranged this deal?”

“Through my father DSP.”

“And you got them both arrested?”

“Yes, I was blinded by the greed for money.”

“Who made the plan?”

“Me, Hardeep and Hans Raj.”

“What was discussed and agreed?”

“We promised the police that meeting will be held in Ludhiana, but that meeting was not attended by Hari Singh alias Sardar Manbir Singh Chaheru. Then I arranged a meeting in Jalandhar at Sardar Major Baldev Singh Ghuman’s house, in which 5 singhs were to take part. But no one came other than Manbir Singh Chaheru. I informed the police on Manbir Singh Chaheru and they arrested him.”

“And what about Kohar?”

“He had told me that he was going to Kapurthala with Sukha of Kot Molvi. I got them on to the bus and informed the police. The police surrounded the bus and arrested both of them.” Sarabjit was speaking like a parrot.

“In reality you also had Aroor Singh arrested?”

Sarabjit remained quiet.

“Who else were you planning on getting arrested?”

“The five members of Panthic Committee, Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal, Wassan Singh Zaffarwal, Gurdev Singh, Dhanna Singh and Dam Dami Taksal’s Bhai Ajaib Singh and… and…” Sarabjit stopped all of a sudden as if his tongue had given up on him.

“Who else?”

“Erm..erm.. You.”


Sarabjit Ropar nodded his head.

“Wah! The bravery of Sikhs is untouchable but looking at you the betrayal is also untouchable.” General Labh Singh said, “There is one Hari Singh who risked his own life to free me from the police. And there is someone like him, who has singhs arrested and puts a price on it. Wah Punjab! I can’t belive people can stoop so low.” General Labh Singh said in disappointment.

“He has gone even further than Dhian Singh Dogra. His greed for the kingdom of Punjab made him a traitor, but this man has for 2 lakh gifted the diamonds of the panth to the enemy. You bastard, if you wanted money then you should’ve said, we would have given you 3 lakh instead of 2 at least you wouldn’t have committed this act of betrayal.”

“Do you want to say anything else?” General Labh Singh asked Sarabjit Ropar


“Hurry up and say it?”

“Kahlon also has a hand in this. Kahlon and Surjit Barnala had secret meeting in Franko Hotel in Mohali.” Sarabjit had lifted the curtain off another traitor.

After the interrogation, General Labh Singh prepared a letter under the heading of Khalistan Commando Force and his signature. This letter was sent to every unit of Sikh Student Federation in India. In the letter, it was written that “Sarabjit Ropar is our custody. He had General Hari Singh and Tarsem Singh Kohar arrested.”

The Letter:

Ik Oankaar Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh II

Khalistan Commando Force no:                                     Je Jivay Pat Lathi  Jae II

                                                                                                Sabh Haram Jeta Kich Khae II





Sarabjit Ropar and Hardeep Sahota are in our custody regarding the arrest of General Hari Singh, the interrogation report has been sent to all units of All India Sikh Student Federation via post. A warning for the future, if anyone betrays the singhs fighting in the struggle for Khalistan in any way will meet the same fate as Sarabjit Ropar and Hardeep Sahota. Ropar and Sahota are in our custody. Remaining report will be sent in due course.

General Labh Singh

Chief Khalistan Commando Force


When everyone found out about this reality, the active members of Federation were shocked that someone could stoop so low to have the jewel of the panth arrested. Many traitors were exposed due to the interrogation of Sarabjit Ropar. The memebers of Federation started to clean out the All India Sikh Student Federation. Harinder Kahlon had been exposed and was now kicked out of federation and Bhai Gurjit Singh took his role.

After the interrogation, Sarabjit Ropar, Hardeep Sahota and Hans Raj Ghuman were killed under the orders of General Labh Singh. In the blue book of Sikhi it is written, “Traitor’s punishment is bullet.”

Amar Shaheed General Labh Singh – Sukhdev Singh Bhullar