Shaheed Bhai Jagdeep Singh Vakeel Moga’s letter to his wife Bibi Varpal Kaur

Satguru Parshad

Jau tau prem khelan ka chao. Sir dhar tali gali mori aao.

If you wish to play the game of love, come my way, with your head on the palm of your hand.

The path I have taken, I know its final destination. On this path, I might not see the freedom of Sikhs, but I will give my life for the Sikh nation to see and feel its freedom. On one side a man is married to another women and promises to be faithful till death. On the other side a man is married to freedom and promises not to rest until freedom is attained. I married you and bought you into my life and since I have been true to you. Where I stand today, I have to leave you behind and this is not because I am not faithful to you. In front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, I promised to stay with you for rest of my life but the same Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji has ordered me to come on to the path I today travel.

You also should not be upset. I expect you to give me courage to carry on, on the path I am following. I hope you will go with the teachings of Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji and won’t give up on me. Due to the cruel government, I am having to break all my worldly relationships, but what I’m doing for the Sikh nation is bigger than any relationship of this world, as it has been proven in history.

I know due to me taking the path, you and my children will face many struggles but I see the wives and children of innocent Sikhs that were killed by the Indian government, those families are in worse situation than you. I took this path for their hope of a better life.

You have been a great wife to me in the time we spent together and I hope in the future you will carry on like this. Even if there is a big or a small problem, you must keep strong. I can’t see you being weak, nor can my soul see you weak, that will not be my happiness. For this reason I hope you will be happy and also keep the children happy. At least the children have you, there are children whose both parents were killed by the Indian government and today they have no one, but still they become good human beings when they grow up. I’m sure you will make our both children into good human beings and they will follow the path of truth.

When your emotional, no one can give us courage like Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Recite Gurbani, get the children to recite Gurbani as well. Cure for every worldly sadness is in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. All of my dharmik books are kept in my closet at home, take them all and when your free read them, this will harden your heart. Don’t cry on front of children, make the children strong thinkers.

Now that we have given our lives to the panth, the least I expect is to have my family in Sikhi saroop. Don’t ever do anything that will make my head go down, because our Gurus have taught us to stand tall with our heads up high. I hope you will never bring my head matter how many bad days come, accept them as the will of Waheguru.

I know you may have financial problems, you can sell the jewellery or the car, but don’t beg no one and don’t let the weight of the stress come on the shoulders of the children. Do Ardas in front of Akaalpurakh to take all your worries and stress away. Don’t go to any Babas or Peers, because I know no one can help us in this world but Waheguru.

When two countries battle for no real reason, the soldiers who are average people like ourselves are willing to give their lives to feed their families. The battle only benefits the greedy and selfish leaders. The soldiers on the frontline are sent by their families to fight a greedy man’s fight, but we Sikhs on the other hand are fighting for a real reason and you should be proud of me as I’m on the frontline of this battle, the battle that Sikhs fight for their freedom.

Death is guaranteed to everyone, some eat more and die, some eat less and still die. Living in wealth and eating good is not what life is about. I agree we, the Khadku Singhs may live some years less than other people, but I won’t die as a slave, instead I will die as a free man. The generation to come will never call me traitor. Life of slavery is like a sip of poison. My death will be a nectar of Amrit. I might not be here but the panth will never forget me. I might not be with you physically but I’ll be around not just my Family but also the Singh panth. To see you breath in freedom is my eternal happiness. I’m the dust of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who sacrificed his family for us.

I haven’t abandoned you, you and the children are always in front of my eyes and deep inside my heart. In our history, Sikh warriors have left their families in order to protect them. In this world many people talk rubbish, don’t let them get to you. Our destiny is written and can’t change. That’s why don’t focus on the negative things. Sikhi is given to us, live in Sikhi fearlessly and always thank god for giving us Sikhi. Don’t fall into the traps of negative people or my soul will forever be sad.

Servant of the panth

Jagdeep Singh Moga