Assassination of Ramesh Chander


Ring… Ring… Ring

The telephone was continuously ringing.

General Labh Singh knew who was calling and picked up the mouth piece and put it to his ear.

“Hello! Hello! How are you?”

“Okay and you?” The voice came from the telephone.

“It’s Labh Singh alias Sukha Sipahi here.”

“Very good.” Was the reply from the man on the telephone, “It’s Double S here.”

Double S sounded very excited and said, “I have information for you.”


“Ramesh Chander is coming to Chandigarh.”


“Yes! He must not survive today and reach Jalandhar.”

“Don’t worry Mr Double S! That is what will exactly happen.”

“I also expect that from you.”

“What’s his car number?”

“It is written in Sawarnjit’s dairy.”

“Okay.” And General Labh Singh put the receiver down and informed the commanding officer.

The Fiat car was travelling fast on GT Road. Ramesh Chander, the son of Lala Jagat Narain and the editor of Hind Samachar and Jagbani was in this car sitting on the back seat. He was travelling from a conference in Chandigarh. He was surrounded by his gunmen in the car and he had forgotten that death even existed. He didn’t know that with every move of his car, he was moving towards his death. There is a saying in Punjabi, “Honi Manukh Nu Ana Kar Dendi Hai.” This was the reason that even after receiving the letter from the singhs he had forgotten death.

On one side Ramesh Chander’s car was traveling very fast and on the other hand the singhs were also they traveling very fast on the motorcycle. Sawarnjit Singh was riding the motorcycle. General Labh Singh and Gurinder Singh Bhola were sitting in the back. They had all their faces covered. The motorcycle was slowly reducing the distance between them and the car. When the singhs caught up to the car, they checked the number plate of the car to make sure it was the right car. The number was right and Ramesh Chander was also in the car.

“How are you Bholaya?” General Labh Singh asked Gurinder Singh Bhola who was sitting behind him.

“I’m okay, brother Labh Singh! How are you?” Gurinder Singh Bhola understood General Labh Singh’s code word.

“What you think?”

“I think, instead of doing this action now and then, lets finish this man off once and for all.” Gurinder Singh Bhola said as he clinched his fist. He hated Lala Jagat Narayan and his son for the venom they spat on Sikhs.

“Okay brother, say the name of the lord. The city is approaching us.”

The singhs were coming towards Ludhiana. They were ready for this hit. Sawarnjit Singh levelled his motorcycle next to the car. They pressed on the triggers of their Stenguns. The bullets shot through the windows of the car and entered the chest of Lala’s son. Two bodyguards were also seriously injured due to the blind firing. The car also stopped, blood could be seen all over the car. The seats of the car were drenched in blood. Ramesh Chander had been put on the bus to hell. All three singhs got away on their motorcycle. The Lala who never let a fly sit on him was today not able to stop the flies from drinking his blood. This hit was done on 12thMay 1984.

Amar Shaheed General Labh Singh – Sukhdev Singh Bhullar