Shaheed Bhai Surinder Singh Shinda Chamyari

All India Sikh Student Federation


Bhai Surinder Singh Shinda was born in 1967, in the house of Sardar Basant Singh and from the Womb of Mata Surjit Kaur in village Chamyari, district Ajnala. Bhai Sahib was the second youngest of 3 brothers and 1 sister, eldest being Bibi Balvir Kaur, Bhai Sucha Singh, Bhai Mohinder Singh, Bhai Sahib himself and the youngest Bhai Balbir Singh. Bhai Sahib was born into a Gursikh family, who were farmers by profession. Bhai Sahib was educated up to 10th grade at a local state school in Chamyari village.


From a young age Bhai Sahib was well built and of an athletic stature. Bhai Sahib had a very large appetite and was known to eat a lot. This fitted well as Bhai Sahib was a well-trained and an accomplished Kabaddi player in the region. Bhai Sahib participated in and won state level Kabaddi competitions. His personality too matched his physical stature, he was a very staunch, brave and courageous person. In 1983, Bhai Sahib came across Bhai Gurinder Singh Bhola from Tarn Taran. It was through this meeting that Bhai Sahib joined the All India Sikh Student Federation.


In the same year, with encouragement from Bhai Gurinder Singh Bhola, Bhai Sahib and his father’s eldest brother’s son Bhai Balwinder Singh Billa (martyred in 1984) both took Amrit and became Singhs of the Guru. Bhai Sahib had just completed and passed his 10th Grade in 1984 when soon came the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib complex in June 1984. It was during this attack, that Bhai Sahib’s cousin, Bhai Balwinder Singh Billa became a martyr. This had an enormous impact on Bhai Sahib. Shortly after, the CRPF arrested Bhai Surinder Singh Shinda along with Shaheed Bhai Balwinder Singh Billa’s family. Bhai Sahib was interrogated for up to three days in the local police station, after which he was sent to Amritsar Jail.


Bhai Sahib was kept imprisoned for eight months and released on bail in March 1985. But still the police continued to harass and bother Bhai Sahib. This constant molestation by the police made Bhai Sahib reunite with Bhai Gurinder Singh Bhola and went underground to join the Sikh freedom movement. Bhai Sahib kept close to and did seva alongside Bhai Gurinder Singh Bhola, to serve justice to those who colluded with the Indian government to attack Sri Harmandir Sahib in June 1984. The police made many attempts to find Bhai Sahib, making regular visits to his family home and other relatives, carrying out random raids and torturing family members.


On the night of 16th June 1986 at approximately 9pm, Bhai Sahib was with a fellow Singh were travelling on a scooter, along the Fatehgarh Churian Road. As they travelled along and approached the Chamyari Bus station, the CRPF surrounded them. The Singh who was with Bhai Sahib managed to swiftly escape. However, Bhai Surinder Singh Shinda was unable to flee as he was grabbed as soon as they were surrounded. Nor did he get the chance to defend himself or pull out arms. Bhai Sahib was made a martyr in a fake encounter by the police. Bhai Sahib’s body underwent a post-mortem and was given back to his family.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Surinder Singh Shinda Chamyari