Shaheed Bhai Piara Singh Sultanwind

Khalistan Commando Force


Bhai Piara Singh Sultanwind was born in the year 1951 from the blessed womb of mother Mata Kartar Kaur and father Sardar Shingara Singh, in the village Sultanwind. Bhai Piara Singh Sultanwind was the youngest sibling of two brothers and four sisters; Bibi Mohinder Kaur, Bibi Lakhvir Kaur, Bhai Dara Singh, Bibi Dalbir Kaur, Bibi Lakhbir Kaur and Bhai Piara Singh himself.


Bhai Piara Singh was born into a well-established family and were known for long been a loyal follower of the Guru and would partake in all services at the local Sikh Gurdwara. Besides Bhai Piara Singh, his family were also well known because of their ancestral family members who in the past were great bodybuilders and wrestlers. Bhai Piara Singh’s grandfather Sardar Mula Singh was a great wrestler and enrolled into the army during the British Raj. Alas, he witnessed the first-hand slavery under the British regime and soon left the army job. Sometime later, in an unfortunate event, Sardar Mula Singh was a guilty participate in an unexpected murder of another villager, for which he had to spend the remainder of his life in a British ruled prison.


Bhai Piara Singh’s father was also a very staunch character such like his own father. One such time in 1940, a Muslim troublemaker would roam the local village areas and loot bridal carriages, not sparing the bride herself who he would disgracefully rid of her dignity, by raping her. He would always have around forty men with him. So, on one occasion, Bhai Shingara Singh (Bhai Piara Singh’s father) came face to face with this Muslim troublemaker and in a tamed fight battle was able to send him off this earth, relieving the area of this heinous omen. Sardar Shingara Singh was an avid fighter in the freedom movement against the British regime. He was also present during the Jallianwala Bagh massacre where he got shot and was in critical condition for some time, but fortunately survived.


This is the background to Bhai Piara Singh’s family, now let’s learn more on Bhai Sahib himself.

Bhai Piara Singh studied up to fifth grade and continued to work alongside his father to cultivate and farm their family land. The family owned a vast amount of land. Bhai Piara Singh was very much involved with his local community and served as a social worker. He himself took it upon himself to oversee the day to day running of Gurdwara Shaheed Baba Didar Singh in the village of Mehma Pandori.


At the age of 20 years, in the year 1971 Bhai Piara Singh was married to Bibi Sarabjit Kaur as per the Sikh wedding ceremony, the Anand Karaj. They were blessed with one daughter and five sons: Sukhpreet Kaur, Shaheed Bhai Sukhraj Singh Babbu, Balraj Singh, Dilbagh Singh, Punjab Singh, Darbara Singh. Up until 1984, the family lived a very normal life. At this time, the Dharam Yudh Morcha in Amritsar was in full swing, led by the great Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. Each and every Sikh family were contributing in whatever way they could to support this movement. Bhai Piara Singh and his family too contributed and served this movement, with all their mind, soul and money.


Bhai Piara Singh would go visit Sri Harmandir Sahib daily and listen to the sermons and speeches by the great Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. The attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib took place in June 1984. Countless Singhs and Singhnia, even children became Shaheed. This attack and battle of Amritsar affected and impacted the psyche of each and every Sikh soul. This horrific event really changed Bhai Piara Singh’s life. He became focused on his faith and spirituality with dedication to the causes of the Sikh Nation. From his family, many male members went on to join the Jhujaru groups partaking in the armed struggle and guerrilla warfare in Punjab. One such male member was Bhai Kanwaljit Singh Sultanwind. He was a person of great pride, a staunch personality and very dedicated to his faith. Bhai Piara Singh began to secretly support and serve the cause of Sikh homeland alongside Jhujaru Singhs with whom his relative Bhai Kanwaljit Singh Sultanwind was associated. Bhai Piara Singh would serve these Jhujaru Singhs hot meals and a place of respite as needed. As some time passed in this dedicated service, Bhai Piara Singh then began to transport weaponry and firearms as per instructions. During the same season, Bhai Piara Singh was elected the Secretary in his local village of Mehma and Pandori. Not only this but Bhai Piara Singh became a Bank director in their local town. This was the same bank where Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra also worked.


In 1987, under unknown circumstances, Bhai Piara Singh’s home was raided and the police recovered around six AK47 firearms. He was immediately arrested, charged and put into jail for three months. Here, he was brutally tortured and the police tried their utmost to get Bhai Piara Singh to disclose information and whereabouts of Bhai Kanwaljit Singh and his fellow Jhujaru Singhs. But Bhai Piara Singh remained steadfast and did not disclose a single piece of information. In the end, after a period of three months Bhai Piara Singh was released following legal appeals by his family.


Following his release, Bhai Piara Singh went underground and permanently began to serve the fight for freedom, partaking in the armed struggle, alongside Bhai Kanwaljit Singh Sultanwind and his Jhujaru group. Bhai Piara Singh kept his grandfather’s shotgun on his possession at all times and served the cause and his Jhujaru group like a lion. He was caught and arrested many times, but every time his family were able to spare much money for his release and bail. During these arrests, Bhai Piara Singh would be mercilessly tortured, but not once did he betray his loyalty and disclosed any information whatsoever.


Bhai Piara Singh had a strong hand in managing and transporting firearms and other ammunition. He remained dedicated to the cause and held deep rooted beliefs in life. He was of a moral character with high morals and positive thoughts. His wife would often ask him, “When will Khalistan become a reality and flourish?” He would reply, “The day we all become dedicated Khalsa, is the day Khalistan will become. We are still amateur and less than ordinary Sikhs. Once our children’s children become strong, steadfast, pure Khalsa Sikhs, then Khalistan will be victorious and flourish. This fight for Khalistan is no small feat or battle, it requires much endurance and time to carve out. Many sacrifices are needed and to lay down our lives in order for this fight to become victorious. Martyrdom is the equivalent to happiness for a nation like us.”


Bhai Piara Singh selflessly served with the Jhujaru Singhs from 1987-1992. During this time, he bore the weight of countless physical and mental torture, but remained steadfast to the cause and in high spirits. In the year 1992, it was a time when the government had become very stringent and took no mercy on orchestrating fake encounters wherever to diminish the momentum and moral of the Sikh armed struggle and make it more difficult for the Jhujaru Singhs. Many Jhujaru Singhs had by this point become martyrs and many went into hiding whilst still undertaking their missions.


On 16th December 1992, Bhai Piara Singh himself, went to visit and spend some time at his sister’s house in Uttar Pradesh. Unbeknown to them, an informant came to know of Bhai Piara Singh’s whereabouts and informed the Punjab police. The police captured him and took him to the BR Model School in Amritsar, to an interrogation centre. Bhai Piara Singh was mercilessly tortured whilst under interrogation by SSP Paramjit Singh (Tarn Taran). The SSP claimed to Bhai Piara Singh, “A word has been received that you have a whole group of young men who are working for you (in the movement), in possession of much firearms and ammunition. Tell us what you know and we shall let you go and say no more to you.” Bhai Piara Singh replied, “Sure I will tell you, but first give me a glass of water.” The SSP succumbed to the demand and gave Bhai Piara Singh a glass of water. “You think by giving me a glass of water I will give you what you are asking for?” After this he was tortured beyond measure and both his legs were ripped apart and was killed, attaining Shaheedi (martyrdom).


After Bhai Piara Singh Sultanwind’s martyrdom, the police continued to harass his family. Continuously his family members and close associates were dragged and brought into police stations where they were regularly interrogated on the whereabouts of other Jhujaru Singhs and firearms. Due to this continuous harassment, Bhai Piara Singh’s eldest son Sukhraj Singh Babbu left his family home to go underground and serve with his great uncle Bhai Kanwaljit Singh Sultanwind for Khalistan Commando Force.


In July 1994, the police got hold of Bhai Sukhraj Singh Babbu and he was never seen again. For up to two years the police continually harassed the family. Family members were unnecessarily arrested multiple times and kept in jail days at a time. This constant disruption was deliberate so as to keep the family in an unstable state both emotionally and financially. This disruption meant the family could not maintain their farmland and crops on a daily basis, resulting in a loss of crop and revenue plus food for the family. Many members of this family including the extended gave their lives for the fight for freedom and attained martyrdom. Bhai Gulzar Singh Sultanwind (Brother’s son), Bhai Davinder Singh Pappu Sultanwind (Uncle’s son), Bhai Harminder Singh Sultanwind, Kirpal Singh Pala Sultanwind.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Piara Singh Sultanwind