Shaheed Bhai Kabal Singh Nikku

Khalistan Commando Force

Bhai Kabal Singh Nikku was born in the month November, year 1968 from the womb of Mata Kashmir Kaur and in the house of Sardar Surjit Singh in the village of Dhandal, district Ajnala. Their household had a pious atmosphere, where Sikhi was of utmost importance and was always filled with high spirits. Bhai Sahib received his primary education from a school in Pind Nepal and learned about Sikhi history from home. Bhai Sahib was forth eldest of seven children.

Bhai Kabal Singh’s parents and family friend Piara Singh were close associates of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. Growing up in such an environment and around Gursikhs had a profound impact on Bhai Sahib, that he started taking part in Panthic activities. Bhai Sahib continued his sixth grade education in Jasrao High School and proved to be an excellent student. Bhai Sahib started a tradition of having two Sehaj Akhand Paath Sahibs in his school every year and also encouraged his classmates to take Amrit. Teachers of Jasrao High School still remember Bhai Sahib with the utmost respect.  In 1983/84, Bhai Sahib graduated and was the top student in his 10th grade exam.

Operation Bluestar took place in June 1984 and left the entire Sikh nation in pain. It also had a deep impact on Bhai Sahib and his family. To save the dignity of the Sikhs, he started dedicating most of his time towards Jhujaru activities. Bhai Sahib gave up his education and started spending his time in service at the Gurdwara.

Bhai Sahib’s father tried to engage him in other occupations like the local milk business but Bhai Sahib had other work in mind. Eventually, Bhai Kabal Singh started working with Bhai Major Singh of Khatrai Kalan in order to serve the Sikh Nation. Bhai Sahib did actions with Jhujaru Singhs like Bhai Major Singh of Khatrai Kalan, Bhai Paramjit Singh Fauji (Village Sensra), Bhai Kabal Singh (Village Bhindi Aulakh), Bhai Palwinder Singh Burst (Village Khatrai Kalan) Bhai Jagbir Singh Jaggu (Village Bhindi Aulakh), Bhai Sawaran Singh (Village Sorian), Bhai Dharti Dhalok Singh (Village Atari), Bhai Nachhatar Singh Jhakhar (Village Pandori Golian), Bhai Kulwinder Singh Chardikala (Village Bathh), Bhai Satnam Singh Changiara (Village Kotli Korotana) and other fearless Jhujaru Singhs of Khalistan Commando Force.

Bhai Sahib’s time of martyrdom came on 26th May 1991. Bhai Sahib along with his Jhujaru brother, Bhai Kabal Singh of Bhindi Aulakh were resting at a house of Sardar Singh in the village of Chetamalla, near Marinda district Ropar. The local police received Intel of Bhai Sahib’s location and at 4am on the morning of 26th May 1991 surrounded the village along with CRPF. The police used the speakers of the local Gurdwara to announce that all villagers must evacuate their homes and come to the Gurdwara. The locals insisted Bhai Sahib changed his clothes and tried to escape, but he believed he should fight the enemy and not run away from them.

The villagers all went to the Gurdwara and then the CRPF started searching the village. Soon as the enemy were about the search the house in which the Jhujaru Singhs had taken positions, Bhai Sahib opened fire straight away killing many Indian security personal. This encounter started at 8am and continued for 9 hours. Even though these sons of Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj had limited ammunition, they still managed to cause great damage of enemy life and equipment. Bhai Sahib fought for the Sikh struggle to save the dignity of the Sikhs and finally found peace at Guru Sahib’s feet.

Bhai Sahib’s father, Sardar Surjit Singh is a very warm and well-spoken Gursikh. Bhai Sahib’s mother, Mata Kashmir Kaur is also a very loving and patient person. While Bhai Sahib’s younger sister misses him very much, the family is always in high spirits.

Sant Sipahi – May 1992