Shaheed Bibi Resham Kaur

The butchering Punjab Police and the corrupt Indian government have raised their flag of cruellest injustices, high in the world. This isn’t very old news, on 22rd October 1993 the injustices of Punjab Police came upon an active Khalistani family. Bhai Jagjit Singh was an active Jhujaru Singh who was wanted by the Punjab Police due to his progress in the Sikh freedom movement. The police wanted to capture Bhai Jagjit Singh so bad that when they couldn’t capture him, they turned their evil eye upon his family. The Punjab Police surrounded Bhai Jagjit Singh’s house in Chandigarh’s Sector 15D and arrested his wife, Bibi Resham Kaur, her brother Bhai Keval Singh, her father Sardar Hansa Singh and her 8 month old baby, Kaka Simranjit Singh. The family’s house was originally in the village of Kamalpur, near Tanda, but they had moved to Chandigarh due to the fear of police cruelty. The Punjab Police destroyed Bhai Jagjit Singh’s business and every other day they would arrest the family members, who were harassed and blindly tortured, it was because of this cruel treatment, they had to move to Chandigarh. Bhai Jagjit Singh did not look towards home and remained in high spirits as he progressed in the Sikh freedom movement, but the enemy had also crossed all limits to teach Sikhs a lesson for asking for freedom.

One day due to an informant, the Punjab Police arrested Bibi Resham Kaur and her 8 month old baby from Chandigarh. The cruel Punjab Police gave Bibi Resham Kaur such an ill treatment that even stone-hearted person would cry after hearing it. The enemy had left no torture methods or evil acts that they didn’t do on Bibi Resham Kaur. In the end, after immense torture on Bibi Resham Kaur, the coward Punjab Police put her 8 month old baby on ice blocks. The police goons held the 8 month old baby onto the ice black as he cried and kicked in pain. Like the mothers who saw their babies cut into pieces and still did not give up Sikhi, this daughter of Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj also did not give any information to the enemy after seeing her baby cry heavily. Bibi Resham Kaur had put a stone on her heart and did not give in to the atrocities of the Punjab Police. The police did not accept her innocence and continued to hold her 8 month old baby on the ice block.

At this moment, after seeing all this the Punjab Police’s SP Raj Krishan saw his defeat at the hands of Bibi Resham Kaur, as her faith in Sikhi was not breaking. What information could Bibi Resham Kaur give to the police, she did not know anything of her husband’s whereabouts. SP Raj Krishan didn’t know what torture method to use upon Bibi Resham Kaur to break her. In the end, the Punjab Police was defeated and they made Bibi Resham Kaur Shaheed during brutal torture. The following day to cover their black deeds the Punjab Police released a press release in the newspapers stating that Bibi Resham Kaur has committed suicide by cutting her veins on her wrists with broken glass. The Punjab Police then arrested Bibi Resham Kaur’s father who was also blindly tortured. The police was forcing the father to write and sign a statement saying that Bibi Resham Kaur did commit suicide but this did not happen and the Punjab Police could not cover their injustices this way.

Wangar – May 1994