Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh

Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh Shot Dead By Police Bullets Ludhiana Punjab 5th December 2009. Dal Khalsa honours Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh who was martyred by the bullets of the Police for protesting against Ashutosh Dera – Anti Sikh organisation which calls Sikhs agents of the West & Pakistan, their main aim is the conversion of Punjab in to Hinduism to form what the RSS wants Hindutva Hindi, Hindu and Hindustan.

Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh Ji was a true son of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and took the bullets fired by Police like a true Khalsa would on the battlefield – he was there when the Sikh Nation needed defending from Anti Sikh forces who wish to destroy Sikhism and Punjab.

One cannot help but see parallels to 1978 when 13 Sikhs were shot dead by Police and followers of ‘Nirankari’ – Narakhdhari Gurbachana another Anti Sikh Cult. Ashutosh too was planning to carry out beadbi and present himself as a Guru in a parade but this was cancelled at the last minute due to fears for his safety.

We ask for all to honour this great Shaheed in their local Gurdwaras, Communities and in their families. Our immediate thoughts are with his family and children and we are confident that the Panth will unite to take care of his family who are the sons and daughters of a Shaheed Khalsa who did not shy away from facing live ammunition while peacefully protesting in defence of Sikhism and Punjab.

Dal Khalsa