Shaheed Jathedar Harmeet Singh PhD alias Happy

Khalistan Liberation Force

“When there is such a burning desire for freedom,

then one prepares to stake their life.”


The guerrilla general, Bhai Harmeet Singh PhD alias Happy, was preeminent among the Sikh generals in this current phase of the struggle for Sikh national liberation. Bhai Harmeet Singh was born on 24th September 1981, at the home of their father Sardar Avtar Singh on the historic and sacred ground of Chheharta Sahib, district Amritsar. Bhai Sahib’s family were well-educated and economically strong, he was the only son to his parents and the only brother to his sister. From their childhood, Bhai Sahib was religious in nature, mild, and very sociable. He was very talented in his studies from childhood, and after completing his schooling, Bhai Sahib studied at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar Sahib. Here he pursued a PhD in Religious Studies, after completing a master’s degree in Psychology and Religious study.

Around 2005-06 there was an atmosphere of frustration and resentment in the Sikh community due to the all-out attacks by Indian agencies on the Sikh community in Punjab. As a highly educated Sikh youth, Bhai Harmeet Singh had limitless love for the Sikh nation. He was keenly aware of the situation of the Panth and Punjab and all the attacks on the Sikh community by Indian agencies; the anti-Sikh cults were being spread by Indian agencies, and the hand of Indian agencies in the drugs epidemic that has captured the youth of Punjab. Bhai Sahib was deeply aware of all the conspiracies of the Hindutva forces against Sikhs, he used to constantly focus on the welfare and advancement of the Sikh nation and devote his energy to preventing the attacks of the enemy. Bhai Sahib would work hard to reach those youth that had an interest in education and Sikhi and engage them into thinking about the future and welfare of the Sikh nation and Punjab.

While studying at Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar, Bhai Sahib would visit Sri Darbar Sahib daily, listening to Kirtan and Gurbani, and remain absorbed in Seva and Simran. At Sri Darbar Sahib he did an Ardas daily at the feet of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj, “O Guru, sustainer/nourisher of the poor, have mercy on me, give me the courage, initiative, and wisdom to serve the Panth so that this life can be complete and successful.”

Being well-educated and knowledgeable in world history and politics, Bhai Sahib soon realised that remaining within the confines of the Indian constitution and legal system it is impossible to further the struggle for the welfare and rights of the Sikh nation. In these times he nurtured the dream of struggling for the Sikh nation in his heart and would do Ardas “Guru Ji through your blessings show me a path.” One day whilst doing his regular worship visits of Sri Darbar Sahib, Bhai Sahib met Jathedar Bhai Harminder Singh Nihang (Shaheed). Jathedar Harminder Singh had that day come to Punjab from Goa, the meeting of these two warriors, at this time, was according to god, Akaal Purakh themselves reconciled these two. Both had in their hearts the pain of the Sikh nation and a heartfelt longing to resolve the affairs of the Sikhs. This meeting in the Parikarma of Sri Darbar Sahib would see a pair of warriors form a force that would go into the future together to create new history. With this meeting, the two warriors made such an alliance with each other that the martyrdom of the two warriors made their friendship immortal, and both diamonds of the Panth honoured their lives by sacrificing themselves for the Sikh nation taking their comfortable place in the lap of the Guru Sahibans.

The meeting of these two brothers at Sri Darbar Sahib established their relations, after which whenever Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang came to Punjab, they met with Bhai Harmeet Singh and shared Panthic views. In a time of relations between these two warriors, during the year 2007, the ‘Sauda Sadh’ (a cult leader), an enemy of the Sikh nation, Gurmit Ram Raheem, under the shadow of Indian agencies, imitated Panth De Vali Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj and issued an enormous challenge to the Sikh nation. The followers of the cult leader, along with help from the police, fired upon Sikhs that were engaged in a peaceful demonstration to show their upset and anger, which resulted in the martyrdom of 2 Singhs.

Consequently, the wicked society of this cult (Dera Premis) with support of the Indian government, continued to issue challenges. There was an atmosphere of resentment and frustration throughout the Panth. Sikh youth were looking towards the Khalistani militant leaders sitting outside of Punjab, who since 1995, lacked the progress in the armed struggle, who had been spending their days with a line drawn under armed struggle. Even so the Sikh youth had hoped that perhaps in the time of such adversity, these leaders would make the effort to revive the struggle and see it flourish once again and direct the Sikh youth, but no leader or organization carried out any fruitful venture, the frustration in the Sikh nation was increasing day by day.

In such a time, Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang, taking the Shield and Shelter of the Guru Sahibans left home and family to mobilize the Sikh youth for the struggle for freedom. Bhai Harmeet Singh became their first and closest ally in that time, who was studying for his PhD, they abandoned their education, and a well-settled worldview and the warm attachment of family for the sake of the nation and chose this most dangerous way to travel on the path of the gallows, the path of Sikh struggle, where one’s life constantly hangs in the balance. Bhai Sahib merged day and night into one, and together along with Jathedar Bhai Harminder Singh Nihang joined the Sikh youth in Punjab, and those from other states in Hindustan, towards Panthic thinking.

Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang, together with those Jhujaru Singhs who took part in the Sikh struggle, those devotees dedicated to the Sikh nation, met and reorganised the Khalistan Liberation Force, in this first meeting those gathered selected Bhai Harminder Singh Nihang as their Jathedar. Then in May 2007, under the command of their Jathedar, Jhujaru Singhs attacked the convoy of the enemy Ram Raheem with a bomb, he escaped due to his tight security cordon, but his security personnel were killed. Indian agencies were completely shaken, throughout Punjab the butchers in the police forces and their touts and informants, who had been sitting comfortably for years without any fear, suddenly became alert.

Seeing these circumstances, Bhai Harmeet Singh went underground on the evening of 5th November 2008, leaving home and family, they dedicated themselves to move the Sikh struggle for freedom forward under the leadership of Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang. From that day Bhai Sahib never took a single step towards home or contacted any members of his family. In the same year, a massive quantity of weapons and explosives were found by Punjab police in the vicinity of Jagraon which destroyed the sleep of Indian agencies. Shortly after this, a prominent leader of the RSS Rulda Singh and an ally of the Sauda Sadh, a staunch ideologue and opponent of Sikhs Lally Sharma, were both assassinated. Understanding the fickle nature of the times and utilising the strategies of guerrilla warfare Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang evaded Indian agencies by leaving Hindustan, he went to Malaysia and set up a base there, then called Bhai Harmeet Singh, and the covert headquarters of the Khalistan Liberation Force were established. Under the guidance of his Jathedar, Bhai Harmeet Singh undertook special training in all types of weapons and the strategies of guerrilla warfare. As is the requirement of the times Bhai Sahib also undertaking specializations in computer networks, hacking, encryption, secure communications, in the field of modern technology. To further the policy of their Jathedar, Bhai Sahib connected with other Jhujaru Sikh youth and provided training to them.

In 2009, Bhai Sahib re-entered India with his associates in their attempt to carry out a revolutionary action. In their crosshairs was a perpetrator of the November 1984 Sikh genocide, a fanatic Hindutva leader Dr Bhud Prakash, who was deliberately released from a conviction by a Hindustani court. The recognisance for this action was carried out by Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang himself along with Bhai Harmeet Singh, the day of 31st October 2009 was chosen for this assassination. The Jhujaru Singhs had already ascertained that the area where Budh Prakash had a clinic and office was located in a very busy area of Delhi and that locals and the police could gather soon after any gunfire outside his office. There were armed security guards outside the office who could quickly enter at the sound of gunfire. For these reasons a special knife was selected for this assassination. Bhai Harmeet Singh entered the office in disguise as a patient, and upon seeing the correct moment and with great tenacity the warrior made his strike and assassinated this enemy of the Sikhs, and made their escape. The following day, according to the newspaper headlines:

“A police officer said, “On Saturday evening, an unknown person carried out a knife attack inside Kashyap’s clinic, striking him twice, on his head and chest”

(Times of India, November 2, 2009)


“A perpetrator of the widespread Sikh killings, Dr Bhud Parkash Kashyap, was assassinated by the KLF. “On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the KLF paid tribute to the martyrs of 1984”. This operation has shaken the remaining perpetrators of the mass Sikh killings who participated during the genocide.”

(Indian Express, November 3, 2009)


Police and Indian intelligence agencies were surprised when the KLF took responsibility for this operation. Heavy search efforts were made to capture the Jhujaru Singhs, but after a few days of this action, with the blessings of Guru Sahibans, the Singhs returned to Malaysia. After the arrest of some Singhs in 2010, Indian agencies were alarmed to find out about the Khalistan Liberation Force base in Malaysia. Making strict security provisions and keeping one step ahead of the Indian agencies and the police in Malaysia, and despite all the best efforts to capture the Singhs, Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang and Bhai Harmeet Singh managed evade multiple raids and successfully leave Malaysia. After some time, they both arrived in Pakistan.

From 2010 to 2014, Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang travelled to various countries in Europe, North America and South East Asia to intensify the desire for Khalistan and inspire the Sikhs across the world. During this time, Bhai Harmeet Singh continued to perform his services in Jathedar’s absence. Then in November 2014, with intelligence from traitors the Sikh nation’s precious diamond Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang was arrested and extradited to India from Thailand. After his arrest, Bhai Harmeet Singh, being the deputy Chief carried out all the responsibilities of the Khalistan Liberation Force with excellence. With his expertise in technology and safe communication, Bhai Harmeet Singh and Jathedar Harminder Singh established contact with each other while the Jathedar was in prison and kept the Sikh struggle established. With the minds and tactics of these two warriors many revolutionary actions were undertaken to fruition. The Indian intelligence agencies were utterly perplexed after such Jhujaru actions, they did not understand who was carrying out widespread assassinations of enemies of the Sikh nation. All these actions were led by Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang, under the operational command of Bhai Harmeet Singh PhD. Over the last 10 years, nearly every action carried out had the contribution of Bhai Harmeet Singh PhD.

After the martyrdom of Jathedar Harminder Singh Nihang in jail, in 2018, Bhai Harmeet Singh PhD was made the head of the Khalistan Liberation Force. Bhai Sahib continued to keep the struggle alive. In September 2018, under Bhai Harmeet Singh PhD’s command, the Jhujaru Singhs attacked police stations in Jalandhar, Maqsood and Chandigarh. Then in November 2018, the anti-Sikh Narakhdhari Bhawan was attacked in Amritsar Sahib with grenades and some Narakhdhari followers were dispatched from this world. Every minor and major incident in Punjab was linked to Jathedar Harmeet Singh PhD alias Happy by the Punjab police and Indian intelligence agencies. The police and intelligence agencies officers admitted in the media:

“Harminder Singh Nihang was a very intelligent and dangerous Khalistani leader, but Harmeet Singh PhD is more intelligent and more dangerous than him, which is currently the biggest and most prominent challenge for Indian security agencies.”

– (Punjab police chief’s statement from Indian Express newspaper on November 22, 2018)


Bhai Harmeet Singh PhD, now the Jathedar was devoted to the Sikh struggle with every fibre of his being, the only goal of his life was to fight for the Sikh nation’s wellbeing and the independence of Khalistan. It is for this reason that he did not even consider marriage, Bhai Sahib was very educated, and a world class scholar, but he preferred to remain anonymous and did not have any desire of recognition or praise, he desired to stay away from such things and spend every moment and breath working for the wellbeing of the Sikh nation. Bhai Sahib was a unique saint soldier of this present day, and it is very difficult at this time to find another like him.

With such resilient and firm dedication to the Sikh struggle and with deep thinking and tenacity Jathedar Harmeet Singh PhD alias Happy emerged as a major undertaking for Indian security and intelligence agencies. For a long time, these agencies and those hidden traitors within the Sikhs desired to eliminate Bhai Sahib. In the end, that day came on 27th January 2020, on which the body of this pillar of the current day struggle for Khalistan was forever taken away from us. At the historic Dera Chahal Gurdwara Sahib, Lahore, Bhai Sahib was returning from their daily routine when they became the target of the bullets of Indian agency’s hired killers. With their martyrdom the Sikh struggle has suffered a great loss.

In bowing his head at the feet of the Sikh Gurus, Shaheed Jathedar Harmeet Singh PhD alias Happy forever retuned to the lap of the Guru Sahibans, and along with the Sahibzadeh of Kalgidhar Dasmesh Pita Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, and the Shaheeds of the Sikh nation, Bhai Sahib has joined that illustrious and long line. By walking on this established path, we must meet our duty and make a contribution for the liberation struggle of Khalistan, this is a true tribute to the martyrs of Khalistan.

Information given by the family and the close associates of Shaheed Jathedar Harmeet Singh PhD