Shaheed Bhai Tarsem Singh Jatt

Khalistan Commando Force


“Chu kar az hama heelte dar guzasht, halal ast burdan ba shamshir dast”

“When all other means have failed, it is righteous to draw the sword.”

 To put a stop to the betrayal and attacks on Sikhs in India, the son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji stepped forward to put an end to all this, he glowed like the sun. The name of the man with great power is Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale, such a name that is caused the minds of the enemies to tremble, but also was a conqueror of the revolution movement. Sant Ji was blessed with god’s grace that with every word he uttered, he inspired Sikh youth so much that they treaded on sharp petals without caring about their lives. Warriors like Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara, Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, and Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar etc are inspirations to the world.

After the attack on Sri Darbar Sahib in 1984, many Khadku groups were established. One of them was Khalistan Commando Force.  The name of the deputy chief of KCF Shaheed Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Pappu Gora, still beats in the heart of the Sikh Sangat. Whenever Bhai Pappu Gora is talked about, his close companion Shaheed Bhai Tarsem Singh alias Jatt, who was the lieutenant general of KCF is always mentioned too. When fighting against the enemy these warriors would put aside their differences and unite together, which made the golden history for the Sikh Kaum. This year will be the 25th anniversary of the attack on Sri Darbar Sahib, even after all these years the pain of the Sikh Kaum has never decreased. Rather than help heal the wounds of the Sikh Kaum, the Hindu nation supported the genocide in November 1984. 

Tears of blood flowed from the eyes of Shaheed Bhai Tarsem Singh when talking about the attack on Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, Bhai Sahib attained Shaheedi to uphold the pride of the Sikh Kaum. This brave warrior was born in the village of Divaniwal (Gurdaspur) near the city of Batala. Bhai Sahib was born in the house of Sardar Sharan Singh and from the womb of Mata Harnam Kaur in 1950. From childhood Bhai Sahib’s nature was sweet and warm. Bhai Sahib wasn’t educated much, he helped his father in their home business of farming. In 1978 Bhai Sahib got married to Bibi Dalbir Kaur, who was from the village of Shahpur Poorbiya, according to Gurmat traditions in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Three boys and one girl were born in Bhai Sahib’s house. Bhai Sahib was so inspired by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s Sikhi parchar that in 1983 Bhai Sahib and Bibi Dalbir Kaur took Amrit at Gurdwara Falahi Sahib near Batala. After taking Amrit Bhai Sahib became nitnemi and started to concentrate on memorising Gurbani off by heart.

Bhai Sahib would often go to Manji Sahib Diwan Hall in Amritsar with Sangat to listen to Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa’s parchar. Bhai Sahib had a lot of love for Baba Maan Singh Malakpur, he had allot of respect for him and Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale would hug the warriors who would stand up against the evil Hindu system. The enemies of the Sikh Kaum couldn’t tolerate the progress that was being made by the Sikh Kaum, so they and the Indian Army launched an attack on Sri Darbar Sahib in June 1984, on the day of the 5th Guru’s Shaheedi Purab to target the pilgrims and the Sikh revolutionaries. Another 37 other Gurdwara Sahib’s were also attacked. The Hindutva people tried very hard to crush the Sikh Kaum, that same Kaum that happily sacrificed their lives for Hindustan. The ruthless Indian Army blew up the most beloved Sikh shrine Sri Akal Takhat Sahib with Tanks and missiles. The army stole precious artefacts from the Sikh Reference Library. The Sikh youth were left with nothing but disappointment, which lead to the courage of fighting and dying, which is still alive today.

The Indian Government and the backstabbing Alkali’s made every attempt to forget what happened in 1984. It was these days that Bhai Tarsem Singh and other local Singh’s stepped forward to protect Sri Darbar Sahib and attain Shaheedi, but due to the curfew the ruthless police attacked them with sticks and stopped them from going forward. Everyone’s knows that Sachkhand Sri Darbar Sahib is such a place where mothers come to ask for a son and when time calls they are ready to sacrifice their son. Just a hand full of Singh’s killed many Indian Army soldiers.

After the attack on Sri Darbar Sahib, like any true Sikh Bhai Tarsem Singh’s heart was pierced. For many days Bhai Sahib never ate. Bhai Sahib got the Darshan of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale in his dreams. Mahapurakh said, “Those who do sewa of the Sikh Kaum don’t give up prashada.” Bhai Sahib accepted that the dream was true and after eating prashada, he decided to fight in a long war.

After the 24th-25th June, when sangat had come to do Darshan of Sri Darbar Sahib, Bhai Sahib was also part of the sangat. Bhai Sahib was staring at the building of Sri Akal Takhat which was destroyed by evil Indian Army with a lot of concentration. Each bullet hole felt like a bullet struck in Bhai Sahib’s heart. Bhai Sahib did a Gupt Ardas in the feet of the 6th Guru, Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji to bless him with strength and courage. After his Ardas Bhai Sahib went and bought a photo of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale and Shaheed Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi from Amritsar. Bhai Sahib took these photo’s home and put them up high on a shelf.

Bhai Tarsem Singh alias Jatt started to increase his meetings with Singh’s who thought alike him. During these days Bhai Sahib got in touch with a Khadku Singh named Bhai Lakhwinder Singh Malakpur. Bhai Lakhwinder Singh spoke to Baba Ranjit Singh Dyalpur and handed over some weapons to Bhai Sahib. Bhai Lakhwinder Singh Malakpur had gone undercover as the Government had put a 1 Lakh rupees award on his head. Due to these weapons Bhai Sahib and one of his close companions Bhai Gurdit Singh Wan progressed towards Batala city, District Gurdaspur, where there was a Hindu shopkeeper who would speak against Sant Ji and whenever he had a Sikh customer he would deliberately make a comment against Sant Ji. The Singh’s gunned him down. The news spread like a jungle on fire that they were Bhindranwale’s men, but the Singh’s completed their mission and would always disappear.

An important Khadku meeting was held in Mehta, in which Bhai Sarabjit Singh Uppal (Khalistan Liberation Army) introduced Bhai Sahib to the deputy chief of Khalistan Commando Force, Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Pappu Gora. Bhai Gora handed over a large amount of weapons to Bhai Sahib to look after. Bhai Sahib joined KCF and continued his sewa. Looking at his great sewa the Jathebandi gave him the position of lieutenant general. Bhai Sahib’s name was all over the papers due to the Batala action. In this action, Bhai Gurdit Singh Wan had attained shaheedi. During his Shaheedi, Bhai Gurdit Singh Wan had one revolver and only 4 bullets. After firing four bullets towards the enemy, he could feel that they were approaching close, he took the Sri Sahib out of his Gatra and stabbed himself 4/5times in the stomach and attained Shaheedi. The enemy never got their hands on this brave warrior while being alive. Great are Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s warriors, that even after being Shaheedi, the Indian forces are terrified to go near the lion in-case he is still alive.

The police found out about the weapons that Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Pappu Gora handed over to Bhai Sahib, due to Dera Baba Nanak Police torturing a prisoner and him then giving them information. Khadku Singh’s aren’t affected by police torture, but there are people whose roots are like Amru plant who’s roots are at the top and with a small storm they are uprooted from the ground. This is what happened to Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal, who’s close companion had teamed up with the police, Baba Ji’s last Fateh to the Panth was on the battleground of Rataul. His words became the bitter truth dissolved in the gust of Khalistan.

Hal Pahraya Oh Loko Hal Pahraya

Dushmana Ton Wadh Meinu Dostan Ne Maraya


The Singh’s of KCF gave Bhai Tarsem Singh the nickname of Jatt. During them days Bhai Sahib was in the village of Kalliya (Gurdaspur). Bhai Tarsem Singh was born in the village of Divaniwal, his land was in Malakpur, and Bhai Sahib went from Malakpur to Kaliyan quiet regularly. Bhai Sahib buried the weapons given by Bhai Gora Sahib at a secret location. A good person had informed Bhai sahib that the police were headed in the direction of the village. This was the police of Dera Baba Nanak who was going from village to village to get information.

Bhai Tarsem Singh was in the Gurdwara Sahib, he had bowed down to Guru Ji and took permission and left, he managed to hide the weapons before the police came and was out of the village by the time the police got to there. When the police arrived in the village they asked a villager, “Which one is Jatt’s bambi (water tubal)?” The villager replied, “Brother all of these bambiya are owned by jatts.” On Hearing this, the inspector got angry and started swearing at the villager and beat him up badly. Houses were searched and the innocent villages were harassed, eventually at 11am the Dera Baba Nanak Police left.

The Khadku Singh’s shook the throne of Delhi. One afternoon the Batala police arrived at the village Kalliya (Gurdaspur). It was worth mentioning that Bhai Sahib was very sharp and quick, just like Baba Bidhi Chand, who never let the enemies get their hands on the precious weapons. The police force from Batala arrived at Bhai Sahib’s door step. The police committed such a cowardly act, they tied up Bhai Sahib’s Bhujangi Singh’s and beat them up, they were tied up for many hours and were humiliated and were asked were there father was. What could the children have said? Even Bibi Ji and Bhai Sahib’s daughter weren’t spared and were pushed around. The police officers would stand on the fingers off their feet and put all their weight on them. On the other side Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Pappu Gora, Bhai Tarsem Singh Jatt and other KCF companions received the full news of what happened because Bhai Pappu Gora had more informers then the Indian security forces. The reason is selfless sewa. A kind hearted police man secretly gave the children milk to drink. The police force wrecked Bhai Sahib’s house. Two days later BSF arrived at the house. The deputy chief of KCF Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Pappu Gora secretly sent a message to the family to get out safely, as they are going to attack the Hindustani forces and wipe them out. The words of Bhai Sahib and Bhai Pappu Gora were, “We will tell the Hindu forces what the consequences of turning a Khadku Singh’s house into a police station are.”

The Khalistan Commando’s were in full swing to attack the security forces, but Bibi Ji and Bhai Sahib’s children were under strict surveillance and couldn’t get out the house without being seen, so the Singh’s had to change their plan. If they had attacked then Bhai Sahib’s family wouldn’t have been able to survive. The security forces never managed to get their hands on the Khadku Singh and neither their weapons. After 14 days the security forces left the house but the police stopped by every few days. After that whenever Bhai Sahib and his Jatha done an action the police would end up going to Bhai Sahib’s house straight after. Sometime later, one day Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Gora, Bhai Sahib and their armed Jatha arrived at village Kalliya. The family served the Singh’s with allot of love and dedication. Bhai Sahib’s son went up to Bhai Sahib and made a request, he said, “Papa Ji, please get me a cycle.” Bhai Sahib replied to his son, “We haven’t left our homes so we can buy a cycle.” Bhai Pappu Gora was standing nearby and said, “Don’t worry son, I’ll get you a cycle.” This incident shows how Singh’s who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the Kaum are connected to their family. Bhai Sahib had to go to the other end of the country to get ammunition, the Jathebandi had very less of money to complete this mission. Bhai Sahib sold his crops and his cattle and used the money for this mission. Bhai Sahib became a living example for all. The Chief of Bhindranwale Tigers Force of Khalistan, Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Sangha also sold his land and jewellery and raised 70,000 rupees. The Sikh struggle moved up a phase due to all the ammunition which was bought.

In the Batala area there was one place where Bhai Sahib and his Khadku Singh companions would stay, near that place was an active railway line. The Singh’s would remain alert as the Indian forces could come by rail and attack them. Bhai Sahib stopped the train by passing through the area by spraying bullets and causing terror, but no one was hurt. To wake up the Indian Government the Singh’s would stop a bus and take the passengers off it then wreck the bus and set it on fire. In whatever area these incidents would take place the police would never come anywhere near them.

Bhai Sahib would normally need to cross the border to get the best weapons. Bhai Sahib had collected allot of ammunition and weapons for battle. It just so happened that the person Bhai Sahib left the ammunition with turned out to be a backstabber. He handed over the trolley full of arms to the police. The Singh’s were ready to finish him off but he went in hiding and saved himself. The Hindustani system will never be able to forget the attack that was carried out on the police station in Dyalgarh by the Jatha. This action was to have the police station removed from its location, the Singh’s done this action after giving many warnings to the police. Bhai Sahib’s Jatha is remembered for the Vadhala bank robbery and the attack on the police station. Talking about finishing off the evil forces, Bhai Sahib and his companions had tied a Thanedar to a tree and burned him alive for raping women and for causing so much harassment to innocent Sikh families. Talking about social work, Bhai Sahib would help poor families get their children married off. When Bhai Sahib would help the poor Christian girls of the local community get married, for them it would be no less than a celebration. Due to Bhai Sahib’s effort to keep the progress of children as the main aim, Bhai Sahib built Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Academy Dhupsari on Kanuwal Road. Bhai Tarsem Singh Jatt and his beloved Khadku companions Bhai Amar Singh Kaarnama and Bhai Mahant Singh Malakpur went to the suburb of Ferozpur in their last days in 1990.

They had to go pick up arms but Bhai Sahib had already paid the man earlier. That man who Bhai Sahib had given the sewa to pick up the weapons had many cases pending on him so he made a deal with the police that if he gives them information on the Singh’s then they would need to drop the cases against him. Now the police officers were dressed as civilians at the Gurdwara sahib, where Bhai Sahib had called the other Singh’s to meet. As the Singh’s bowed down to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and looked up, the evil Indian officers grabbed the Khalistan commandos, due to the police calling for more back up the 3 Singh’s were outnumbered and arrested. After being arrested the Singh’s taunted the backstabber and shouted slogans like “Khalistan Zindabad, Khalistan Commando Force Zindabad.” These slogans can still be heard in the ears of their loved ones and causes fear in the hearts of the enemies. The Singh’s were taken to Zeera police station and for two days they were mercilessly tortured. While being tortured, the Singh’s recited Waheguru.

After not being able to retract any information from Bhai Sahib and the singhs, the police took a cowardly route which made thousands tremble, that is the route of fake police encounter. On the 1st of January 1992, the police took Bhai Sahib, Bhai Amar Singh Kaarnama and Bhai Mahant Singh Malakpur to a riverside of village Danewal near Zeera, where the cowardly Punjab police set up a fake police encounter. The warriors attained Shaheedi. They showed the path of how to host orange flags at the Delhi Red Fort.


Shamsheer-E-Dast – April May 2009