Shaheed Bhai Subeg Singh Lubania Wali

Lieutenant General Khalistan Commando Force

On the road from Mukhatsar to Firozpur, about 14 kilometres away from Mukhatsar, between the sand hills lies a village in Majhela called Albania Wali. In June 1984 Sri Darbar Sahib, Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and many other Gurdwaras were attacked and then in November 1984 Sikhs were being targeted and killed in many cities around India. From these attacks a Sikh Freedom Movement started in Punjab to get Khalsa Rule. When the Khadku movement is mentioned, the village Lubania Wali comes to mind, where two brave warriors came from, Bhai Subeg Singh and Bhai Mahinder Singh Lubania Wali.

Bhai Subeg Singh Lubania Wali and Bhai Mahinder Singh Lubania Wali were companions of Bhai Gurjant Singh Rajasthani, these warriors were known as his right arm.

Shaheed Bhai Subeg Singh Lubania Wali was born on the 10th of September 1959 in the house of Sardar Kashmir Singh from the womb of Mata Surjit Kaur in the village Lubania Wali District Mukhatsar. Bhai Sahib completed his primary education to the 5th class in the local school in his village. He did his 8th class at the government school in Bhangewala and the 11th in Khalsa Senior Secondary School in Mukhatsar. After Bhai Sahib completed his education he started farming. During this time Bhai Sahib was married to Bibi Kuldip Kaur, daughter of Sardar Banta Singh from the village of Baloch Kera in Malot. This blessed couple had 3 children, Bhai Sukhdeep Singh, Bibi Rajbir Kaur and Bibi Amandeep Kaur.

Due to tensions in the family Bhai Sahib lived separate from his father with his mother, wife and children. Bhai Sahib had a built up physic, he was one who understood the pain of the Sikh nation, Bhai Sahib was a warrior.

On the 4th of August 1982 during the time Shiromani Akali Dal and Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale started the fight for Sikh rights, Bhai Subeg Singh had come into contact with Sikh Student Federation, Mukhatsar and contributed towards the struggle to get the Sikh Panth their rights. Bhai Sahib managed to inspire the Sikh youth from the village of Lubania Wali to join the group with the support of his fellow companions Bhai Mahinder Singh and Bhai Chota Singh Lubania Wali and worked towards the prosperity of the federation.

On the 1st of June 1984 Bhai Sahib and Bhai Mahinder Singh and Bhai Chota Singh Lubania Wali came from Sri Darbar Sahib Mukhatsar. The Indian Government had a motive to cause destruction, Gurdwaras in Punjab were attacked innocent people were being targeted and killed in inhuman ways. Sri Akal Takhat Sahib was destroyed, thousands of Singh’s who fought against the enemy to protect the holiness of Sri Harmandir Sahib attained Shaheedi. When Bhai Sahib had arrived home he started to cry seeing the state of Sri Darbar Sahib. Bhai Sahib’s mother said, ’Son’s don’t look nice crying’. Bhai Sahib replied, ‘The Indian Government has attacked our holy shrine Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and destroyed it, Sikhs were blasted with missiles, what have we Sikhs got left to live for?’ Bhai Sahib’s mother replied, ‘Son there is no point in crying, it won’t fix anything’. ‘Sikhs have always been targeted by the evil rulers from the start and always will be; Sikhs have always made enemies from the start and always will’. ‘The Sikhs have  just started their fight against the Indian Government and god knows how many more will need to attain Shaheedi, in order to cut the roots of the evil rulers the Sikh movement stands up like a storm and punishes the sinners’. ‘The Khalsa didn’t let Massa Ranghar, Chandu, Ahmed Shah Abdali, O’Dwyer, Zakaria Khan, Aurangzeb, Wazid Khan, Farrukhsiyar, Meer Manu live, now let’s see what God wants to happens ahead’.

After hearing his mother’s encouraging words Bhai Sahib said, ‘That’s fine Bibi stay true to your words, if the Army find any proof against Sikh Student Federation in Mukhatsar then I could be arrested, don’t begin front these merciless people, accept it all as the will of God’.

After the June 1984 genocide the Indian Army started going into villages and arresting Singh’s. On the 8th of June it was very early in the morning when the police surrounded Bhai Subeg Singh’s DERA and they arrested Bhai Sahib from his house. The Sarpanch of the village Gurdev Singh arrived and pleaded to the army officers that the boy is innocent please let him go, he hasn’t done anything wrong, he feeds his family by farming, please don’t take him away, I will take his responsibility. Mata Surjit Kaur was carrying her 7yr old grandson in her arms; she asked the officers that why they are taking her son away and what was his crime. The police officer replied, ‘He is a follower of Bhindranwale’. Bhai Sahib told the Sarpanch to take his mother home and not to plead in front of these cruel people, he said, ‘Pray to God for my wellbeing, even if they kill me it doesn’t bother me at all, my son is with you’.

The Army officers tied up by Sahib’s arms and took him within the village. Bhai Mahinder Singh and Bhai Chota Singh were at the local bike tyre puncture shop, filling air in their tyres, the army officers were after them as well. Bhai Sahib had seen them. The army officers and soldiers were heading to surround their house in order to catch them. Bhai Sahib then said, ‘Mahinder and Chotu haven’t been seen in the village for quite a few days now, how will you catch them?’ Bhai Mahinder Singh and Bhai Chotu Singh understood the hint and got on their cycles and escaped from there. Bhai Sahib himself was stuck in trouble, but even then he managed to save many other Sikhs from his village.

The army officers handed Bhai Sahib to the Mukhatsar Police station. The Mukhatsar police handed Bhai Sahib over to the Amritsar Police investigation branch, where for 15 days Punjab police and other agencies interrogated and tortured Bhai Sahib. Bhai Sahib bravely managed to get by the 15 days and didn’t give out any information to the police. After being locked up for 15 days Bhai Sahib was taken to Mukhatsar court where he managed to get bail and was freed.

After June 1984 Bhai Subeg Singh and Bhai Kuldeep Singh Ladhoo came into contact with Bhikivind. Bhai Sahib left his farming and now worked towards establishing Khalistan, for which he done undercover Sewa for the Panth and brought in weapons from across the border. If anything happened in the area the police would arrest Bhai Sahib and torture him. In 1986 Bhai Sahib got fed up of being harassed by the police and ran away. The police would arrest Bhai Sahib’s mother, father and aunts (chachiya) and harass them. In the middle of the night C.R.P would come to the village of Lubania Wali and hide in the fields and wait for Bhai Subeg Singh, but Bhai Sahib stopped coming to the village.

Bhai Sahib had close relations to Shaheed Bhai Gurdev Singh Osmanwala Panthic committee member and K.C.F leader Bhai Gurjant Singh Rajasthani. Bhai Gurdev Singh Osmanwala was arrested by Punjab Police where he attained Shaheedi, when the body was identified the backstabbers that were rejoicing soon paid the price. There was a lawyer who ‘terrorist fever’ so Bhai Subeg Singh and a few other Singh’s cured his ‘terrorist fever’.

Bhai Subeg Singh Lubania Wali worked alongside many of the top Khadku Singh’s like Bhai Gurdev Singh Osmanwala Panthic Committee member, Bhai Gurjant Singh Rajasthani, Bhai Kuldeep Singh Ladoo, Bhai Kulwant Singh RFK, Bhai Sukhminder Singh Deep Singh Wala, Bhai Jassa Singh Santu Wala, Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda alias Museebat Singh Verar, Bhai Karaj Singh Peer Muhnmad, Bhai Vasan Singh Zafarwal, Bhai Amarjeet Singh Mintu and Singh’s from Munda Village all joined forces and fought in the Sikh struggle.

Bhai Subeg Singh Lubania Wali and his companions were sitting in a pear garden near Thana Puti in a village called Ghirala, some Singh’s got up to a bit of mischief, Bhai Amarjeet Singh Mintu Munda Pind Wala and a few others started shooting at the pears Bhai Sahib explained to them that its broad daylight and the C.R.P are patrolling. Bhai Sahib’s words came true, the C.R.P was patrolling and they heard the sound of the shots and surrounded the garden and started to search it. There was around 50 C.R.P agents and only around 6-7 Singh’s. When the Singh’s seen the C.R.P enter the garden they were surprised, Subeg Singh told the Singh’s to start firing and break the ring and try and escape, if more forces come then it will be impossible to escape from here. The Singh’s opened fire and the C.R.P officials ran out screaming and the Singh’s took advantage and quickly got out. The forces around the area were all arriving in huge numbers to surround the area, but the Singh’s managed to escape without any casualties.

Around these days Bhai Sahib was travelling in a 3 wheeler and was at the Puti Morh bus stop when the C.R.P stopped the 3 wheeler and removed Bhai Sahib from the bus and took him to the police station, they talked to him for about 2 hours and then let him go. Bhai Sahib told the C.R.P that he is from the village Murh Muloo district Mukhatsar, Bhai Sahib showed no expression of fear on his face so the C.R.P didn’t suspect him and told the officers to let the Sardar go he is a decent man, he can’t be a terrorist, let him go. It was due to the grace of God that Bhai Sahib managed to escape; Waheguru wanted him to do more Sewa for the Sikh Panth.

A secret Panthic committee member meeting was arranged under the instructions of Bhai Kuldip Singh Ladoo (Bhikwind) by the Jhujaroo Singh’s at Guru Hirsahae near Jhandoowala. When the sun setting Bhai Sukhminder Singh Deep Singh Wala along with another 8 Singh’s arrived at the location where the meeting was going to take place, they had arrived early. The house at which they were going to have their meeting, that household turned out to be a police informer and backed stabbed the Jhujaroo Singh’s, he deceit fully mixed poison in the milk and served it to the Bhai Sukhminder Singh Deep Singh Wala and his companions to drink and hid their weapons. The police and C.R.P came ad surrounded the place.

Bhai Kuldip Singh Ladoo and Bhai Subeg Singh Lubania Wali also arrived for the meeting. The other Singh’s had attained Shaheedi but Bhai Sukhminder Singh Deep Singh Wala was still conscious, he could feel the effects of the poison he tried to escape, he was trying to get down the stairs but fell and was counting his last few breathes. When Bhai Kuldip Singh Ladoo and Bhai Subeg Singh seen Bhai Sukhminder Singh they asked, ‘What has happened here?’ Bhai Sukhminder Singh replied, ‘Brothers, we have been backstabbed, poison was mixed into our milk, get out from here, our weapons have been hidden, the police is about to arrive, run away’. The Singh’s got onto the roof of the house and seen that the C.R.P and police were hiding and waiting for the other Singh’s to arrive so they could then attack. When the Singh’s were spotted they made a run for it and got out of the house and the officers opened fire at them and the Singh’s fired back. The security forces let the Singh’s escape because with the help of their informer they managed to hunt down a lot of Singh’s and in the back of their mind they feared that the Singh’s will cause more damage so it was best to let them go. On the way the Singh’s met Jinda Pindi Baloch Wala so was also on his way to the meeting, they got onto the tractor with him and headed towards Kaniya Wali Lubania Wali. It is due to the blessing of God that the Singh’s managed to escape from police without being harmed. In the evening news on the radio and television there was one news that was constantly being repeated that terrorist Sukhminder Singh Deep Singh Wala along with his 8 companions were killed in a fierce battle with security forces. The next day on the front page of the newspapers the headline was – Strict Terrorist Sukhminder Singh Deep Singh Wala and his 8 companions killed in a fierce battle, he killed many and was a robber the police was after him for a long time. A huge number of weapons have been found. The bodies of the Singh’s were pierced with bullets and the photographs were printed.

Truth is that the family members had given the Singh’s poisoned milk and after the Singh’s were Shaheed the security officers then pierced their bodies with bullets and made out that they bravely killed the Singh’s in a fierce battle. Even the people of Punjab knew that this news was false and that if the security forces did have a battle against these so called terrorists, the Khadku Singh’s would have caused more damaged and killed more officers.

After Bhai Sukhminder Singh Deep Singh Wala’s Shaheedi, Bhai Subeg Singh Lubania Wali was made the Lieutenant General of the Khalistan Commando Force.

A little while later the Singh’s set out to take revenge for the killing of Bhai Sukhminder Singh and his fellow companions, one of the culprits was Dukhman Singh Jhandewala. One early morning Dukhman Singh was driving his van to drop off his kids at school, ahead there was a turn where Bhai Subeg Singh and Bhai Harjnder Singh Jinda alias Museebat Singh Verar had blocked the road, waiting for Dukhman Singh. When Dukhman Singh slowed his van down to take the turn, the Singh’s pulled out their weapons and told him to stop the van. They told him to get out the van and talk to them, ‘You poisoned 9 Singh’s and killed them at your house’. Dukhman Singh then started to beg and plead, ‘Baba Ji please let me go this time, from now on I’ll never backstab anyone’. The Singh’s replied, ‘It was because of you, you murderer that our arms are peeled, we just about made it out alive, it was you who hid the weapons of the Singh’s and then disappeared yourself’. The Singh’s kept telling him to get out of his van, but Dukhman Singh wouldn’t. Eventually the Singh’s said, ‘come out now, don’t make us kill your children’. As soon as Dukhman Singh stepped out the van the Singh’s eliminated him and took their revenge. It is the duty of a Singh to eliminate backstabbers and enemies.

The Jhujaroo Singh always kept the needs of the Sikh revolution first, one group of Singh’s under the command of Bhai Subeg Singh made a plan to rob a bank in Vateelee (Rajasthan), they entered the bank and caused chaos, the bank manager rung the emergency alarm, which angered the Singh’s and they opened fire, the bank manager and a few of the bank workers were killed. The plan of the Jhujaroo Singh’s had failed so they decided it’s best to escape from here, when they sat in their van to escape the people of Rajasthan tried to stop them. For their own safety the Singh’s had to open fire at the Rajasthani people in order to escape from there. The Singh’s fired a bullet and warned the people, ‘We don’t have anything against you, don’t block our way and let us go’. When the people seen a couple of their fellow people fall they all ran away shouting, ‘Hare Ramdev Hare Ramdev save me from these Sikh’s,’ Hare Bhero, Hare Hanuman Devta, save me from these Sikhs today, from future onwards we won’t mess with the Sikhs, Hare Ram Dev Hare Mahadev’. The Rajasthani Hindu Rajputs had only seen Sikhs who would farm, but today for the first time they got to see what the Jhujaroo Khalsa is. According to the Ajeet Newspaper, under the guidance of Bhai Subeg Singh the group of Jhujaroo Singh’s managed to escape from the Vateelee incident and were successful in escaping to Punjab. The Rajasthan Police, Haryana Police and Punjab Police were all working hard to catch the culprits of the vat alee massacre the neighbouring states were given the red alert signal.

The Rajasthan police had announced Bhai Subeg Singh and his fellow companions to be the culprits. A Rajasthani official came to Lubania Wali to take over Bhai Subeg Singh’s property. Mata Surjit Kaur asked, ‘Who are you? And why are you here?’ The officer replied, ‘Mother, the Vateelee manager was killed by Subeg Singh’s bullet, the police showed pictures of Bhai Sahib to the witnesses who were there at the scene of the crime and they have confirmed that it was Bhai Subeg Singh, for whom the police is now looking for’. ‘The bank manager had a life insurance policy, for which we will take Subeg Singh’s possessions and pay the claim out to the manager’s family’. Mata Surjit Kaur then replied,’ Officer give me your address and whenever Subeg Singh comes I’ll give him your message, he will sort out this all out with you’. When the bald officer heard Mata Ji’s reply he started to sweat and asked for a glass of water and then with his handkerchief he wiped his face and head and then replied, ‘Mata Ji, please don’t tell Sardar Subeg Singh anything like that, I am a government worker so I have to follow the orders that I have been given’. Seeing the officers plight Lambardar Balveer Singh said, ’To pay off the bank managers life insurance make sure you don’t cause more trouble for yourself ‘. The Rajasthani officer left and never came back.

One afternoon on the 12th of January 1990, Bhai Subeg Singh and Bhai Surjit Singh Kandhawala were invited to Dhunda’s house in the village of Dhipavali, District Firozpur. Dhunda had joined hands with the police and make a plan to try and kill Bhai Subeg Singh. The family had put a substance which makes you drowsy in the khoya and served it with tea to the Singh’s. The Singh’s got slightly suspicious and asked Dhunda to eat the khoyea but Dhunda refused and made up excuses. The Singh’s finished the piece they had ate and left the rest of the khoyea and tea. The family members put aside the weapons of the Singh’s, saying that sometimes the police come all of a sudden. The Singh’s kept asking for their weapons but Dhunda kept insisting that when you leave at night then take them. The family had informed Punjab Police and the C.R.P when the Singh’s had arrived. The police had surrounded the house and when inspector Darshan Singh Chauhal and some home guards knocked on Dhunda’s door, the family informed the Singh’s that the police have arrived. The Singh’s caught on very quickly on to what happened and how it happened. The police asked Bhai Subeg Singh and Bhai Surjeet Singh to hand themselves over, when Bhai Sahib seen that there was no chance of escaping due to the police and C.R.P surrounding the house, he thought it was better to attain Shaheedi than to hand themselves over alive to the enemy. Bhai Sahib pulled out a cyanide capsule and gave it to Bhai Surjeet Singh, who was hesitant to eat it but Bhai Subeg Singh said, ‘Brother if we hand ourselves over to the enemy alive then they won’t spare us and many more will get killed, be a brave warrior and attain Shaheedi’. Bhai Surjeet Singh ate the capsule and attained Shaheedi. The officers fought with Bhai Sahib to stop him from taking the cyanide capsule, but the warrior had made up his mind that he won’t let himself come into the hands of the enemy and ate the cyanide capsule and attained Shaheedi. This incident had taken place on the 12th of January 1990 on the evening of Lohri in the village of Dhipavali at Dhunda’s house, in which the Khalistani movement Singh’s: Bhai Subeg Singh Lubania Wali and Bhai Surjeet Singh Kandhawala attained Shaheedi. The security forces took the two bodies of the Shaheed’s to Firozpur and cremated them there. The police had kept the Shaheedi of Bhai Subeg Singh a secret.

Khadku Singh Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda alias Museebat Singh Verar accused the police of Pindi Baloch and said that day the two Singh’s had two big bags that were full of cash which they were out to deliver, which the police got a hold off and killed the Singh’s and kept it a secret.

A little while later, the Jhujaroo Khalse heard the news of Bhai Subeg Singh Lubania Wali and Bhai Surjit Singh’s Shaheedi. The Singh’s done an Akhand Path in the village of Lubania wale at Bhai Sahib’s house for his soul to rest in peace. The police had surrounded the village and whatever Sangat had arrived before the police came managed to part take in the Ardas, but whoever came after were allowed to go to the house. The security officers and the Government had thought there would be a high number of Khadku’s coming for Bhai Sahib’s last Ardas to pay their respect. To control the Singh’s the security officials and government arranged for a heavy police presence.

Bhai Gurjant Singh Rajasthani, Bhai Kulwant Singh Kala RKF, Bhai Museebat Singh Verar and their companions arrived at the village of Dhipavali at Dhundu’s house. The Singh’s made him confess his crime in front of everyone in which he said that he had the money of the Singh’s that he was meant to be looking after but he end up spending it, the Singh’s asked for their money but I couldn’t return it, which made me do something wrong. My family are innocent. The Singh’s took them with him. The next day the body was found hanging from a tree with his Dastar. The body was taken down and was cremated. The Singh’s didn’t say anything to the family because they were innocent.

Khadku Yodhe – Maninder Singh Baja