Shaheed Bhai Sher Singh Sher

Sikh student Federation

“Even if only 4 of us remain alive, but we will not give up on our principles of Sikhi, and for our principles we will sacrifice our mind, body and soul.”

These words were spoken by Shaheed Bhai Sher Singh Sher, Bhai sahib was from the village Pandori, Tehsil Phagwara, District Kapurthala.

Bhai Sahib was born in Sardar Daljit Singh’s family and from the womb of Mata Raj Kaur Ji. Bhai Sahib was dearly loved by his parents and out of affection they named him Shera, Bhai Sahib was really nice and beautiful and was a true lion. Bhai Sahib had two brothers, Balbir Singh and Bittu. Bhai Sahib received his primary education in the local school in his village. Bhai sahib then enrolled in Ramgharia College in Phagwara. During Bhai Sahib’s first year in his B.A, Bhai Sahib joined the college’s Bhangra team. Due to Bhai Sahib being 6foot tall and because of his agility, Bhai Sahib was made the Bhangra team captain. The Bhangra team entered in many big competitions and won many awards, but no one would have ever though that the Bhangra Teams captain would one day be holding an AK 47 and fighting against Anti Sikh elements and the government.

During this time, the head of Damdami Taksal Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale had started his battle against government. During that time Bhai Amrik Singh Ji was leading the youth Jathebandi All India Sikh Student Federation. Bhai Amrik Ji worked hard day and night to spread the message across, from colleges to Schools, from the cities to the villages. With this mission to try and establish a federation unit in Phagwara by Bhai Satpal Singh Dhillon, for which Bhai Satpal singh and his companions had to work hard, because before this was Comrades who followed orders from Russia, who opposed against the federation and had fought with them 6 times, in which the S.F.I’s subha pardhan Makhan Sandhu Aka Booda kookar was beat up many times. In all of this Bhai Sher Singh Sher, Bhai Jagjit Singh Gill, Bhai Kulwinder Singh Bhola and their companions supported the federation. In the end a 5 member committee was made and the junior pardhan of the federation announced that the Unit was established. In this Adhack committee Bhai Sher Singh and another 4 members were appointed. The unit started to carry out religious work. They supported students in all fields. But the evil, corrupt and Brahmanvadi government couldn’t tolerate the Chardi Kala of the Federation. The government felt at threat from the Federation, and worried that the Federation would become so powerful and stand against them. In fear the Government declared the federation to be Illegal. After this the members of the federation were getting arrested. The members of the Adhack committee including Bhai Sher Singh were labelled as Bhagore, and a case was registered against them (SARKAR NAAL BHAGAVAT). Bhai Sahib worked hard day and night and done sewa and Parchar for the federation. He would go to villages at night and would educate the youth. Bhai Amrik Singh was very angry at the tactics of the Government, and to express his anger, Bhai Sahib made a plan which involved burning 38 railway stations in one night and at one time, in which Bhai Sher Singh’s companions took part in and also burned other stations in their local areas and Behram.

After this, the Government attacked the heart and soul of the Sikhs, Sri Darbar Sahib and Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, in which thousands of Singh’s and Singhania and kids were made victim to the bullets of the army. After this, Bhai Sahib was shook and devastated. Bhai Sahib spent his last breaths serving the panth and swore that he would take revenge against the Anti-Sikh elements, and to do so, Bhai Sahib and his companions went to the village Dholewal and fought for about 2 years, but then got caught by the police. The police heavily interrogated Bhai Sahib and registered a case against him and locked him up in Kapurthala Jail. After a while, Bhai Sahib managed to walk free from many of his cases because they didn’t have any proof against him, and the small cases that were registered against him, he applied for bail and managed to get out of jail. When Bhai Sahib got out of jail he arranged a meeting with the leader of the Federation and made his unit even stronger. But during this time a wing unit of the Federation broke off and separated, who were working in favour of the Government. But there were a few intelligent members in that wing who requested unity and asked everyone to put the Kaum first and then everything else, and they managed to succeed. The two federations joined together to make a 5 member Adhack committee in which Shaheed Bhai Gurmit Singh Kaka, Shaheed Bhai Sher Singh Shera, Shaheed Bhai Surinder Singh Baba, Shaheed Bhai Kulwant Singh Khukrana and Kanveenar Bhai Gurjit Singh were appointed.

Bhai sahib fulfilled his high command duties, he planned an attack on R.S.S workers in Gobind-Ghar Market and killed a Comrade near Nikodar. Bhai Sahibs main duties were to talk to the Akali Leader on behalf of the Federation and inspire him to walk on the path of Sikhi and handle all the responsibilities of the press. But an Anti-Sikh element didn’t like Bhai Sahib’s sewa, he went to the police and got Advocate Bhai Bakhtavar Singh and Bhai Sher Singh Sher who was a true lion of the panth killed.

Bhai Sahib fulfilled his duty for the Sikh Kaum, to obtain Khalistan he fought in the battlefield and sacrificed his life. Bhai Sahib has inspired the oncoming generations of youth, who fill follow in his footsteps. The Present Federation leader is Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu, who has sacrificed everything in the struggle to get Khalistan, and with the blessing of Guru  Ji and with the support of his brother Paramjit Singh Panjwar (General Khalistan Commando Force) and many more Khadku Singhs that are keeping the Sikh Freedom movement alive.

An insight into Bhai Sher Singh Sher’s pure and true life was in the newspaper, when the police were talking about an incident that took place in the Village of Pandori but the police called the Village, Sher Singh Di Pandori.

In the new golden history of the Sikh Kaum, the Villages, cities, areas and roads will be named after these great shaheeds, and there will be carnivals on the land of Khalistan which too will be named after great Shaheeds such as Bhai Sher Singh Sher.

Vangaar – September 1993