Shaheed Bhai Santokh Singh Bharowal

Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan

Amritsar has always been a strong hold for Jhujaru Singhs from the start of the Sikh Freedom Movement and to the end. Few kilometres away from Amritsar City is the village of Bharowal, a Sikh youth from this village by the name of Bhai Santokh Singh served this cause of Khalistan till he attained martyrdom and joined the thousands of martyrs of Khalistan. Bhai Santokh Singh was born in the year of 1955, in the house of Sardar Desa singh and from the womb of Mata Kashmir Kaur. Bhai Sahib was the eldest of 3 children, he had a younger brother Bhai Kulwant Singh and younger sister Bibi Santokh Kaur. Bhai Sahib was still studying when his father, Sardar Desa Singh passed away. Bhai Sahib had to stop his studies and take care of his family farms and provide food on the table for his family. In 1971, Bhai Sahib had his Anand Karaj with Bibi Jaspreet Kaur, who was the resident of the village Sidhva. While living his family life, Bhai Sahib saw the birth of his 3 children, 2 boys and a girl.

In April 1978, the Narakhdari cult was confronted by peaceful protesting Sikhs as they tried to commit sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Having the police protection the Narakhdhari followers fired live rounds towards Sikhs, in which 13 Singhs were made martyrs and many more were injured. This massacre of Sikhs in broad day light had a deep impact on Bhai Sahib. It was after this, Bhai Sahib started attending the lectures of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale at Sri Harimandir Sahib. Day by day Bhai Sahib became closer and closer to Sant Ji and the Jhujaru Singhs of Dam Dami Taksal. Slowly Bhai Sahib started taking part in Jhujaru actions in secret. Bhai Sahib also played important role in bringing weapons from Pakistan. Bhai Sahib was very much respected amongst the singhs of Dam Dami Taksal due to his bravery, honesty and respect for everyone. Before doing any actions Bhai Sahib would perform an Ardas and ask the Guru to protect him and his fellow Jhujaru Singhs from doing bad or unjust deeds. Bhai Sahib always put the Sikh principles ahead of everything.

In June 1984, the Indian army under the orders of Indira Gandhi committed the biggest crimes imaginable against the Sikhs. The house of Dhan Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj was attacked by Indian soldiers with tanks and cannons. The Sikh throne was completely destroyed and thousands of innocent unarmed Sikhs pilgrims were butchered under the orders of Indira Gandhi. During this attack Bhai Sahib was at his village with his family. After the attack Bhai Sahib tried to locate Jhujaru Singhs, so he could continue to serve the Khalsa Panth and now fight for freedom more than before. Bhai Sahib found local Jhujaru Singh who were active in the area and in middle of 1985, Bhai Sahib left home and jumped in the battlefield with his Jhujaru brothers. Even though Bhai Sahib never took responsibility for his actions, in the media and Indian security forces would associate Bhai Sahib with certain actions. Bhai Sahib had a role in the assassination of Thanedar Shibu Ram, this action was one of Khalistan Liberation Force assassinations in which Bhai Avtar Singh Brahma killed the evil Thanedar along with his Jhujaru brothers. Bhai Sahib was very close to Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal since the days of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale speeches, hence after the attack on Sri Harimandir Sahib, Bhai Sahib located the Jhujaru Singhs of Bhindranwala Tigers Force of Khalistan and started doing actions under the command of Baba Manochahal.

On the 15th December 1990, Bhai Sahib and fellow Jhujaru brother, Bhai Rattan Singh were resting on the outskirts of Ghariyala village, which is now in the Tarn Taran district. All of a sudden these Jhujaru brothers found themselves surrounded by the Indian security forces. Bhai Sahib decided to fight for his escape and opened fire upon the enemy. The battle between the two fractions continued for over 12 hours. In the end, when all ammunition of the Jhujaru Singhs had finished Bhai Sahib and Bhai Rattan Singh decided to die a martyr rather than be captured by the enemy. Bhai Sahib and Bhai Rattan Singh performed their final Ardas to Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj to guide them to their martyrdom. Both Jhujaru Singhs swallowed capsules of Cyanide each and attained martyrdom.

Khalsa Fatehnama – March 2016