Shaheed Bhai Rupinder Singh Deol

Khalistan Commando Force

Bhai Rupinder Singh Deol was born on 20th July 1067, in the house of Sardar Mohinder Singh and from the womb of Mata Kulwant Kaur in Haripur village near Adampur, district Jalandhar. Bhai Deol had one sister, Bibi Jasvir Kaur. Bhai Deol was a student at Ludhiana University studying BSC in agriculture.

Once while studying, Bhai Deol was busy going about his day, when he for one reason or another was confronted with a physical altercation involving his fellow classmate, who targeted his turban and forcibly took it off his head. Bhai Rupinder Singh was of large physical stature and managed to pin this person down. Bhai Deol ordered him to re-tie his turban with his own hands. The fellow classmate re-tied Bhai Deol’s turban and requested forgiveness.

On one occasion Bhai Deol’s very close friend was suffering from an illness, who was too ill to sit his exam paper so Bhai Deol sat the exam for him hoping no one will spot him sitting another student’s exam. A jealous individual suspected this and reported Bhai Deol to the university headmaster. Bhai Deol was then suspended from the university for six months.

A short time after, Bhai Deol and his fellow mates were sat in a room feeling hopeless and extremely depressed due to the injustices being committed upon the Sikhs daily by the Indian security forces. During these times, Bhai Raminderjit Singh Tainee of Babbar Khalsa was aware of the state of Bhai Deol and his associates were in. Bhai Tainee contacted Bhai Deol and encouraged them join the armed movement for Khalistan if they are to avoid being a victim the Indian injustice.

In Hans Kalan village near Jagraon, Bhai Deol with a group of 5 Jhujaru Singhs were resting at a house belonging to a supporter of the Sikh struggle. One of the Singhs with Bhai Deol (who later turned traitor) always bugged everyone that he wanted to go and secretly meet his family. This Singh would go off and make these visits without informing Bhai Deol. However, this made Bhai Deol very suspicious of him. Neither did the family whose house Bhai Deol was staying in along with his group of Jhujaru Singhs, trusted this traitor.

Then one day on 17th May 1991, the police unexpectedly surround the village and were trying to locate the house in which Bhai Deol was staying. Now Bhai Deol saw the presence of the police and his suspicion turned to reality, this traitor was exposed, but the Jhujaru Singhs did let the traitor know that they had realised he was working with the police. The Jhujaru Singhs provoked this traitor to lead the escape. Once all the Jhujaru Singhs, including Bhai Deol were 1-2km clear of distance from the house, the Jhujaru Singhs shot the traitor dead. The remaining 5 Jhujaru Singhs carried on ahead.

During their travel, they came across a farmer with his tractor and trolley. The farmer suggested they help him load his trolley with sand and this would help them in remaining unidentified from the eyes of the police. However, the Jhujaru Singhs did not wish this farmer any harm or to risk his life. Bhai Deol declined the offer in behalf of the Jhujaru Singhs. As the Singhs continued on into the nearby fields, a sudden police presence surrounded the area. They had come looking for the Jhujaru Singhs. A fierce battle commenced between the 5 Singhs and the Indian security forces, which lasted five to six hours.

These 5 sons of 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj fought the enemy with all their might and sent many Indian soldiers to hell. In the end, one by one the Jhujaru Singhs were attained martyrdom and as they attained martyrdom, they shouted war cries of ‘Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akaal, Khalistan Zindabad.’ All 5 Jhujaru Singhs attained martyrdom on the day of 17th May 1991. This battle was named the Hans Kalan encounter. Name of these fallen soldiers of Khalistan are as follows: Shaheed Bhai Rupinder Singh Deol (village Haripur, Jalandhar), Shaheed Bhai Mohan Singh (village Sheikhupura), Shaheed Bhai Darshpreet Singh Roomi (village Mullanpur Dakha, Ludhiana), Shaheed Bhai Hardeep Singh Rimpy (village Pona, Ludhiana), Shaheed Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Kala (village Jhande, Ludhiana. He was a fellow of Shaheed Bhai Punjab Singh Khalsa).

Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Rupinder Singh Deol