Shaheed Bhai Narinder Singh Ninder

Babbar Khalsa


Bhai Narinder Singh Ninder, the nephew of a brave Jhujaru Singh of Babbar Khalsa, Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Bhola (Shaheed) was born on 12th March 1978, in the house of Sardar Baldev Singh and from the blessed womb of Mata Karamjit Kaur in village Dangarh, near Dhanaula, district Barnala. Bhai Sahib was the eldest of 4 children, Bibi Gurwinder Kaur, Bhai Lakhwinder Singh and youngest Bhai Bikramjit Singh. Bhai Sahib studied at his local government school up until 8th class.


Due to Mata Karamjit Kaur being the sister of Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Bhola, the Punjab police also harassed Bhai Sahib’s family members by arresting them and torturing them for information on Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Bhola of village Ghanauri Kalan. The police did not care about the elderly age of Bhai Sahib’s parents, nor the fact that they were women, the police arrested anyone and everybody at some point and tortured them for information that they did not have. All this was happening while Bhai Sahib was studying in 6th class at his school. Bhai Sahib was arrested by Punjab police from his school and kept this a secret from the family. Bhai Sahib’s family were worried to death and were searching for him everywhere for months and in the end, they gave up and accepted that the police may have killed him in a fake encounter.


5 months after the disappearance of Bhai Sahib, the Jhujaru Singhs kidnapped the son of MLA Manjit Bathal, and demanded the release of Jhujaru Singhs that were in police custody. The police agreed and had no choice to release the Jhujaru Singhs, but a warning was made that if the Jhujaru Singhs found out who made Bhai Narinder Ninder a martyr, they will punish him severely. In fear of this, the police themselves dropped Bhai Sahib off to his maternal village of Ghanauri Kalan. Bhai Sahib’s body was weak and scare of torture were visible on him, but the family were thankful to Waheguru for sending their son back to them.


After making a recovery, Bhai Sahib returned back to his school, at times Bhai Sahib feared the police that he would hide at home and not go school. The village school supported the family and said that they would continue to mark the register for Bhai Sahib, meanwhile take good care of him. Hearing this, one nigh Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Bhola came to Bhai Sahib’s house and took him to Uttar Pardesh’s Pilibhit area. Here Bhai Sahib many Jhujaru Singhs from Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Bhola’s Babbar Khalsa group. Bhai Sahib stayed with his uncle for a few years and no one in Punjab knew of this other than his family.


During the time in Pilibhit, Bhai Sahib stayed with his uncle, Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Bhola, Bhai Gurdial Singh Issi, Bhai Gurmeet Singh Rajo Majra, Laddu Lala and another Jhujaru Singh. Bhai Sahib was given intellectual and arms training of the Sikh struggle. Bhai Sahib’s fear was eliminated staying with the Jhujaru Singhs of the 10th Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. Meanwhile in Punjab, the Indian security forces were harassing the families of Bhai Sahib and especially the family of Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Bhola for his whereabouts.


Then after 2 years staying in Pilibhit, Bhai Sahib returned back to his village and he had told the school that he will not be returning to study and he would stay at home reciting Gurbani and helping his father. It was roughly 10 days that Bhai Sahib stayed at home, and did not go out much at all. There was a comrade family living Pilibhit, near where the Jhujaru Singhs were staying and they had recongnised Bhai Sahib as they also had comrade relatives in Dangarh village. The whole information of Bhai Sahib in Pilibhit was passed onto the comrades in Dangarh village, which than was passed onto the local police station.


In early June 1992, Bhai Sahib and his mother had returned from their local Gurdwara and were getting ready to have tea when all of a sudden, the Punjab police raided the family and arrested Bhai Sahib and his father, Sardar Baldev Singh. Both father and son were taken to the police station of Dhanaula and brutally tortured by the police officers here.


After a month, Sardar Baldev Singh was released by the police but they kept Bhai Sahib and said that they need to do some more paperwork and will release him. The following morning, 16th July 1992, Bhai Sahib was taken to the Sherpur police station and a false encounter was done on the outskirts of village Chhoti Ghanauri in which Bhai Narinder Singh Ninder was made a martyr. Bhai Sahib’s body was not given to the family.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Narinder Singh Ninder