Shaheed Bhai Mangal Singh Khujala

Khalistab Commando Force

Bhai Mangal Singh was born on 13th July 1962, in the house of Sardar Sohan Singh and from the womb of Mata Kishan Kaur in the village of Khujala, district Batala. Bhai Sahib completed his primary education at the local government school of Khujala. Bhai Sahib was married to Bibi Balwinder Kaur and in this marriage Bhai Sahib had 3 sons and 1 daughter. As well as being a good son to his parents, Bhai Sahib was also a good husband and good father to his family. After studies, Bhai Sahib started helping his father in the family farms. From childhood Bhai Sahib was attached to Sikhi and always did sewa at his local Gurudwara. Bhai Sahib was short in height but that did not restrict from carrying out physical duties. Bhai Sahib had great strentgh and would always help anyone that needed it, due to this Bhai Sahib was very much loved by the locals.

In June 1984, the Indian army attacked Sri Harimandir Sahib and killed thousands of innocent Sikh pilgrims and demolished Sri Akaal Takht Sahib. This was not enough, the Indian government wanted to shut the voice of the Sikhs completely and this genocide went onto the streets of India, in cities like Delhi,  Culcatta and Uttar Pardesh, Sikhs were burnt alive and Sikh women were gang raped. No justice was done by the Indian government. The Sikhs decided to get justice themselves and establish a country in which such genocide will never happen again. Bhai Sahib had wittnessed this and the spilt blood of the Sikhs had an deep impact of Bhai Sahib. Bhai Sahib started keeping interest in the Sikh Freedom Movement.

Bhai Sahib made his mind up on joining his Jhujaru brothers in this battle for total freedom from the Indian rule. Bhai Sahib left his home and the life of luxuries and joined Khalistan Commando Force under the commando of Bhai Jaswant Singh Ahluwalia. From start Bhai Sahib was man of honour and of his word. Every responsibilty that was given to Bhai Sahib, he completed it with bravery and honesty. Bhai Sahib was very close to Bhai Jaswant Singh Ahulwalia and also Bhai Malkiat Singh Pappu, many of Bhai Sahib’s actions were done with these Jhujaru Singhs. Only the time of Bhai Sahib’s shaheedi will prove to the world how close these 3 Jhujaru Singsh were.

In the end the day came of which every Jhujaru Singsh awaits. Bhai Sahib, Lt. General Bhai Jaswant Singh Ahluwalia and Area Commander Bhai Malkiat Singh Pappu alias Bhai Paramjit Singh were resting at a house in the village of Khujala. The day was Tuesday, the 13th August 1991. An informant passed this information onto the police and in few minutes all 3 Jhujaru Singhs were surrounded by a big number of Indian soldiers from difeerent security forces, such as Punjab police, CRPF and BSF. A feirce battle took place and heavy exchange of bullets took place between the two sides. In the end all three Jhujaru Singhs attained shaheedi fighting the enemy and not accepting defeat.

Sant Sipahi – November 1991