Shaheed Bhai Major Singh Kaleke

Khalistan Liberation Force

Bhai Major Singh was born in the year of 1966, in the house of Sardar Bhajan Singh and from the womb of Mata Balvir Kaur in the village of Kaleke, near Bagha Purana. Bhai Sahib passed his 8th class from the local village school and after he took on the responsibilities of his family farms. The attack on the Sikh throne, Sri Akaal Takht Sahib in June 1984 had a deep effect on Bhai Sahib, but it wasn’t till 1985, that Bhai Sahib started mixing in with the local Jhujaru Singhs. In October 1985, the village of Kaleke held a Shaheedi Smagam in memory of Shaheed Bhai Beant Singh (Assassin of Indira Gandhi) it was here Bhai Sahib did Parikarma of Nishan Sahib 7 times and in Ardas said, “Maharaj, I want my martyrdom to celebrated just like the people our celebrating the martyrdom of our great martyrs.”

That evening, Bhai Sahib and another 2 Singhs went out for a walk, they were wearing orange turbans and had Kirpans around their torso as they had just attended a Shaheedi Smagam. Due to a recent Jhujaru action in the area, the Bagha Purana police arrested Bhai Sahib and his 2 friends on suspicion. After being arrested, all 3 youth were taken to Bagha Purana police station where they were blindly tortured all night by police and CRPF. The following morning the local Panchayat managed to get all 3 Singhs released. This experience had turned Bhai Sahib against the oppressing Indian state and gave birth to the fire of freedom within him. The following day Bhai Sahib went to the local Gurudwara and asked for the blessings of the Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj for they path he was about to choose. On returning home, Bhai Sahib made it clear to his family, “I’m not yours anymore, nor do I want anything from you and nor will I give anything to you. Now all I’m going to do is serve the Khalsa Panth.” After this Bhai Sahib started doing actions with local Jhujaru Singhs in secret while staying at home.

One day a Sikh youth was arrested after a Jhujaru action. During his interrogation, he gave information to the police along with Bhai Sahib’s name and involvement within the Sikh Freedom Movement. The police straight away gathered a team and raided Bhai Sahib’s house to capture him, but fortunately Bhai Sahib was not at home. This happened in April 1987. After this Bhai Sahib left home permanently and joined the Jhujaru Singhs of Khalistan Liberation Force. After leaving home, Bhai Sahib’s family faced blind harassment at the hands of Indian security forces. One day the cruel Meetu Thanedar came to Bhai Sahib’s house, at that time Bhai Sahib’s sister in-law was at home. When she was asked about Bhai Sahib she answered, “I don’t know anything.” Upon hearing this answer, Meetu Thanedar slapped her and used foul language towards her. The Thanedar demolished Bhai Sahib’s house and burnt all the family assets. Now the family were living in hiding and with great struggle. Each member of Bhai Sahib’s family has their own story of the struggle they went through.

Towards the end of June 1987, Bhai Sahib was arrested from the Rajoana village after an informant gave his location to the police. Like the story of many other Jhujaru Singhs who had been arrested and next time they heard anything was the news of their martyrdom on newspapers, Bhai Sahib’s story of martyrdom is also similar. It was in the newspapers of early July 1987, when the headlines read about Bhai Sahib being killed in a fierce encounter.

Khalsa Fatehnama – May 2016