Shaheed Bhai Kulwinder Singh Bittu

Babbar Khalsa

Bhai Kulwinder Singh Bittu was born on 24th September 1967, in the house of Sardar Amrik Singh and from the womb of Mata Rajwant Kaur in Kalanaur. Bhai Bittu had 2 sisters, 3 brothers and he was the second eldest of 7 children. Bhai Bittu was from a Gursikh farming family. Bhai Bittu studied up to twelfth class in Birring college. Bhai Bittu was very keen on educational studies. Bhai Bittu had taken Amrit from the Panj Pyare at Chownk Mehta at a very young age. From the beginning, Bhai Bittu never missed his daily Nitnem.

During the year of 1984, Bhai Bittu was studying in twelfth class as well as helping his father in farming. During this time, Bhai Bittu also took part in All India Sikh Student Federation activities. Bhai Bittu got involved with All India Sikh Student Federation during the time of Dharam Yudh Morcha. At this time, Bhai Bittu was accompanied by Bhai Ajit Singh Qaddian, Bhai Kamaljit Singh Haruwal, Bhai Inderjit Singh Kot Molvi and other Jhujaru Singhs. Then in June 1984, the Indian government sent its army to attack Sri Darbar Sahib and kill many innocent Sikh pilgrims. This attack shook the core of Bhai Bittu and created a resistance against the invading Indian army. It was after this attack that Bhai Bittu fully got involved with All Indian Sikh Student Federation, from protesting against the policies of the government. It was at this time, Bhai Bittu came in the sight of the Indian security forces.

During his activities under the banner of All India Singh Student Federation, Bhai Bittu was arrested and was bailed after almost 2 months from Gurdaspur jail. Even after this, Bhai Bittu remained active in his Panthic activism and on any occasions, he spent weeks and months in jails of Punjab. It was in second half of 1984, Bhai Bittu started punishing anti-Sikh elements and police informers. These Jhujaru actions were done in complete secrecy and bravery by Bhai Bittu. In 1986, Bhai Bittu assassinated a Hindu police informer from the village of Khode, and in the same year Bhai Bittu along with Bhai Balwinder Singh Thatharke punished another Hindu police tout. Like this Bhai Bittu also punished a Christian police informer and he assassinated the Hawaldar of Shikar village police station who was known to make Jhujaru Singhs martyrs in fake encounters. After the martyrdom of Bhai Rashpal Singh Kalanaur, Bhai Bittu swore to fight against the brutal regime of India till his last breath and joined the Sikh armed struggle.

In March 1987, Bhai Bittu assassinated Hawaldar Anokh Singh who had made 2 Jhujaru Singhs martyrs from the village of Sarhali. In this Jhujaru action, Bhai Bittu was joined by Bhai Mastan Singh Mastana, and they did this action at the small bridge of Agwan village. Then few days later, Bhai Bittu was arrested in the Anokh Singh murder case after a witness had come forward. Bhai Bittu was charged for this murder and sentenced to imprisonment in Sangrur Jail, and after 6 months he was moved to Gurdaspur Jail. In jail, Bhai Bittu focussed on progressing in his spiritual life by continuously reciting Gurbani and meditating. It was in Gurdaspur Jail, Bhai Bittu learnt Gurbani through Santhaya with Bapu Zaffarwal. It was after year and a half Bhai Bittu was released on bail. Upon being released Bhai Bittu once again became active in Jhujaru actions. But then Punjab police arrested Bhai Bittu again but this time under the command of the local police deputy, Gobind Ram. Bhai Bittu was tortured mercilessly by this butcher, Gobind Ram also did not spare Bhai Bittu’s family.

It was from the custody of Gobind Ram that Bhai Bittu escaped and he never returned home since that day. Now Bhai Bittu only had 2 things on his mind, Khalistan or martyrdom. Bhai Bittu joined Babbar Khalsa under the command of Bhai Dharam Singh Kashtiwal. Bhai Bittu remained in high spirits while doing Jhujaru actions. Bhai Bittu had many battles with the Indian security forces, but his battle with CRPF and BSF in Lalpura and Patti are amongst the well-known Jhujaru battles. Bhai Gurmej Singh Ghatti, Bhai Joginder Singh Kalanaur, Bhai Dalbir Singh Nittu Kalanaur, Bhai Jagbir Singh Kalanaur, Bhai Baljinder Singh Lattu, Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan (Khalistan Liberation Force), Bhai Balwinder Singh Lalpura, Bhai Pritam Singh Sohal, Bhai Gurmej Singh Ginda and Bhai Kanwaljit Singh Waheguru were amongst some of the Jhujaru Singhs that did actions with Bhai Bittu.

On 27th April 1989, Bhai Bittu along with Bhai Rajbir Singh Zaffarwal and Bhai Charanjit Singh Tuggalwal (son of Kavisher Bhai Joga Singh Jogi) were resting at a house in the Bhatti Ke village. These Jhujaru Singhs were planning an action under Babbar Khalsa, but the police were given this information and within minutes the house was surrounded by Indian security forces. A fierce battle took place, with great bravery all Jhujaru Singhs fought the enemy till their last bullet and then attain martyrdom. After Bhai Bittu’s martyrdom, his body was not given to the family and all 3 Jhujaru Singhs were cremated by the police in Amritsar.

Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Kulwinder Singh Bittu