Shaheed Bhai Jarnail Singh Buh

Khalistan Commando Force

Bhai Jarnail Singh Buh was born in the house of Sardar Ranga Singh and from the womb of Mata Gulab Kaur in the village of Buh, district Patti. Bhai Sahib was the youngest of 3 children, he had older brother, Bhai Pal Singh and second eldest was sister, Bibi Preet Kaur. Bhai Sahib’s father, Sardar Ranga Singh and his brother worked on and took care of their 200 acre farmland. Bhai Sahib completed his primary education up until 8th grade from the local government school of Buh and then focused on farming.

In 1979, Bhai Sahib was married to Bibi Baljeet Kaur whose family was originally from village Ruknewala Begho, district Ferozpur. After his Anand Karaj, Bhai Sahib was blessed with Amrit at Sri Anandpur Sahib. Later, the couple was blessed with 2 girls and one boy, Bhujangan Harjeet Kaur,

Bhujangan Sarbjit Kaur and Bhujangi Gurjinder Singh.

In 1982, Dharam Yudh Morcha was started in Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. Bhai Sahib would go there regularly to listen to the speeches of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. Slowly, Bhai Sahib became close with the Singhs from Damdami Taksal. As Bhai Sahib became more involved in the movement, he eventually was arrested and sent to jail for six months. While in jail, Bhai Sahib proved to be too much for the jail authorities and he was later released.

Afterwards, Bhai Sahib returned to Sri Darbar Sahib and became a bodyguard for Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. Upon following Sant Ji’s order, Bhai Sahib did many courageous actions. one of which was attacking the police station of Fattu Dinga with Kirpans resulting in causing damage to a few police officers and then robbing the police of its ammunition. This was one of Bhai Sahib’s first actions. The fact that Bhai Sahib hurt innocent police officers had upset Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale, however Sant Ji forgave him and guided him through Seva in the future.

One day, Bhai Sahib along with Bhai Rasal Singh Arifke travelled on their motorcycle to a village named Guru Sahai and killed an evil police chief by the name of Bichu Ram. This Bichu Ram was the police chief who humiliated a Singh during Rasta Roko Protest by grabbing his beard and shoving tobacco into his mouth. Bichu Ram had also given a message for Sant Ji to this Singh who he humiliated that he should tell Sant Ji about his humiliation and dared Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale to respond. Hence Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale responded and assigned this task to Bhai Sahib and Bhai Rasal Singh Arifke.

Bhai Sahib was also responsible for the killing of Narakhdhari followers in the village of Muthianwali, who had been speaking against and defiling Sikhi. Eventually, police put a bounty of 10,000 Rupees on Bhai Sahib’s head, and he later moved to Ferozpur. Bhai Sahib continued to do actions in Ferozpur, he would travel on his Enfield Bullet motorcycle armed and because of this, no police officer dared to arrest him.

While staying with Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale at Sri Darbar Sahib, Bhai Sahib had befriended several high spirited Jhujaru Singhs. Their names included Bhai Kuldeep Singh Muchal, Bhai Rasal Singh Arifke, Bhai Sant Singh (Mandi Morh), Bhai Amrik Singh Jaura Nihang, Bhai Ajaib Singh Mahakal, Bhai Durga Singh Arifke, Bhai Santokh Singh, Bhai Bohar Singh (Ahli Kalan), Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi and Bhai Anokh Singh Ubhoke.

In June 1984, Bhai Sahib was playing hide and seek with his son in village Ruknewala when Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale phoned Bhai Sahib himself. It was the day before the Indian army attacked Sri Darbar Sahib. Soon as Bhai Sahib received his orders, he didn’t even look at his son for the last time nor did he allow himself to say his final farewell to the family. Bhai Sahib had just had a baby girl, who was merely a month old, he didn’t even turn around to see her face for the last time. Without saying anything to his family, Bhai Sahib left for Sri Darbar Sahib, upon being called by Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. He left with the intentions of attaining martyrdom.

Bhai Sahib left Ferozpur and by the time he reached Sri Darbar Sahib a curfew had been imposed, he had arrived when the battle had already started and but somehow Bhai Sahib managed to get into the complex and he held his position and fought bravely. Once the battle ended, Bhai Sahib was badly injured and had been arrested. Bhai Sahib was taken to Jodhpur Jail, where he was tortured along with many others. Despite the torture, Bhai Sahib didn’t give away any information and stayed in high spirits. Bhai Sahib was always reciting Gurbani and had done a great deal of Nitnem. While in jail, he studied further and completed his education to become a Giani.

In 1989, Bhai Sahib was transferred from Jodhpur Jail to Jalandhar Jail where cases from 1984 were finally filed against him. Later, Bhai Sahib was sent to Nabha jail and then Sangrur Jail. Upon getting bail from Sangrur Jail, Bhai Sahib went underground and instead of returning home, he continued doing actions with the brave Jhujaru Singhs of Khalistan Commando Force.

Bhai Sahib resumed his Jhujaru activities in the Majha and Beas area with Bhai Gurdeep Singh Deepa Heranwala and Bhai Harjit Singh from the village of Khojkipur. Bhai Sahib became a martyr while serving the Sikh Struggle for Khalistan on 7th April 1992. Bhai Sahib was roughly 40 years old at the time of his martyrdom. In 1999, Bhai Sahib’s father, Sardar Ranga Singh passed and in 2002, Mata Gurdas Kaur also passed away.

Information given by Bhai Avtar Singh (Sarhali)