Shaheed Bhai Gurdeep Singh Deepa Heran Wala

Khalistan Commando Force

Shaheed Bhai Gurdeep Singh ‘Deepa Heran wala’ was born in village Heran, tehsil Nakodar, District Jalandhar. In the house of Sardar Surjit Singh and from the womb of Mata Gurbachan Kaur. Bhai Sahib had 2 brothers Bhai Jang Bahadur Singh, Bhai Amritpal Singh and 1 sister. The village of Heran lays approx 18kms from Jalandhar. Bhai Sahibs early education was in a local village primary school and later Bhai Sahib joined high school. At this stage there was no indication that a mischievous Bhai Gurdeep Singh Deepa would begin to live up to Sikh teachings and serve the Sikh nation in such a way that he will be remembered forever.

Bhai Sahib would become the light of the Guru’s around the Jalandhar area and would leave such a legacy that Bhai Sahib would be respected by coming generations and the village of Heran would be known to every Sikh around the world. The holocaust of June 1984 left a deep scar on the Sikh nation. Bhai Sahib was one of many who was affected by this tragedy and shaken to the core. Soon shock turned into anger and there was only one priority on Bhai Sahib’s mind, to punish those who had inflicted such a blow on the Sikh nation.

Earlier On the 4th august 1982 the Akali Dal had passed a 45 point resolution at Sri Anandpur Sahib, which resulted in violence and the death of more than 200 Sikhs at the hands of Indian police. In one of his many speeches at the Manji Sahib Diwan Hall, Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale sent out a warning to those only interested in their own political agenda; “If anyone decides to negotiate anything less than the 45 point resolution then bring them to the book”. Sant Bhindranwale himself kept this word right from the start of the struggle and told the entire sangat that if they are to start a united front, then not to make the same mistake as Fateh Singh did by breaking his so called hunger strike by drinking a glass of juice. But those who betrayed the Sikh nation on every opportunity (Akalis) never learnt their lesson; biggest traitors Longowal, Barnala, Balwant Ladoo agreed and signed the controversial Rajiv-Longowal accord.

They had become the ultimate traitors to the Sikh nation after signing this accord, the dead bodies scattered around the Sri Harimandir Sahib complex, the grief and screams of Sikh women and children were all forgotten by those who signed this accord. The Rajiv-Longowal accord was strongly opposed and rejected by all Sikh organisations. When Longowal returned to Sri Harimandir Sahib there was fierce opposition protest held against Longowal that ended in violence. A group of 15 to 20 singhs tried to block his entrance to the Sikh Student Federation office which resulted in Longowal body guards opening fire but luckily no one was injured. In reaction to the firing of Longowal body guards, nearly 100 singhs quickly gathered and hurled whatever they could get their hands on and marched towards Longowal before he managed to escape inside. The very next day Longowal left Sri Harimandir Sahib Complex for good. 25 days after signing the accord with Rajiv Gandhi, Longowal was shot dead by Bhai Jarnail Singh Halwara and group near Sherpur.

The accord had discretely hidden information that there would be State Elections in Punjab and Surjit Singh Barnala would become the Chief Minister of Punjab. This resulted in the Akali Dal faction of Badal and Tohra and Sikh Student Federation boycotting this decision. At the same time Bhai Sahib was busy highlighting and protesting the same issue in the Nakodar area. Towards the end of 1986, Master Ratan from Heran informed the police that Bhai Sahib was an active and staunch supporter of the Sikh Student Federation. Master Ratan was present at Nakodar Police Station when the police arrested and interrogated Bhai Sahib and falsely charged him on Arms Acts Sections 25, 54, 59. This resulted in Bhai Sahib being sent to Jalandhar jail. It was only after 2 months Bhai Sahib was granted bail.

When Bhai Sahib was released, Bhai Sahib was left in no doubt that the only way to achieve justice was to fully pledge himself to the Sikh freedom movement. The first task was to punish Master Ratan for his role in falsely getting Bhai Sahib and hundreds of innocent Sikh youth imprisoned, tortured and murdered. One day Master Ratan was waiting to get a lift from the main road of his village to the college where Master Ratan worked. Bhai Sahib came on a motor bike in a disguise and offered Master Ratan a lift on his motor bike, Bhai Sahib took the Master further down the road and pulled over. Bhai Sahib told Master Ratan that he had got many Sikh youth killed and now it’s his turn to die. Bhai Sahib shot him dead and left his body to rot on the roadside. Master Ratan became Bhai Sahibs first hit and from this point on Bhai Sahib was underground and at large.

Bhai Sahib initially worked under Bhai Gurnek Singh Neka of the KCF, as time passed Bhai Sahib took on more responsibilities and actions within the KCF. In 1985 Bhai Sahib became the area commander of Khalistan Liberation Force Panjwar in Jallandher District and later rose up the ranks to Deputy Chief of KCF Panjwar. There were many actions and missions that Bhai Sahib and his group were well known for but one such mission is typical of Bhai Sahib and group. One day Bhai Sahib and group came in striking distance of the police, the same police that had been chasing them for many hours, the same day by setting up road blocks in the area. But the police couldn’t gather up the courage to fire on Bhai Sahib when they became face to face with each other and Bhai Sahib and the full group crossed the checkpoint. The police later blamed their faulty ammunition and guns in not being able to fire upon Bhai Sahib. The headlines in the papers the next day read, “When the hunted got away.” this occurred in between Noormehl and Jandiala.

The police on many occasions would ask the locals which way Bhai Sahib went. When the locals told the police a certain way, the police would then swear at the locals for not catching Bhai Sahib themselves, out of fear the police themselves would go the opposite way.

Some of Bhai Sahib’s missions and actions:

1.Killing of a corrupt fake baba from Noorpur near Nakodar

2.Killing of Communist worker Dr Gurdial Singh from Muthada Kalan 1987

3.Killing of Police personnel from Apara

4.Killing of Contractor Tirth Ram

5.Killing of Police cats from Tharkhan Majra

6.Killing of Communist Sohan Singh Dhesi

7.Killing of Police informer Attar Singh Samrarhi

8.Killing of Police informer Choorh Takhar

9.Killing of Akali Dal workers turned police informers Satnam Singh and Balwinder Bali.

10.Killing of Communists Keval and Binder from Rurkan Kalan.

11.Killing of Deepak Dhawan. 1987.

12.Killing of another Communist from Dhakara

13.Killing of Congress leader Darshan Singh KP of Model Town, Jallandher. KP was shot dead along with his head police constable Ashok Kumar. The 2 were killed on Mithapur Road which is located past the Gol Market in Jallandher, while they travelled in car. Bhai Sahib attacked the car while riding on a motorbike. 13thOctober 1992.

14.Killing of ASI Surjit Kumar, a shootout took place when the ASI spotted Bhai Sahib. In the shootout ASI Surjit Khan, 2 SPO’s and 2 constables were shot dead. 9thOctober 1992.

15.Killing of former Akali Dal MLA Balwant Singh Sahral, Amar Nath Kanugo of the Deputy Commissioner Office and 2 gunmen, Suda Ram and Jasbir Singh. The 4 were travelling in a gipsy, they were spotted by a member of Bhai Sahibs group. Bhai Sahib along with 4 other group members caught up with the gypsy at Goraya and shot dead all the men in the gipsy. After taking the guns of the dead bodyguards, Bhai Sahib and group went towards Dhandwar. 26thApril 1992.

16.Killing of Communist Varinder Kumar Gagan along with his 3 gunman and a party worker. Varinder Kumar Gagan was a newspaper hawker and was an election candidate for Communist Party standing from Nakodar in the 1991 postponed elections killed by Bhai Sahib on Nakodar to Noormehl Road. Varinder Kumar Gagan CPM was killed because he gave speeches against the Khadku Singhs. 8th June 1991.

17.Attack on BJP Leader Murli Manohar Joshi’s led Ekta Yatra from Punjab to Delhi. They were ambushed when passing Phagwara, 4 BJP men were gunned down and 19 were injured rumours say Bhai Sahibs group took out the operation but it is not certain. 23rd January 1992.

18.Killing of Communist Sarwan Singh Cheema, his gunman and four SPOs near Jandiala. Cheema was on his way to Jallandher to attend joint meeting of the left-led Kisan Sabhas. Cheema was a member of CKC and the General Secretary of the Punjab State Kisan Sabha CPM CPI. 4th November 1991.

19.Shootout in village Null, located on Nakodar and Shahkot Road, which killed 4 security forces personnel. 23rdDecember 1990.

20.Bomb blast took place on a railway line between Noormehl and Gumtali train stations. The blast damaged the tracks. 7thMay 1990.

21.Killing of Sahib Singh, Gunman Makhan Ram. As these 2 waited on rail track for the train to pass, Bhai Sahib rode up beside the car on a scooter and opened fire with an AK47. Sahib Singh was killed instantly but Makhan Ram survived. Later Makhan Ram identified Bhai Sahib as the attacker. 26thOctober 1990.

22.Bomb blast killed 5 BSP workers during the 1992 Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections. The 5 killed were members of Om Parkash Sidhams party standing in the 92 Punjab elections. 16thFebruary 1992.

23.Killing of Station House Officer Mann Singh in Phillaur. Bhai Sahib and group were dressed as police officers at the time of killings. Mann Singh was a ruthless officer and was a former SHO of the Goraya Police Station. 15thMarch 1992.

24.Bank robbery at Sindhwan Bank Branch. Bhai Sahib and group looted 2.13 Lakh Rupees. An ASI, SPO and an ex-bodyguard of MLA Balwant Singh Sarhal, Bira was killed in this heist. 5thOctober 1990.

In addition to this, Bhai Sahib punished many police cats, agents, police officers and CRPF personnel who indulged in fake encounters of innocent Sikhs, raped Sikh women and looted property of hard working Sikhs. Near Phillaur there is a village called Sagnewal, here Bhai Sahib caught hold of Rupinder Rupi (not Shaheed Bhai Rupinder Singh Rupi), Manjit Singh, and a 3rd person and punished the 3 accordingly, avenging the murder of Bhai Rashpal Singh Karana and his brother Mintu. A rapist Kulwant Kantay, who was unleashed by Punjab Police to terrorize Sikhs, rape Sikh women, kill innocent Sikhs in the disguise of Khadku Singhs to blemish their image. Kulwant Kantay was properly punished by Bhai Sahib. According to police records Bhai Sahib was responsible for 217 murders and 37 vehicles were stolen and used in Bhai Sahibs actions. It is said by the locals that Bhai Sahib punished an enemy every 9th day and took the Sikh Freedom Movement to an untouchable height.

Bhai Sahib carried out missions with many Khadku Singhs. The likes of Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sodhi Rurkan-Kalan, Bhai Gurdev Singh Dev Rurkan-Kalan, Bhai Rashpal Singh Karnana, Bhai Amarjit Singh Jeeta, Bhai Parmajit Singh Pamma, Bhai Kamaljit Singh Thonaal, Bhai Manjit Singh Billa Rurkan-Kalan, Bhai Satnam Singh Sati, Bhai Raju Jajjan-Kalan. These were just some of the warriors working with Bhai Sahib and the KCF who fought till their last breath. The police and the government had informants working everywhere to arrest or even kill Bhai Sahib. Sikh elders and mothers considered Bhai Sahib as their own son, Sikh sisters and brothers treated him just like their own real blood brother. This was the reason Bhai Sahib was so successful in operating and working in Jallandher area for 5 long years with the help and support of the common people. Every family who understood and sympathised with the Sikh cause left their doors open for Bhai Sahib and his associates. Highlighting this attitude a family in village Mehsulpur had a knock on their door late at night, on hearing this, a teenage girl in the house asked who was at the door and what they wanted. Bhai Sahib replied and told her who it was and that the group of Bhai Sahib was hungry and wanted to eat something. The girl replied by telling Bhai Sahib to wait at the door and not to enter the house. The teenage girl quickly rushed to the kitchen to get a bottle of mustard oil and together with her mother went to the door to let Bhai Sahib and his associates inside. Before they could enter the teenage girl poured the mustard oil on both sides of the doors and then asked Bhai Sahib to enter. On entering, the mother said the preparing of food was not a problem and she was blessed Bhai Sahib had come to their house.

On the 12th of December 1992, Bhai Sahib went to house of Bhag Singh of Garha village where Bhai Sahib regularly took sanctuary. But this day was to be the day that Bhag Singh having won the trust of Bhai Sahib was to stab the great Sikh General and the Sikh Freedom Movement in the back. The game of Fate had finally caught up with Bhai Sahib. Bhai Sahib, who would always be armed and on guard today arrived to Bhag Singh’s house empty handed with no weapons. Bhag Singh had realised that Bhai Sahib came to the house without his 2 famous AK47s. Bhag Singh had informed the police by letting a local villager know of Bhai Sahibs presence and the villager went to the police to give the information handed by Bhag Singh. But Bhai Sahib was not to be taken alive by his enemies, Bhai Sahib quickly swallowed a Sy-Nyde capsule and breathed the last in that very house of Bhag Singh. Bhai Sahib who always kept 2 AK 47’s had been betrayed by someone whom Bhai Sahib trusted for refuge, had left this earth with no weapons. Bhai Sahib sacrificed his life for the cause of freedom of Sikh and the human rights.

At this point the police dared not enter the house for a long time not knowing what had happened, but on learning that Bhai Sahib had died they entered the house in fear. The police in frustration took Bhai Sahib’s dead body to the village Teheng and staged a fake police encounter. To this day people still love and respect and remember Shaheed Bhai Gurdeep Singh Deepa Heran Wala in the same way they did when Bhai Sahib was alive. The memories of Bhai Sahib will live on forever and will go down in Sikh history as a great warrior soldier. The price on Bhai Sahib’s head by the Government was 15 lakh rupees (£20,000). It is the amazement of his strong character and confidence that Bhai Sahib was able to destroy the enemies of the Sikh faith with such impunity in the area of Jallandher without giving any grief to the poor or innocents. The Sikh nation will always be proud of how Bhai Sahib served the panth in his short life.

Khalistan remains the goal of Sikhs which will come into existence and dream of Shaheeds will be fulfilled.

Loveshinder Singh Dalewal