Shaheed Bhai Fhuman Singh Guddi

Bhai Fhuman Singh Guddi was born in 1970, in the house of Sardar Gurbachan Singh and from the womb of Mata Gurdeep Kaur in the village of Sharipur, near Dasuya, district Hoshiarpur. Bhai Fhuman Singh Guddi was very young when Sardar Gurbachan Singh moved his family house from Sharipur to Bhela Sariala. In this village 95% of locals were Hindu and the land here was very cheap. Sardar Gurbachan Singh had gotten into a land dispute in Bhela Sariala village and in the physical altercation, Sardar Gurbachan Singh killed the other person and was jailed for life.

After Sardar Gurbachan Singh went to jail, it was Mata Gurdeep Kaur that bought up her 3 sons alone. As the family did not have any daughters, everyone called Bhai Fhuman Singh, ‘Guddi’ with love. Bhai Sahib had two elder brother, Bhai Lembhar Singh alias Balbir Singh and Bhai Daljit Singh Bhikhi, both attained martyrdom fighting Indian security forces under the command of Khalistan Commando Force.

When both of Bhai Fhuman Singh’s brother joined the Sikh freedom movement, Bhai Fhuman Singh was the only male family member at home. The Punjab police would daily come to the family house to harass and beat Bhai Sahib in front of his mother. Bhai Fhuman Singh Guddi had his Anand Karaj with Bibi Daljit Kaur from the village of Jhang near Hajipur, Punjab. Bibi Daljit Kaur gave birth to their daughter, but unfortunately their daughter passed away straight after her birth.

The Punjab police did not stop harassing Bhai Sahib and his mother, Mata Gurdeep Kaur. Eventually the day came on which Bhai Fhuman Singh Guddi thought enough is enough and left home to fight back against the oppressing Indian government. At this time Sardar Gurbachan Singh was still in jail, but he was released after 9 years due to his good behaviour. When Sardar Gurbachan Singh came home, the Punjab police started harassing him to give information on his third sons whereabouts.

During this time DIG Bhatti, called Sardar Gurbachan Singh to the local police station and said, “Gurbachan Singh, look your two eldest sons have already been killed and now we don’t know what will happen to your third son? I sympathise with you, so I suggest you present your son in front of me and I will make sure nothing happens to him.” Sardar Gurbachan Singh wasn’t left with any other option and presented Bhai Fhuman Singh Guddi in front of DIG Bhatti. Bhai Fhuman Singh was kept in custody under the DIG’s watch. Whenever the family wanted to see Bhai Sahib, the DIG will send him home with police guards and then return back to DIG’s custody.

Some months later, DIG Bhatti told Sardar Gurbachan Singh, “Gurbachan Singh, I will be transferring to another police station and I don’t know what kind of police officer will be replacing me here. For that reason, I will charge Fhuman Singh with a minor case and he will be sent to jail where he will be safe.” Bhai Fhuman Singh Guddi was then sent to jail. Once DIG Bhatti had transferred, the new DIG started harassing Bhai Sahib. Then on 28th September 1991, Bhai Fhuman Singh Guddi was taken out of jail by the Punjab police and made him a martyr of Khalistan in fake encounter staged near Jalandhar.

NEWSPAPER REPORT: 29th September (Jalandhar – Staff Reporter) Jalandhar police claims they have killed Khalistan Commando Force’s (Panjwar) extreme militant, Fhuman Singh in an encounter. SP Inderjit Randhawa told the journalists that the CIA Jalandhar police force under the command of DSP Satinder Singh had set up checkpoint on the outskirts of the Bajuha Khurd village, which falls under the Nakodar police station. The police had received a confirmed information that rebels were going to do a big action in this area. At 3am 2 unidentified men were walking along the drain when the police asked them to stop. The 2 men then started firing at the police blindly. In return fire, one rebel was killed, while other man used the darkness of the night to escape. The dead rebel was later identified as Fhuman Singh from Hoshiarpur. The police recovered one AK56 along with 2 full magazines from the dead rebel. Fhuman Singh was wanted for many cases, and on 28th July he had escaped from police in Adampur.

Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Fhuman Singh Guddi