Shaheed Bhai Daljeet Singh Pyara

Khalistan Commando Force/ Babbar Khalsa


Blessed are those mothers who give birth to warriors that give their lives fighting for righteousness and justice. Bhai Daljeet Singh Pyara is amongst such warriors who are not afraid to give their head for the right cause and are brave to face the enemy face on. Its warriors like this, who give their lives for Khalistan during the Sikh Freedom Movement.


Bhai Daljeet Singh Pyara was born on 12th August 1962, in the house of Sardar Hari Singh and from the womb of Mata Surjit Kaur in the village of Chanderh, district Ganganagar. Bhai Sahib’s ancestral village was Mansoorwala Kala near Zira, district Ferozpur. Bhai Sahib belonged to a Ramgharia linage. Bhai Sahib was the eldest of 4 brothers and 1 sister, Bibi Manjit Kaur, Bhai Kuldeep Singh, Bhai Satnam Singh Bhutto (Shaheed) and Bhai Gurdeep Singh Bhutto (Shaheed). Sardar Hari Sahib worked as a Master Craftsman and provided for his family. Bhai Sahib did his primary education in his village, but due to being upset Bhai Sahib stopped studying in 8th class and started working the Sardar Avtar Singh Mistri. For 7 years Bhai Sahib continuously worked in the village of Talwandi Bhai.


After the attack on Sri Darbar Sahib in June 1984 by the Indian army, the Sikhs of India became victims of injustices by the hands of Indians security forces. It was during this time Sardar Avtar Singh Mistri was targeted by the Punjab police, and through him the police started harassing Bhai Sahib also. Bhai Sahib had fake case of murder pinned on him and for some time avoided being captured but soon the Indian security forces started harassing the family. Bhai Sahib would regularly go to a Gurdwara Sahib in Jogewala village where he met Bhai Ranjit Singh Kaleke and from here he joined Khalistan Commando Force under the command of Bhai Ranjit Singh Kaleke, Bhai Meet Singh Kalakh and Bhai Surinder Singh Shinda Wadda Ghar. After this Bhai Sahib started serving the Sikh Nation in establishing their own homeland. On 24th August 1987, Bhai Ranjit Singh Kaleke became a martyr, this was a setback for the Sikh Panth especially for Bhai Sahib.


After serving in the Sikh Freedom Movement for a lengthy time, on 25th January 1987 Bhai Sahib was arrested after a fierce battle in the village of Smalsar, district Faridkot. Bhai Sahib was taken to the Bagha Purana polices station where he was blindly tortured. This brave warrior took on all the inhumane torture of the Punjab police but did not give any information to the enemy. After this, Bhai Sahib was tortured in various CIA locations, from Faridkot to Moga and Zira. In the end the Bhai Sahib was sent to Faridkot jail and then to Nabha jail where he spent 2 and a half years in dark cells. During this time many other Jhujaru Singhs were also in Nabha jail and Bhai Sahib made many contacts and earned much love and respect from his Jhujaru brothers. In jail Bhai Sahib met Bhai Yadwinder Singh Yadu, Bhai Gurjant Singh Rajasthani, Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Chukkar, Bhai Hardeep Singh Chajjanwali, Bhai Waryam Singh Khappianwali and many others Jhujaru Singhs.


Bhai Sahib kept full faith in Waheguru, he loved reciting Gurbani. After some time, the 5 locals Sarpanchs put pressure on the police and managed to get bail of Bhai Sahib. After being bailed Bhai Sahib stayed at his village for rough 3 or 4 months. But the police did not allow Bhai Sahib to live in peace and once again started harassing him. Bhai Sahib again came in contact with Bhai Hardeep Singh Chajjanwali and Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ghukar of Khalistan Commando Force (Bhai Bakshish Singh Sona) and started punishing the enemies of the Sikh nation and tamed many gangsters and looters in his area. In time Bhai Bakshish Singh Sona also became a martyr and this group of Jhujaru Singhs started to disperse.


Later Bhai Sahib left Khalistan Commando Force and joined the Jhujaru Singhs of Babbar Khalsa under the command of Bhai Mahinder Singh Paund. The sister of Bhai Mahinder Singh Paund was married in a village near Bhai Sahib and Bhai Mahinder Singh Paund was aware of Bhai Sahib’s bravery. Bhai Sahib was accepted into the Babbar Khalsa group without any demands and from here on Bhai Sahib and Bhai Mahinder Singh Paund did many actions for which they took responsibilities. The Indian security forces had the reward of 5 lakh rupees on his capture (dead or alive). Bhai Satnam Singh studied up to 8th class, Bhai Gurdeep Singh studied up to 10th class and then after both joined Babbar Khalsa along with Bhai Sahib. All 3 brothers were Amritdhari and during this time, on 1st April 1990 black cats kidnapped Bhai Sahib’s family and killed his two young brothers Bhai Satnam Singh Bhutto and Bhai Gurdeep Singh Bhutto. Even after losing his two brothers, Bhai Sahib continued to do actions with bravery and without fear.


Till his last breath Bhai Sahib served Babbar Khalsa with Bhai Mahinder Singh Paund. During his service to the Sikh Freedom Movement, Bhai Sahib was highly respected by the Jhujaru Singhs of all Jhujaru groups. Out of many actions of Bhai Sahib, one stands out when he attacked a police station in the village of Nihal Singh Wala near Bagha Purana and caused great damage to the enemy. Bhai Sahib was with Bhai Yadwinder Singh Yadu and during this action all the Jhujaru Singhs were surrounded by the enemy. The SSP of that time made an announcement, challenging the Jhujaru Singhs, “You think your great warriors, let’s see you prove that by escaping from here.” Bhai Sahib and fellow Jhujaru Singhs dropped many bodies of the enemy and managed to escape. As well as doing armed actions, Bhai Sahib also helped the locals for which he was loved and looked upon as role model. Bhai Sahib had man daughters and sisters married off. The local gangsters or looters found it really hard to be active in their activities.


One day in August 1991, Bhai Sahib had disguised himself and was travelling to Amritsar from Ferozpur on a truck. Bhai Sahib was travelling to Amritsar to meet Bhai Mahinder Singh Paund to pick up arms. A tout by the name of Nirmal Nimma from Mansoor Deva village gave up Bhai Sahib’s location to the Punjab police and had Bhai Sahib arrested. After brutal torture, Punjab police made Bhai Sahib a martyr of Khalistan in a fake encounter staged in the village of Sedoke near Bagha Purana, district Faridkot. The news of Bhai Sahib’s martyrdom made the whole area sad. In the memory of Shaheed Bhai Daljeet Singh Pyara the locals have a 125 feet tall Nishan Sahib at the village Gurdwara Sahib.


Information given by the family of Shaheed Bhai Daljeet Singh Pyara