Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Baba

Khalistan Commando Force

Khalsa Ji every single day in the year is worth worshiping, because Sikh history is attached to Genocide, let it be the time of our Guru Ji’s. But even then to celebrate a day you need to connect the day to a name. So let’s go to the 12 of December and refresh our memory about a Dharami Singh, who gave up his Bharamnvad police job because the police were against the Sikh kaum and paid his allegiance to Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Khalsa Ji religion isn’t just about the type of clothing you wear or looking good or just about talking, religion is about actually doing something. As Guru Sahib has said:

Je Jeevan Pith Luthee jayee

Sub haraim jetha kuch paye

Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Ji was born on the 5th of November 1957 into a Gursikh family and his mother’s name was Mata Pritam Kaur Ji and father was Sardar Naren Singh Ji, in a village Kaoonta district Gurdaspur. At the age of 5 Bhai Sahib was sent to school in a village nearby called Birayar. Bhai Sahib was only in the third or fourth class when someone deceivingly had given Bhai Sahib’s father something to eat which caused his death. Bhai Sahib’s older brother Gurdip Singh had to stop his education and take responsibility and run the house. Bhai Sahib didn’t have much land so Gurdip Singh worked hard and brought up his 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Baba Ajit Singh Ji was a clever boy and was good at his studies. Bhai Sahib completed his 5 classes of primary education at the Government school in Biryar and then continued his secondary education in Gurdaspur city until class 10. In 1971 the fight started. Bhai Sahib considered his financial situation and decided to stop studying and joined the police force. Bhai Sahib enrolled into the Jhallandar P.E.P line and done his training there. Bhai Sahib’s first duty was at Sahnewal airport and then after that it was the Satluj toll. Over there a young man’s leg got cut off and he had lost a lot of blood, so his health deteriorated and it was Bhai Sahib who had given his own blood to save that young man’s  life. Bhai Sahib was a generous and courageous person.

In 1974-75 Bhai Sahib done his drill course in police training college in phillaur and there he became the head drill inspector and was there for a long time. Bhai Sahib married Bibi Kulvant Kaur the daughter of Harnam Singh in a village called Mulliya (Gurdaspur)

Bhai Sahib had three children, two daughters and one son. Five years later Bibi Kulvant kaur passed away. In 1978-79 Bhai Sahib done a constable course at phillaur P.T.C and then returned to Jhallandar. Bhai Sahib was then posted to Mukeriya (hoshiarpur) and Jhakolari (gurdaspur) for his duty. Then in 1983 Bhai Sahib was nominated for A.S.I in P.T.C phillaur. In 1984 while Bhai Sahib was in phillaur he had an argument with a S.P because that S.P said something bad about Sikhi, and when the soorma heard this he couldn’t tolerate it and he answered the S.P back. The S.P couldn’t tolerate this and was angry and issued orders for Bhai Sahib to appear in front of him that evening. That evening according to the time specified Bhai Sahib made his way to meet the S.P on his motorcycle. He saluted the officer and entered his office. When Bhai Sahib appeared in front of the S.P, the S.P got frightened and worried and wasn’t able to say anything to him, so Bhai Sahib left. The S.P planned to take revenge for this humiliation, he got 5/6 guys together (sheep) and made a scheme to try and kill Bhai Sahib (lion), they found an opportunity when Bhai Sahib was alone and surrounded him, Bhai Sahib got himself together and drew a knife that he kept on him and stabbed the S.P on the side and then headed back to his quarters and informed his colleagues about the incident. When Bhai Sahib’s family had found out about the incident they shouted at Bhai Sahib and asked him why he had fought with the S.P. But little did anyone know that Satgur Sache Patshah (god) done all this to get sewa from Bhai Sahib. Bhai Sahib was sent to jail for stabbing and humiliating the S.P. Bhai Sahib had spent his one month jail sentence at Central Jail in Jhallandar. In this time period Bhai Sahib met the head of the Khalastani Commando Force (K. C. F) Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Ji Sukha who is normally known as General Labh Singh. Bhai Sahib had told Bhai Sukhdev Ji about the incident and Bhai Sukhdev Ji told him his views and opinions which drastically changed Bhai Sahib’s thinking that he was willing to sacrificed his life for the Sikh Kaum to free it from slavery.

After Bhai Sahib spent his time in jail Bhai Sahib went straight home and then went to Damdami Taksal and took Amrit and became a Gursikh. Bhai Sahib was a true and pure nitnemi. After doing nitem Bhai Sahib would do Ardas in Vehragmayee style and would ask Waheguru that each and every drop of blood that flowed in his body to be sacrificed for the panth and to save him from backstabbing the panth. Slowly Bhai Sahib informed his family that he wasn’t going to do a fake government jobs. I am going to fight in the battle of freedom for the Sikh kaum that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale started. Bhai Sahib’s mother asked him that who would look after his children because his Singhani (wife) had already passed away, Bhai Sahib replied that take the children to Gurdwara Gurdarshan Prakash (Mehta) and leave them there, they are Waheguru Ji’s blessing, Waheguru Ji will look after them, and don’t you worry. After considering this decision Bhai Sahib went back to his occupation.

Bhai Sahib returned to P.A.P Jhallandar and restarted his duty, and had planned to take revenge on D.G.P and J.F Ribero who were killing Singhs. After planning everything Bhai Sahib took holidays and went back home to visit his family. After meeting his family, Bhai Sahib went back P.A.P Line Jhallandar. According to Bhai Sahib’s plan he had wore his police uniform and had weapons from Kagliya wale army, he reached the main gate of the P.A.P Line Jhallandar with his companions, where the guards saluted him and let him in without asking any questions because Bhai Sahib had his S.P.D uniform on. The jeep that was full of singhs and it was approaching the butcher Rebeiro’s house that evil man was walking around in his garden with his wife. The Singhs started to shoot fire on and it rained shots, one bullet hit his arm and he had fell flat on his face. The singhs had to get out of the house as quick as possible.

After shooting Ribero the Singhs had to get out of the house fast so when the Singhs were walking away, Bhai Sahib said that he wanted to go close up to the evil man and shoot him some more, and make sure he is fully dead, so when Bhai Sahib went up closer to blow some more shots, for some reason his gun was locked so Bhai Sahib decided it was wise to just leave. When all the Singhs sat in the jeep and then headed towards the main gate, the guards stopped them, so the Singhs had to take their guns out and shoot fire, and with the will of Waheguru Ji (god) Bhai Sahib’s gun started working again and the two main gate guards were killed.

So this is how Baba Ajit Singh Ji took the first step to do sewa for the panth, without any enmity or revenge. Bhai Sahib’s father was killed by relations but Bhai Sahib forsaken his attachment towards his family. The police started to hassle Bhai Sahib’s family and interrogate them after this event. Bhai Sahib’s younger brother was also in the police force and had hot temperament, he had also had an argument with an A.S.I officer and went home. The police started to hassle Bhai Sahib’s two brothers and every few days the police would come to Bhai Sahib’s house raid his house. It wasn’t just Bhai Sahib’s family who were hassled the police started to hassle all of Bhai Sahib’s relatives and treated them in inhuman ways. Even after all the events of the police hassling Bhai Sahib’s family and even his sisters, Bhai Sahib wasn’t phased and he didn’t step back and continued his sewa for the panth.

After a while Bhai Sahib had ran away from the police force and joined hands with constable (Jaspal Singh aka Thana Singh and Shaheed Bhai Dalvinder Singh aka Baba Chup) and planned another attack on a panth enemy. That enemy was the finance minister, Dr Kewal Krishan Mukerian. He was a lethal enemy of the Sikhs but was a favourite of Indira Gandhi’s. Whenever he was on stage he was always speak foul words against the Sikhs. At the time of Sant Ji he used to say “Kach Kara Kirpan send them to Pakistan”, so on so forth. In order to teach this evil man a lesson Bhai Sahib and his companions hid in the houses of sisters who had love for the panth in an area called Dasooha. Even though Bhai Sahib’s sisters lived in a nearby village to this area, but Bhai Sahib forsaken his attachment to his family and concentrated on teaching this enemy a lesson. This enemy had a medical shop in the main Bazar of Mukeriya Kesav. The Singhs would always keep watch on the shop to try and find an opportunity of when he would come and when they could kill him. The bazaar was very busy so to try and do something and to then to escape was very difficult, but even then these courageous Singhs made a plan one day when Kewal Krishan was sitting at his shop with his body guards, the Singhs bravely pulled up a Maruti van, and when the bodyguards seen the singhs they opened fire and the Singhs retaliated and fired back. The Singhs managed to kill the bodyguards but Kewal Kirshan had hid in the back and managed to survive the attack. One Singh got badly wounded so the Singhs decided it was wise to disappear from the scene.

Like this Bhai Sahib taught many panth enemies a lesson. Sometimes when Bhai Sahib would meet the police in the way then they would stand with their hands folded together and say please look after us, because Baba Ji was a drill master in the police force, so he was well known. In order to try and arrest Bhai Sahib, Punjab police bribed some young police men who were Bhai Sahib’s younger brother’s friends. One day they came to Bhai Sahib’s home and grabbed Nirmal Singh (Bhai Sahib’s brother) and took him to a warehouse where wheat is stored and they electrocuted him and killed him and they falsely accused him of stealing.  On the day of the Bhog of Nirmal Singh Punjab  police blocked off and patrolled all routes which led to the village, thinking that Baba Ajit Singh Ji would attend after hearing the news of his brother, but Baba Ji belonged to the panth, and he didn’t pay any attention to this and was busy doing sewa for the panth.

After some time, the freedom movement suffered a huge blow, on the 12 July 1988 the Khalistan Commando force leader General Labh Singh (Bhai Sukhdev Singh) was deceivingly killed by someone. This was a huge loss for the panth that could never be fulfilled. After the Shaheedi of Bhai Sukhdev Singh all the Singhs in the movement got together to try and decide who the next leader would be. All the singhs decided that there would be no better leader than Baba Ajit Singh Ji, but Bhai Sahib wasn’t happy with this decision. Bhai Sahib put his thoughts forward to the Singhs and said that he wanted to stay as a soldier and do sewa for the panth, and Bhai Sahib decided that Kanwarjit Singh should be the next leader, the Singhs accepted Bhai Sahib’s decision and accepted Kanwarjit Singh Ji to the leader for K.C.F.

After spend some more moments doing sewa for the panth, Baba Ajit Singh Ji’s fellow companions for some reason went far away from Bhai Sahib. So after this Baba Ji went to another area and gathered more Singhs and made more plans, and started to gather weapons. Baba Ji took a panth premi and loaded up a trolley with weapons, they covered the top of the trolley and headed towards village Dasoohe. Through the night Baba Ji and the Singh managed to reach Village Dasoohe. Their destination was another 5/6km’s ahead but the police were patrolling ahead. The I.S.I officer was drunk and he asked Baba Ji who he was and where he was going, Bhai Sahib gave a false name and said that they were going to deliver something. Who’s ever name Baba Ji would say the I.S.I officer knew them so he then got  suspicious and arrested Baba Ji and made arrangements for Bhai Sahib to be taken to the Village Dasoohe jail and the tractor driver was free to go. Baba Ji was locked up in Village Dasoohe Jail. The next morning at 10am the S.H.O arrived at the jail and he recognised Baba Ji because it was Baba Ji who had passed him at his drill training. He instantly called Hoshiarpur S.S.P and the D.S.P of Dasooha (Narakhdhari) butcher Ajit Singh Sandhu to start their interrogation. Baba Ji was shifted to various different jails in Punjab for 35days and was interrogated and tortured, but the great Soorma never uttered a word about any location or the name of his fellow Singhs. After 35 days the police had enough, on the 12th of December 1988 the police took Bhai Sahib to Miyan Road and killed him and  made up a story that Bhai Sahib was going to meet his sisters but on the way the patrolling police seen him and there was a battle. As soon as it was morning the police cremated Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Ji’s body. Baba Ji’s body was never given to his family. After a lot of pressure from Baba Ji’s family the police allowed Baba Ji’s family to collect his ashes but they were heavily supervised by the police, and then according to Gurmat Tradition Bhai Sahib’s ashes were taken to Kartarpur Sahib and followed in the river. So like this Baba Ajit Singh Ji done sewa for the panth and his soul rests in Guru’s Ji’s feet.

Kabir Marta Marta Jag Mua, Marnhi Na Jane Koye

Aisi Marni Jo Maray Bahur Na Marna Hoye.

Khalistan Diyan Goozan Vol 1 – Issue 8